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So far, only my little siblings know, I log in.
My friends are like, Facebook is the most coolest thing ever, yeah baby!
while, I roll eyes and stare at them and say "seriously?"
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lol the first two pages of my friends list are people that i know in real life and on gaia XP, never been a loaner on here, it was actually one of my friends in real life that got me into gaia to begin with, so i've always had her.

Most of my friends in real life that aren't on gaia think it's stupid. They see it as an anime sight and thats it, no regard for the community thats here. One day in senior year, a couple of friends and i were talking about internet sights, one of them mentioned that i always go on gaia because of the facebook updates they'd see every day. The other friend asked my other friend what gaia was instead of asking me (i was sitting right there, she could have). My other friend told her "it's a stupid anime sight."

I couldn't help but be a little offended, i mean i didn't tell her that her interests are stupid. And wouldn't it make more sense to ask the person who's on gaia, what gaia was, instead of the person who wasn't on gaia to begin with?

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I don't know if any of my real life friends go on Gaia.
I never actually saw anyone get on the website xd

I wouldn't tell my friends that I go on here just because this is my little paradise to hide from all the real life drama and uni work. emotion_kirakira
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One of my IRL friends introduced me to Gaia and several of our school friends followed suit.

Now its a bit harder to discover Gaians in the real world. My tactics normally include-

1) Befriending likely looking people/people with similar interests to myself
2) Convincing them I am a normal person
3) Suddenly asking if they go on Gaia, normally in an inappropriately noisy or sudden fashion.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I still haven't met anyone.

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We're a moment in time In the Cycle of life


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I always get asked when I buy cards lol. I met a few people at a library and of course the people who got me on here dramallama
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Gaia never comes up in normal conversations for me, so for all I know every single one of my friends could be on here and I wouldn't have a clue.
But that's fine, I need a place to go where my friends and family don't see what I'm saying. Not that I say anything bad about them. But it's nice to know that they're not stalking me on here. So I kinda hope I don't meet anyone IRL that goes on Gaia.
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I'm always cautious about it, since I've run into a few people with Coco and Kiki keychains or the OMG and AFK hats, and they're like, 'What's Gaia?"

I always enjoy finding people who Gaia though.
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It's never happened to me. D:
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Haha, nobody in real life (At least, I talk to in real life.) has an active Gaia account that I know of. (My best friend has a Gaia acccount, but she doesn't live around here, so that doesn't count.) A friend of my brother knows what the site is, and my dad watched me play bootygrab once, but that's around about it. I guess, in a way, its a good thing. I'm more open about certain things on here, so people I know would be rather shocked if they saw.

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Loner as weel ;n; had few friends join after me but the all kind of drifted away...

Few year ago during computer classes some guys saw me get on gaia and asked what is this, I got confused all of sudden and said 'this? oh, it's just...this site, nothing much' . I think that's because most people I know see communities like gaia as just stupid sites for dressing up dolls. Shame on them! ;A; (though dressing up avies IS cool emotion_awesome )
this was a while ago, but i had an old elementary classmate of mine add me on my fb account, even though we hadn't really talked in a loooong time.
after i accepted the request i went to her page to take a look at her pictures to see how much she's changed and to my surprise, she had a few pictures of her gaia avatars in one of her albums. o 3o

i asked her about it and she is a member but doesn't log in as much anymore due to school.
still, that was really neat. > u <
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Sir Black Tea
Most of the time it's "Oh, you go on Gaia? HAHAHAAHAH"

This is pretty much the reaction I get. I usually say "yes, I am a f*****t". There was an issue a while ago where someone googled my account and stalked through my posts. emo It really sucked.
I've met very few people IRL. but now I'm just a lone wolf. cool as they do not go on, or, at least we haven't talked online in forever.
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only once, when i worked at a library, a girl came in to use the computers and was on gaia. i never approached her though haha, she was clearly younger than me so i stayed quiet and kept vaccuuming pffft.
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That's a pretty cool coincidence, OP, but it's never happened to me before.
I'm pretty good at hiding the fact that I use Gaia. Or read manga. Or still love Pokemon.
...Yeah, the list can go on. emo
The only people irl who know I use Gaia are my family and closest friends.
But honestly, I don't really want people I know irl on Gaia with me.
I go here to get away from everything. It's why I hate Facebook so much. e_____e

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