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Yes!!! Maybe now I can get past level 3.
Sea waters come down more. >D

I just crafted and got the Cache with sea water in it.
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Should something like this be done for the Alchemist's Case as well?
Does this seem like a better system?

I'm going to let the MP settle down before I test it, but of it works well I'd say definately!
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Thanks for the list!

I'm so glad they made this change.
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User Image
Super fantastic list, Ridley! Thank you very much for putting it together.
And yes, I think it would be great to see this done for the Alchemist's Case, too. User Image
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User ImageI don't care for alchemy but those bags would be really cute if we could wear them.
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This is good...it's an actual good change...

User Image

Much too rare, huh?
I don't even use alchemy but maybe I will try, now that I have a chance...
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Ridley Starsmore

hello i dunno if you have looked into alchemy forum but there is that topic http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/gaia-item-alchemy/new-cache-choices-all-bags-listed/t.79269805/
here are even screenshoots of open bags you may want to put them here too ^^
somehow making the items more popular dunno if it helps
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Hopefully the chances for all boxes are the same.

And maybe now I can get some sharks blood for a ******** muscle shirt in a certain color.
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G_D(dess), ain't that the F'n TRUTH cat_gonk
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oh thank god. *bookmarks*
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I would love to see this done for the Case but it wont happen, the only thing that would make it awsome say they made one box you cude get from the case were you got to chose wich wing set you wanted.
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User ImageIt sounds like a good system, but suppose certain bags will be less common than others.
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thanks for the inform
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I can't tell, but are sugar crystals on this list...?
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I was organizing my invo just now and noticed that the enchanted trunk's item type is now called "Item choice". Is this related to the new way of getting the components somehow? eek

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