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bump bump bump

edit: wrong tab redface

anyway, the items are nice but i can't see myself wearing any of them...except maybe the shoes from thundercloud couture
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Kawaii Carnivore

I am going to cut the wave of thundercloud and iguana fans to say that I love Riot Shield .
The colors/shading is just lovely . And that automail arm could be really cool on any of my avis *w*.
Now , drop ,price !
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Ruthless Defender

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I've never messed with the Lucky Chest and really I still don't want too.

While I will admit I do like the Thundercloud dress.
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Moonlight Elder

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I want Jazz for the lizard tail. emotion_dowant
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Sparkly Gawker

Thundercloud couture's shoes are pretty cute. surprised
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Girl-Crazy Hellhound

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10 million for the thundercloud couture. I wager these will tank... so to speak...
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Apocalyptic Streaker

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Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade!

Thundercloud Couture went on my wishlist. Maybe I will buy a few keys for when the Chest pops up in the header. ninja

Jazz the Lounge Lizard is a much older item that was never released until now according to its MP listing number: 71193.

Hide your face so the world will never find you.
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Melodious Gekko

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Do want that Lizard.

But not gonna pay 13 million for it. :[
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Dangerous Visionary

LOL when I logged in today and collected my Daily grants I was given a chance at that but I ignored it. Then I read the announcement. emo *haz a key that she was given for free*
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Demonic Vampire

If only that lizard came in more colors
than green. Because I would love to have more
flexible reptilian tails on Gaia. 8D
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Magical Girl

I do like those thundercloud shoes :3 the rest I'm not interested in.
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Magic Glitch

the iguana is cool too!
riot shield does not appeal to me.

but those SHOES in the thundercloud couture omfg I want themmmmm
the dress is pretty, but only okay imo
if they put those shoes in the gold shops
I would buy every single color they are so cute omfg
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I've never messed with the Lucky Chest and really I still don't want too.

While I will admit I do like the Thundercloud dress.


But yeah, its a cheaper rig, with an ever-growing pile of crap in it. The dress is so cute, but the chances of getting one...
eek not worth it
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Codebreaking Member

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thats cloudy item is cute!
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Benevolent Genius

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I like Thundercloud Couture and Jazz. The iguana layers weirdly, though.
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