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The NSTG's mission is to provide a safe and educational environment
for the fostering of newbies to productive Gaians.

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                      Table of Contents

                        1. Table of Contents
                        2. Who We Are
                          History, values
                        3. Inside the Guild
                        4. How Can We Help?
                          Philanthropy, donations, charities, quests
                          Resources and answering questions
                        5. Fun & Friends!
                          Our community, events, newsletters
                        6. We Care About You
                          Crew, zero-tolerance policy, surveys
                        7. Events of 2012
                          Chronological list of upcoming year's events and their budgets
                        8. Programs of 2012
                          Various NSTG programs and their budgets
                          Video made by Ebony the Peacian describing our financial future and budget
                        9. Member Testimonials
                          Not edited or altered in any way
                          Direct quotes from current members
                        10. Links of Interest
                          Homepage, important threads
                          Affiliates and sponsors
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If I had to describe the Newbie Supporting and Training Guild (or NSTG, for short) to a complete stranger, I would tell them that the NSTG is a place where newbies on Gaia can find the assistance, friendship, and donations they need. But in all honesty, my friend, the NSTG is so much more than that, and we would like to invite you to become part of it.

The NSTG is a community of friends, and we are dedicated to showing the utmost levels of professionalism, kindness, service, and respect towards all of our members. We assist each other, talk to each other, and guide one another; we celebrate together in times of joy and we lift each other up in times of sorrow.

Established on January 4th, 2005 by DarkElf27, this guild has known dozens upon dozens of different crewmembers. Some stay for months, some stay for years; some have abdicated their positions on crew (a few of them have even gone on to become Gaia Online moderators), yet a dedicated, professional, and wonderful group remains. And over the course of six years, we have answered the questions of, donated gold and items to, and become friends with thousands of members. Crewmembers and members alike have given of their time, energy, and gold to improve the online experience of newer Gaians. Our success is reflected in their success; our efforts have helped to give newer Gaians the patience and care they need in order to flourish into productive Gaians. That, my friends, is our legacy.

Join the NSTG today, and become a part of our continuing legacy.
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The NSTG is dedicated to providing you with a safe, fun, and friendly environment, where you can:

  • ask/answer questions about Gaia Online,
  • educate yourself with tons of guides and resources,
  • participate in a variety of different charities, contests, and events,
  • receive help on your quests for items and gold,
  • discuss exciting topics with other NSTG members,
  • sell your goods, artwork, or other services in exchange for gold/items,
  • and more!

With dedicated, hardworking people on a highly-organized crew, each subforum in the NSTG is heavily-monitored for potential infringements on your safety and security. On top of that, our crew interacts with members on a regular basis in order to take note of their needs and concerns; these are then discussed in full detail in our Crew Discussion subforum. In addition to our wonderful crew, we have one Gaia Online administrator at close call to help us deal with Terms of Service violations in an efficient and timely manner.

As mentioned on the front page, our mission is to "provide a safe and educational environment for the fostering of newbies to productive Gaians." Every single day, the crew works together to meet this goal; we want to make sure that the guild we look over provides a warm, comfortable atmosphere for Gaians of all experience levels and backgrounds.
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gaia_star Answers to Your Questions

If assistance is what you seek to give or receive, look no further! We've got some of the best resources on Gaia, all made by experienced, helpful Gaians who want to give you the tools for success. If your questions aren't answered in any of our guides, you've got all-around-the-clock access to even more highly-experienced people in our frequently-checked Q&A. Coming in June of 2012: Our renovated Newbie Adoption Program!

gaia_star Charities and Philanthropy

Looking for some philanthropic Gaians who'll treat you with respect and kindness, no matter how your avatar's dressed? Are you one of these philanthropic Gaians, seeking ways to donate to newbies on Gaia in creative and fun ways? You've come to the right place by joining the NSTG!

It's so, so easy to find and create cool charities in our guild. Did you know that we have a unique charity branches program, where existing charities outside of the NSTG are given the opportunity to set up a smaller-scale version of themselves within our Charities & Minishops subforum?

