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.. to create good Avatars.
I made this Cosplay Avi with 60k
Sure, it isn't perfect, but I don't think it's terrible either.
My point is, ppl spend millions to make Cosplay Avis, while you can do them with Goldshop- and Sponsor-Items too.

Like, I saw a Cosplay Avatar once, that was supposed to be a male character. But he had those yellow Cerynitian's Blessing eyes, that look really girly imo.
While he could have bought Stinger, or just Goldshop eyes in yellow, which are cheaper than Cery.

gaia_spoons How much about Prestige and Show-Off are the expensive items to you?
gaia_spoons Do you think some expensive items are overrated?
gaia_spoons Do you think some cheaper items are underrated?
gaia_spoons For those having Cosplay Avatars/Mules: How much do you spend for a Cosplay?
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        I dunno, if I buy something expensive I'll try to use it as much as possible since I want to get my gold's worth. That being said, it bugs the crap out of me when someone has an avatar and uses something expensive that sticks out like a sore thumb, when a cheaper alternative would work better (usually happens with eyes, for some reason. The Kanoko and Blessing eyes are prime examples but less so than they used to be). But whatever, it's their avatar so they can do whatever the hell they want. The only time it's a real annoyance is when it's in the arenas, like you said. Though in the original arenas it's a little different, sometimes you can still tell people got voted into the winners' circle because of their flashy items.
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gaia_spoons Do you think some expensive items are overrated?

I think the blessing items are a little overrated. Everyone uses them because then people know they're really rich. Go into VH and I guarantee at lease three people have those green blessing eyes on their avatars.
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When it comes to cosplay, there are some items that I just can't live without. Like Rainy Day. I love that item, because it's the closest I'll get to a Persona 4 jacket for my Yu (and eventually Yosuke cosplays). There's also Dark Conductor for a Raidou Kuzunoha cosplay (I want a better wig/hair item).

In general though, nope. You don't need expensive items to make an awesome avatar. Hell, I've seen users use derp items to make a really good avatar with, and those are usually from sponsors, or whatever. The idea of having the most expensive item(s) to make a great avatar, is bogus. You don't need it. It's a want. A desire. A stipulation that was brought on by the community because they feel you need expensive items just to be recognized.
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| -raises hand- This account is a cosplay of a gaia NPC. The base costume is like 12m I think, maybe less. I hoarded antipathys before making this account though so I don't remember exact. Cause you know. its a set. But then I added the sniper cloak because I just like it lol. And when I RP the character more serious-like I have him with it. -shrugs-
Ive had like one person comment like 'amg you spent that much to make wraak blahdy'
Its prolly the most I would ever put into a cosplay.

Any item worn to show off 'look I have this' is a prestige and show off item. No mattr how much.

And hells to the yes I think some expensive items are overrated. Specially if their popular for some really dumb reason. lol

Cheaper items are very unerrated. That Caeleano... cel... wtf however its spelled. Its a really nice corset for only around 100k. And then there's the PILES of GS items that are cheap and awesome. I just cant wear them because they don't work with my scrawny demonic a**.

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I buy what I like. Sadly, many things that I do like are in that expensive category. I do have some cheap items and a couple of them, I wear nearly daily.
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Aside from avoiding the items I can't afford. I don't judge items based on their worth but rather if they look good and if I have a use for them.
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I believe there are wonderful items for cheap and shitty items that are expensive. That's just how the dice falls, y'know?
That being said, while there are SOME people who can make cheap items rock, I... am not one of those people sweatdrop
But there are cheap items I just adore, like stockings. Any stockings. All stockings. There are expensive ones, yes, but... I like the cheaper ones better. It's so weird.
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The Kanoko/Majoko eyes I feel are overused for cosplays and overrated in general. Most of the time they just don’t fit the character they’re being used for and I personally think they sit a little low on the face and are a little too big considering their position. But that's my opinion and I hope I don't offend anyone ^^;

For cosplay accounts I spend as much as I need to. That can be a little or a lot depending on the character’s style and signature outfits. Sailor Moon cosplays can get decently pricey.

I don’t wear items for the prestige or to show off though. I wear items that I like, no matter their price… though a lot of the items I like are pricey.

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Personally I always felt like worth is in the eyes of the beholder.

which is why i am always shocked that gro gain isn't valued more or that awesome boa constrictor cool

99% of the time the items that are super duper expensive all look the same generic pale pinkbeigeblue thing that's frilly to me.

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I decided to make my dream avvie without any limits. I wasn't aiming for expensive, I was aiming for something I liked. I loved what I made, and it looked like something similar to what I might wear.
It just ended up that the items all together are 50 million.
No big deal. Just a lot of time
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true to everything you said, but generally, the better quality of an item, the more expensive it will be as it has nice or desirable poses. so yes, expensive items can be replaced, but sometimes it's the best quality.

i love gold shop items, a lot of them are very cool and cheap. i own most GS items anyways, so some always find their way onto my avatars.

most sponsor items are based around the characters anyways, and i guess its considered cheating if you use naruto's hair for a naruto cosplay.
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Value doesn't really sway me so much. If I like the item, I like the item. Sometimes I'll find an item I adore, and be pleasantly surprised when I find out how cheap it is. Likewise, there are a bunch of super expensive highly sought after items that I wouldn't bother with if they were 1k.

I'm also an avid fan of gold shop items, and use them quite a bit in my avis.
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I don't buy the big ticket items to "have a good avatar." I buy them because they are relevant to my interest or tastes, or have poses I can legitimately use that aren't offered in cheaper alternatives. ******** value or looking rich, I'm for practicality and use. It can be in the millions or 50k, it doesn't change the fact that I want it for what it offers.

As for overrated items, really tired of the Sainte Ciel items. Aside from the hair cutting pose, they don't have that much use, and are horribly overpriced and milked by the Gaia administration. Also not fond of the Marionettes anymore, and I'll never understand the desire for the oily skin from Lusty.

On a side note, I can never build a complete outfit unless I use gold shop items. The cash shop and big ticket items don't have the answer to everything I need in an outfit.
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so i know i am one to talk because this avi is worth millions, BUT i do find myself trying my hardest to find cheaper alternatives to the expensive counterpart item. not only is my virtual wallet happy i am also getting the ultimate look for 80% less than the big name item. 3nodding

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