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I hate to be cynical here, but I had to smirk when I read this part of the message, "thankful we are for your financial support of Gaia Online." What about the non-cash spending part of your user base? Seems that our financial support is all that counts these days. On a more positive note, the dove item is very cute though~

You don't actually have to spend a single dime to be considered a financial supporter! I do the video ads and eventually I have enough for spending sweatdrop

I like to also think that browsing the site without "ad block plus" on is helping them financially, probably not alot, but, I like to think that I am making a difference in someone life on Gaia! heart
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I think it's neat. It's a multi pose item and was free. Sure, I got it by spending GC, but I was going to do that anyway.

Did you know that it is a common practice to eat Doves? It's true. It can be done.
That turkey gave us the bird, ha!
I bet someone else already made that joke .... I'll slink away now. redface
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It is odd, but you have to admit that's a damn cute little dove.

I got one to and I may use it . It is so damed cute
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I got one but I haven't bought cash in years :/
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I wanted a turkey but to be fair I never use the white one we already have so doubt I'd be able to use it. I dunno. It's surprising but the dove is really cute.
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I haven't gotten one and I have done vids and bought stuff from the shop. OTL
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A bird giving another bird as a pet to someone .
Where is the world heading .
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I got the dove, it's okay for a free item.

I feel like this is a small peace offering to try and apologize for the lame BFS prices. :I Nope gaia, I'm still very disappointed with you for putting so many things I want in the sale only to slap me in the face with ridiculous prices.
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I got one too but I didn't get a pm.

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The dove of peace and harmony? Maybe Gaia just doesn't want to do a heartfelt apology, so they distracted us with mediocre pixels. I don't like it personally, but I'm not going to get rid of it quite yet. There's money to be made in the distant future, perhaps around Valentine's day.
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I was puzzled to get the PM, I haven't used cash this year at all, as far as I can remember...unless I had a tiny bit left over from previous years...anyway, nice little item biggrin
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n o i r i s t
Sweet Angel Mary
n o i r i s t
I'm always happy to recieve companion animals. I heart birds too. Not turkeys though. Unless they are smothered in gravy, with roasted potatoes and veg and stuffing. emotion_dowant

don't forget the pie afterwards.

I'm British. We (my family) have Christmas Pudding with single cream, instead for afters. smile
Sounds nice, Noir. Like...pants
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Awww, I didn't get one. Probably because I don't buy gaia cash, but I've definately bought stuff from the cash shop using the money earned from offers. Although that was earlier this year, so perhaps that's why I don't get any presents from Gaia.

Or maybe Gaia just doesn't like me very much and that's why they don't want to give me any presents.... *looks up at Gaia with giant sad eyes*
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Evil Goth Bunny
Or maybe Gaia just doesn't like me very much and that's why they don't want to give me any presents.... *looks up at Gaia with giant sad eyes*
( /pats ) ...It's alright. Gaia doesn't like me either. You're not alone. ;o;

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