Not your style? No problem! We've got fun contests, games, and giveaways available to all of our members all the time. Some give elaborate prizes, some smaller prizes; some threads have multiple activities going on at once, and others are more simple. Whatever your preferences or interests are, we've got something for you.

gaia_star Quest Assistance

If you're looking to work for your goals or to help others reach theirs, we've got a great place for you to hang out. Learn how to organize your quest thread and make it appealing to other members, and work for that amount of gold or that item that seems so far away. But our community will encourage and help you, so you won't be alone or unassisted in your efforts. Perhaps the NSTG Fairy, an anonymous benefactor whose identity is a mystery, will send you a donation or a gift!

Of course, if you're looking for opportunities to help others, there couldn't be a more perfect place for you to come and improve the Gaian experience of someone else.
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gaia_star Our Community

Our guild is famous for its tightly-knit community that welcomes all new members with open arms. All of our members are encouraged to introduce themselves as soon as they walk into our guild, tell us their birthdays, and then chat and play games with the rest of the guild community! These activities produce the perfect environment for our members to fit right in and find the discussions and people that interest them. (See Post #8 for the testimonials of some of our members, which speak louder than anything I can write here.)

gaia_star Monthly Newsletters

In January of 2010, we sent out our first NSTG Monthly. These newsletters aren't like ordinary newsletters.

  • They are sent to thousands of people.
  • They link all of these people to what's new and hot within our guild, and allow members to send suggestions for the upcoming NSTG Monthly.
  • They announce the current month's birthdays - and one lucky member on that list will win a prize!
  • They spotlight a really cool contest, game, guide, or event that we encourage our members to check out.
  • They allow members to buy advertising space for a reasonable price.
  • They have tons of potential.

gaia_star Guild Events

A few times a year, we host guild-wide events where everyone is invited to participate. These include the "Big Seven" (in chronological order: Spirit Week, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Summer, Halloween, and Christmas) and, occasionally, one or two smaller Towns events. Our members always have a great time at our famous events!
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gaia_star Crew Committees

Our crew and guild are organized in order to benefit and convenience you. Our guild crew is organized, on a monthly basis, into committees that carry out every task from making subforums easier to navigate to putting together the events our members know and love. In other words, we are always making a conscious effort to make your NSTG experience the best it can be, and we're always listening.

gaia_star Zero-Tolerance Policy

We're also very receptive and understanding; if you're being harassed by another NSTG member or if another member is breaking the Terms of Service, you're free at any time to message any NSTG crewmember and report that individual's behavior. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards Terms of Service violators, so you can rest assured that you are completely and 100% safe within our guild. All Terms of Service violators are reported to the Gaia Online authorities and banned from the NSTG -- on the double.

gaia_star Monthly Surveys

Another unique thing about the NSTG is our Monthly Surveys! Every month, we ask our members to answer a question and vote in a poll. These questions can be totally silly or serious; either way, the person who submits the best response always wins a prize at the end of the month, which gives our members an incentive to not only participate, but to contribute something of value. We're always interested in what our members think about our guild -- always.
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When members donate to the official NSTG Mule, their donations help fund our guild events, which are listed below in chronological order. The more gold our members donate, the better our financial future. Donate to the NSTG today, and know that all of that gold goes right back to the community!

  • Spirit Week Spirit Week takes place during the first week of the new year and is a celebration of the guild's birthday, which is on January 4th. We open the week with a party of some kind, and for the next five days, we have daily avatar contests with unique themes. We close Spirit Week with our Awards Ceremony, where we take the time to reward and honor the members of our community who have truly made some significant impact on the guild over the course of the past year. Budget: 700,000g

  • Valentine's Day Our Valentine's Day event takes place during the week of this Saint's feast day! During that week, several "Cupids" go on duty and offer a free Valentine-delivering service to our members. The recipient of each Valentine gets a sweet message from their sweetheart/friend, a cute graphic, and a little sweet treat! We either end or finish the week with a party in Towns with our good friends, the Barton Town Police Dept. Budget: 200,000g

