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The last time I seriously used my ignore list was back when Gaia had that "Featured Thread" thing (which they sort of still have...) and my Art Contest was featured.
There was a group of three or so people who purposefully misunderstood, or otherwise just didn't get, what an art contest was all about. They hassled the thread for several pages going on about "She's just stealing your art!" "I bet she wants to use it and claim she drew it!" and on and on and on. So I blocked them.
They're probably still on my ignore list, since I don't think about that feature very much.
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Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade!

There are users on here that have had their lives threatened and have been constantly stalked and harassed by others, sometimes to the point where even after they report and those accounts are banned, mules are created to continue on with the criminal activity and the victims have to hop accounts several times in hopes of getting away. That is when the ignore feature is essential especially now since it has been upgraded to create a wall that should have been there in the first place.

Sure ignoring others because they cannot take anyone disagreeing with them or simply just do not like the what the person has to say is petty and a poor use of the feature, but if someone ignores me despite me not even really having contact or conversation with them whatsoever, then they are obviously not worth me acknowledging their existence to begin with.

The only people I have used the feature to ignore were those begging me for donations or were attempting to scam me. I never ignore even if the other user and I naturally clash.

Hide your face so the world will never find you.
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its simple

if you give me the screaming shits to the point that when I see your pixel face I convulse with rage I will block you

there's not many but when you piss me off to that extent I don't ever seem to unpiss so

there's that
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Ignoring helps when people won't stop getting all up in your business and all but insist on ruining your time here (ie, straight-up harassment), report them then chuck em on the list & forget about em

also i agree with Exi Exi on page 1; different people tolerate different stuff differently
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I use only and ONLY when I see a person has been harassing me and refuses to leave me alone after I have asked. And this takes about a week or so of me telling them to leave me be. And when I have reported them to a mod and a mod doesn't wish to warn them (which has happened to me before).
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The only user I've ignored has actually mentioned that they don't like interacting with people like me. I figured I'd be doing us both a favour if I just stuck 'em on my list. They don't have to see my posts, and I don't have the urge to snark at them. Everybody wins! :D
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Hey, you know what's awesome? Having boundaries. >w<
Maintaining principles and standing up for your needs is healthy and great!

Removing your presence is one of the simplest ways of enforcing a boundary -
it's when you tell a person, "I don't want [behavior] around me, and if you do it
anyway, I will leave the room." Insert whatever you don't like as [behavior]
(easy examples: -ist or -phobic language or jokes); you have the right to ask
someone to not to do something around you. (&yeah, they have the right to
not accept your request... and to not have you around.)

Certainly, being able to negotiate your boundaries is best, but with some
people, well, there is no negotiation. Some people will not respect your
boundaries no matter what. With some of these people you will not be able
to enforce your boundaries - these are people in situations like the workplace,
where being around them is not optional.

There is no medal of martyrdom for putting up with terribleness, with things
that offend you or upset you or insult you in situations you can control.

Now, how do you enforce your "not-around-me-please" boundary in a forum,
when you don't know the person who is upsetting you, when you're not
one-on-one and you can't really ask, "don't do this ever in a place I might read it"?

Used with a calm hand, the ignore feature is a very good thing. It's often an
act of self-respect, really.

I can think of a few people on my ignore list:
someone who used to make lots of randomly transphobic comments
someone who used to post a lot of misogynist threads
some persons who did very cruel things during an event
and, of course, porn/spam trolls.

If you've never had to ignore someone, congrats! That's lucky.
If you've abstained from ignoring someone hateful and vile for...some moral
character-building reason, well, that is your choice, and I can only hope you
don't look down on people who choose differently.
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It's to block out the shitposting.

Sometimes seeing over 9001 "User X is awesome" threads in CB gets old
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i use it to keep myself from arguing with someone and saying something nasty that will get me b&

I like it for the very reason that it helps me practice self control.
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If you happen to fall under multiple categories of this list:

- Finding your posts always (or almost always) rubbing me the wrong way (post style, attitude, one-sided view, etc).
- Comes up when I least expect it (I read all posts down the page without looking at usernames).
- Is also a regular of forums I hang around in (great...)
- Experience with you was unpleasant (had a conversation before).
- Given enough time to see if you can redeem yourself (say, weeks or months even).

Time to meet my ignore list. Nice, now that pretty much enhanced my enjoyment on this site.

...Hm. If only my ignored peeps stop taking obvious troll baits... Maybe the forum would be a little be cleaner, making it more convenient for me to find some interesting threads to read/participate-in.
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I see it as an option.

A lot of people dislike it, but for the ones who get offended by certain posters / posts it gives them an option of making it go away rather than letting it bother them.

*shrugs* to each their own?
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There are perfectly legitimate reasons to use the ignore tool: trolls, beggars, phishers and other seedy types just to name a few. And some of us have to ignore people who know/knew us irl and see Gaia as a means to harrass...like my charming ex.
And really, its no one else's business if we wish to ignore someone. If someone is hampering your enjoyment of the site, to me, that's more than enough reason to ignore them if you wish.
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I like to have closure when things like personalities colliding happens. I'd personally like to know what I may have done wrong to bother the person rather than for it to forever remain a mystery. So maybe I could try and resolve the matter on direct terms by Appologizing ect. I do think however that ignoring could be helpful in cases of 'pure' trolling but that goes without saying.
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People should use it whenever they want to. If they're literally ignoring everyone who disagrees with them, yeah, it's stupid. But who cares? If they don't want to see someone's posts then they shouldn't have to. I've blocked plenty of people just because they apparently have nothing better to do than be a negative p***k towards everyone. Why would I want to see their posts? I wouldn't.

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