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this is fabulous! It will be even more handy when we can have more saved outfits; thank you for creating this! heart
Yeah, I think the same as her. Neat idea, but we could use a lot more room, older Gaians, would have alot of stuff, and alot of outfits.
This feature would actually be much better if you could actually save MORE THAN FOUR outfits at a time.
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Master Okita
I like it, its great.. but it would be better if there was more than 4 options.. because I have more than 4 set avatars.

i agreed wit her but still this an experiment though
Switching my looks every five seconds is my favorite thing to do.
I love my looks, even if they are scary or crazy.
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Yes, i love this feature!
thank you for it ^^
one hope in the future tho is to be able to save more outfits
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I love this new closet idea, but the only problem is there are just not enough! I have so many items and so many ideas that i just can't remember and it won't all fit in those four slots. I really think there needs to be more slots added for more outfits C:
This was created several months ago, AND people have known about it. I'm still wondering who out there has only 4 outfits, especially those who DO change frequently and have spent years asking for this option in the first place.
ohohoh, thank you!
i just know i'm going to be using the crap outta this feature. x3
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I ahve many avatars and can not remember all of them. There are certainly more than four too! Come on Gaia~ At least give us 8...or 10....Or 20...
purplegirl cha
I wish there was room for more outfits. 3nodding

But I love it. heart
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i <3 it x3
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It seems more of a hassle since I have my footer minimized.

It's a nice idea but yeah, it's only 4 outfits. I only saved 3 of them because they're cluttered and I would never remember the items to recreate it and my current avi.
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This feature is so exciting!
If I wasn't so obsessed with keeiping my face the way it was I'd use it all the time.
I might change it just so I can use it though.
Wonderful thought guys.
Love it!
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i love this feature. one of the best i've tried in gaia labs ^^

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