  • St. Patrick's Day Our St. Patrick's Day event is a party in Towns with the the Barton Town Police Dept. on the weekend before or after St. Patty's feast day. Budget: 75,000g

  • Easter Easter takes place one week towards the end of Lent. We host a massive Easter egg hunt all over the guild, a party in Towns with our guild affiliates, and a few contests in our Holiday Events subforum. Budget: 200,000g

  • Summer We're super proud to say that many of our past summer events have been spotlighted on Gaia's homepage! We hope that our summer event this year will be spotlighted again! For three weeks, we host a series of contests, games, and festivities relating to the event's theme, and, of course, have a Towns party! This is our biggest, priciest, but arguably our best event of the year. Budget: 1,000,000g

  • Halloween Halloween is a two-week long event full of fall festivities! (Try saying that five times fast, haha.) It takes place in the last two weeks of October. We host contests and games that relate to the event's theme as well as an awesome Towns costume party!Budget: 450,000g

  • Christmas Our Christmas event is very special. It takes place during the first three weeks of December, usually, and involves a massive Towns party with the Barton Town Police Dept. and and THE Charity Event Guild as well as many contests, games, and giveaways to spread the holiday cheer! I have been hosting an NSTG Secret Santa for the past two years, and will continue to do so! It's so much fun! Bring out your sweaters and cocoa; this is a great way to finish up the year. Budget: 1,000,000g

  • Two Smaller Events A prom event in late May? A summer slumber party? If we want to do it, we want to be able to do so! So we've set some money aside to make this a reality. Budget: 100,000g/each
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Click here and learn how your donations DO make a difference!

As you can see below, anyone with any budget can make a contribution to the NSTG Mule and still make a difference. Pledge today, and make a difference in a newbie's Gaia experience!

  • Amazing Angels have donated more than 1,000,000g to the NSTG Mule. Our Angels alone have contributed 17,000,000g to the NSTG Treasury, which has revolutionized the way the NSTG has approached events, programs, and, of course, the future of our guild's finances.

    • In Perspective. A donation of 1,000,000g can entirely fund: our Christmas and Spirit Week events combined; our Summer and Halloween events combined; or Fairy Funds, Quest & Charity Donations, Monthly Gifts, and Resource Commissions for an entire year!

  • Precious Patrons have donated more than 100,000g to the NSTG Mule.

    • In Perspective. A donation of 100,000g can entirely fund: two Towns parties; our Valentine's Day event; or Resource Commissions for an entire year!

  • Beloved Benefactors have donated more than 20,000g to the NSTG Mule.

    • In Perspective. A donation of 20,000g can entirely fund: Fairy Funds for a month; two Quest and Charity donations; four Guide Commissions; or two guild announcements!

  • Honored Supporters have donated more than 5,000g to the NSTG Mule.

    • In Perspective. A donation of 5,000g can entirely fund one Guide Commission! It may not be much, but there are a lot of Honored Supporters, and their contributions add up very quickly and significantly.

  • Rare Item Contributors have donated items of substantial worth (MCs, etc.) to the NSTG Mule.

    • In Perspective. A donation of a rare or expensive item can entirely fund an item auction or raffle at an NSTG event! This raises pure gold for our guild and leaves one lucky (or persistent) user with an item that they've always wanted.
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These member testimonials mean a lot more than anything I've said above. None of these have been re-worded or edited in any way. These are the direct quotes of our members and crewmembers.

I would like to say thx, NSTG has really helped me peolpe here are sooo nice 4laugh

Everyone is so nice and helpful. Glad to be a part of this great guild.

