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zombieXIII's Graveyard 2.0

This is where I plan on posting some of my custom action figures.


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Weeping Rose Report | 07/15/2017 7:37 pm
Weeping Rose
EnderHawk Report | 08/09/2016 7:22 am
0Star0 Report | 05/28/2016 10:54 pm
Ah, I see. Well, same here. I need to get some rest as well. I'll have to check it out. It was lovely chatting with you, even thought it was brief. Have a good night!
0Star0 Report | 05/28/2016 10:36 pm
It's unfortunate you guys had to go through all that. But I'm glad things are turning around and you've started to settle into a good home. heart Yeah... it's huge. But I want to find a place I can call my own. I don't think it's here. So, I'm willing to take my chances. I'm not too worried about the climate. We experiences extreme temperatures of varying degrees here. I feel like I can handle it. xD
0Star0 Report | 05/28/2016 10:19 pm
Oh, I don't think I had any idea you guys were having trouble from the hurricane. Either that... or I don't remember. Three years so far, huh? That's not bad at all. Yeah, doesn't really hurt to move up! Got to make a living, you know? Haha. Yeah, it's good to see if things will work out that way. It'll be quite a move for me, since he lives in Texas and I live all the way up north here in Michigan. Haha.
0Star0 Report | 05/28/2016 10:02 pm
Oh, yeah. Everything is sooooo expensive! But I can see lots of gold is being given away as well. It's crazy! Two girls? Awwww... I'm happy for you two. Congrats on the house. I know how you feel. I'm trying to start a life for myself as well. Been focusing on moving up in the workplace. Then I'd like to move in with my boyfriend and see where things take me from there.
0Star0 Report | 05/28/2016 9:48 pm
Yeah, a friend of mine still goes on here once in a while. I decided to revisit it to see what is new... after like... 6 years? It has been quite some time. So much has changed since then. It's crazy. I hope you and Rose are doing well.
Emyre Report | 05/20/2016 1:37 pm
Hey, was it you that would make custom action figures and stuff?
Mechanical Sketch Report | 05/11/2016 3:49 pm
Mechanical Sketch
It is an ooollld thread remodeling might be a nice change of pace
Torwen Report | 04/04/2016 7:19 pm
I'm just gonna steer clear of it altogether. xd

I wouldn't doubt it.


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