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You ready for Yaoitines?

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Well, this is a thing that exists.

EB and J. Magical girls unite
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by Elyssie.
He is darkness, he is the knight, he is Jack Rabbit, scion of Easter and Halloween(also known as JR for short).

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by [[Red Death]]
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How about no. I'm still traumatized by the EBxDiedrich stuff I saw a while back. emotion_donotwant

That might be the case... but aren't bitter rivals a hair's breadth away from being steamy lovers?

rofl rofl rofl

Uh, no. I'm pretty sure genuine hatred doesn't work that way and I will never understand why yaoi fans think otherwise.

for his part I don't think jack actually hates EB. I sense a little naruto/sasuke bromance going on there.
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Did somebody say Yaoi... whee
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Did some first post clean-up! Getting ready for our next holiday!
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Greedy Bunny

Did somebody say Yaoi... whee

365/7 + 1 during a leap year surprised
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Thanks for doing this Weddup This really helped make Halloween fun
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I want yurimas events next year. Rinoko~

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art by Nanan-san

It's nothing but a flurry of punches and cheap shots. In the midst of it all, there's a bright red glow from the Easter Bunny's eyes. A crimson reminiscent of blood. Unsurprisingly, he is bloodthirsty. Surprisingly, it shows.

Jack almost wants to laugh.

With a large twirl of his cape, he lunges forward and strikes at the robot with his claws. A screech resounds as his nails dig into the metal, shallow dents forming.

"I want to see blood," the Halloween spirit growls. He still remembers that first time; how it felt to mutilate the bunny's face, to feel the warm liquid dripping down his hands, to see the absolute look of humiliation on his face, to hear his pathetic cries.

But now all he hears is a hollow echo of a laugh.

"Then I suppose I can at least be grateful that this body doesn't give you the satisfaction you so desire, Halloween," the Easter Bunny responds, a smirk evident in his voice. He follows through with a punch, his fist disappearing into cloth.

He claws at him again in retaliation. At the very least, there should be sparks and wires askew. Yet as much as he attacks, the most he can inflict are shallow cuts.

Suddenly, steel makes contact with his stomach.

He stumbles and the next thing he knows, his back is against the ground and a laser cannon is in his face.

He stares.

He stays like that for a while, watching as the glow of the gun becomes brighter and brighter.

"I've always hated you, Bunny," he mutters eventually.

Then everything goes black.


"And you've always been a terrible liar, Jack."

Ficlet by Meepy

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art by Kalietha

I too would like our fair community to expirience a gay New Yuri.
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I want yurimas events next year. Rinoko~

I'm rooting for Moira/Sasha~ emotion_drool

Man I love the holidays!
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I too would like our fair community to expirience a gay New Yuri.

Thank you for always providing new content! whee
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yurimas and yaoimas would be amazing~

Thank you for always providing new content! whee

I always try to bump good topics when I can.
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I am the embodiment of fear and evil

What is this? I'm paying more attention to reading this thread than MST3K? Why must yaoi have more of a hold on me than cute guys/bots riffing on dumb movies/shorts? scream

of the House of Demonic Dreams

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