So thanks NSTG for showing me that kind of helping hand, understanding, thoughtfulness and generosity because now I love passing it on to others (even more than I did before smile )

Melody Of Eternity
i like everything about the NSTG guild, it's a cool place for new gaians to learn stuff and it's a great place that helps out those confused or in need of assistance. so much to do here and it's always active, so it's an awesome guild overall! 4laugh

I can't be considered a "newbie" anymore. The help I've got here at NSTG has been the very best one can imagine. Thanks to the guild I learned SO much about Gaia community.
I found many firends here at Gaia and I love this place. My friends I've made means "the world" to me although we're spread over the entire world.
2009 was a very hard year to me and without Gaia I don't know what I would have done at all. Gaia has given me a place and space to escape the hardships for a little while. It has helped me to step out of the depressions caused by lifes circumstances. It's a resort with fun, friendlieness and compassion for others, especially here at NSTG.
I will, as soon as I can come up with a good idea, launch another contest here, as that was fun to do and one of the best ways to give back a little something I've been given myself.

Kitten 4 Him
If it weren't for the NSTG, I wouldn't have the friends that I have today on Gaia. I've met some of the most awesome people in this guild ... And it warms my heart to know that the NSTG is still going and changing to keep up with the times. ^_^

I love this guild, i always have since i was a noob. ive met people ill Mostly likely never forget, and i thank the people who are incharge, who make woonderful events smile

This guild was a great idea!

I ABSOLUTELY believe that this the best guild on Gaia to help newbies, like me, feel like an expert by learning important things on Gaia. Everything interests me because the forums have great topics and friendly members! The contests feel well-run and organized! Sadly, school takes up most of my weekdays, but I try to post as much as I can on weekends! The guides are well-written and I try my best to read as much of them I can in one day! This is a guild that makes me love every bit that this guild has to offer! Thanks to all the people in this guild who are friendly, active, and contributive in many helpful ways! biggrin

Sparkling Erythrocyte
I will do my best to participate more frequently in this guild, as I believe it is one of the best and most useful guilds on gaia.

If it's possible to be addicted to a guild or forum them NSTG's CB is my heroin. I swear I live in that forum. So that's what I love the most. I'm constantly there, playing games with the rest of the members and making friends. I love going through the old pages and bringing new "games" to the "first" page of the CB.

Free Roamer Calamity
I like this guild because of it's hospitality, when I first came to Gaia I had no idea on what to do, I had no money and had no idea how to make some. That's when I stumbled upon this guild and they immediately helped me with everything I needed, not only that but we are always having new contests, and always have some fun guild forum topics going around. It would be rare to find someone in this guild that doesn't help you or disrespects you. Everyone's equal no matter how long they have been on Gaia or how cool their avatar looks, that's why I love this guild.

Frozen Ookami
This is a great guild that allows both beginning Gaians and experienced ones to come together in a cheerful and educational atmosphere. Not only that, but it's chocked full of useful tips and warnings that can help out even the most advanced Gaian!

This guild has a great atmosphere. After a few years of being a part of Gaia and joining countless guilds, I have found no other guild the energy that the Newbie Supporting & Training Guild has. New members of Gaia are always treated respectfully and with patience, the likes I have not witnessed in many places on Gaia. There are many opportunities for new and old members in this guild, whether it is to meet new friends, gain a little bit of gold, or even to learn something new about Gaia. Truly, I have never seen such a vast selection of activities in a guild until I joined this one. I was - and still am - in awe at the patient and inviting family that has been developed within the Newbie Supporting & Training Guild. I would recommend this guild to new and old members of Gaia; I know I would have joined as a newbie if I had known such a place existed.

The Newbie Supporting & Training Guild has always been a main force of awesomeness for Gaia. From training newbs to enter the "society" of Gaia with subtle, alarming success to crew members of NTSG being accepted, premier moderators for the entire site. NTSG "pwns" the guilds with its intuitive moderators, charity, and general decency. I would gladly rate this guild among the guilds: "Why Not?" and "Magical Poll Land" and expect it will have the best longevity of any guild. The NTSG appeals to me, a late 2004 member, who is wishing to mentor and teach new members how to become someone more than... well, newbs. The NTSG appeals to the noobies who are searching Gaia for a place to gain friends and get in touch with people who actually make a difference on this site. With premier members such as eaTaiaG, DarkElf27 and more you see faces of Gaia's history completely intertwined in the guild. Gaia's community and heart exists in this guild. I highly recommend this guild to anyone who values it.

The guilds contests are amazing. I love guilds with contests. The people are amazingly nice. I've been around for awhile, but never really posted. I plan on becoming active here. Well, I love it. The charities are spontaneous, and helpful. I consider this guild to all newbies, and even experienced players.

I helped start this guild many years ago, when it was just a fledgling like all of the newbies it helps now. It was a place that I made once in a lifetime friends, it was a place where I learned how to act/be/communicate/work within Gaia. This guild is THE ultimate place for a person to learn how to use Gaia to achieve everything they could ever want for an mmorpg. And that comes from someone who has been there, done that and has all the badges... etc to show for it. Give it a chance and you will see that you will be able to find everything you need to be successful in Gaia within this guild.

Happy Colours
They help anyone who needs it, whether that's a great friend, some encouraging words, or an answer to a question. I know they did it for me. I signed up at once for the NAP, or Newbie Adoption Program, and I progressed so much. They have fun games, and great topics, and it deserves more than 20 kudos

Crumpet the Tea
They are so nice to every one there. They are always willing to help you out and the Adopt a Newbie Program is great and easy. I can tell they put a lot of effort into everything they do to keep it easy and simple for the new ones. I say this as a proud newbie that NSTG rocks!

It is a fantastic community that really works to help others! I love the friendly and helpful atmosphere and I would like to see this kindness expand even more than it all ready has!

The Newbie Supporting and Training Guild is a good place to get your feet on the ground and ask questions from people who are helpful and supportive.

This is truly one of the absolute greatest Guilds on the site! It's friendly, it has a lot of fun things to do, and the staff are simply too great for words. Every day I check up on the guild, there's always something new and exciting going on, and there's always someone to talk to. Everyone is very friendly, and they're even willing to take in an oldie such as myself! <3 Fun times never stop. Keep it up, NSTG!

F a t e of P a i n
The people there are absolutely awesome, friendly, and helpful, and is the perfect place for both experienced Gaia members as well as newbies. It seems to be more than just a guild, but a family. ^^ It's absolutely brilliant, and I say it's the perfect guild for any gaian.

The people are just really nice. I like how this guild is able to build a community which integrates old gaians to new ones. And I like how the crew is interactive to the members and they always come up with creative ideas to make things fun around the guild.

I love this guild. Being new can be scary since it seems like everyone already knows each other and so I'm a bit shy about trying to jump into conversations but I really want to make friends! The NSTG made me feel comfortable right away posting in many of there threads because everyone is just so friendly and willing to help.
I've learned so much just from the first week hanging around about how to play some games that intimidated me before, how to pretty up my posts and where to find and do basic Gaia functions. I could go on for a LONG TIME because this is the most helpful guild I've seen so far~ I just can't express how much I love it so I'm glad kudos exist!

I've been a member of the NSTG for about 5 years and I was on the crew for around 2. Through that time they have always been a welcoming guild filled with the most dedicated people on Gaia I have ever known. The guild constantly strives to create original, interactive, and helpful events and activities to introduce new users to Gaia and to encourage older users to lend their time and efforts to helping. They've even been featured as part of Gaiaonline's registration process and a first stop for newbies looking for a friendly atmosphere to learn the ropes. The guild is highly organized, always active, and totally worth a visit no matter how much Gaia experience you have under your belt.

Deuce Wayne
I like this guild because it takes time to help out those all Gaians who need it. From those new Gaians who just signed on, to the veterans who love the site, to the old guys who go away for a moment only to return and be confused. Big shout outs to NSTG.

I joined this guild a long time ago when I first joined gaia, and they helped give me a start on the site. As well as helping me understand terminology and norms of the site. Something that's pretty hard to figure out when everyone labels you has a newb and doesn't want to help. There willingness to help and be supportive to new recruits has been phenomenal. And I just want to give my support by helping them achieve their next goal.
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