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Tiny Pumpkin

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Thundercloud Couture

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Jazz the Lounge Lizard

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Riot Shield

Yes? No?
Do people still play the Lucky Chest?

I personally like the Thundercloud Couture. but it's nice to see a new reptile.

Thank you Serene Rainstorm for finding all the items 3nodding
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I want that dress!~!~!~!~
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ahaha, I was just wondering if they would finally get rid of that feature, considering it hasn't been updated in what - a year?
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Buggy Mage

the iguana looks cool. whee
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Tiny Punk

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i want itttt, i hope it goes on the MP soon!
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At first I liked the iguana until I realized something...
The layering. What the hell? It looks bizarre the way the legs layer over the face.
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Tiny Pumpkin


At first I liked the iguana until I realized something...
The layering. What the hell? It look bizarre the way the leg layer over the face.
haha I was like awesome!! then I saw the layering emotion_donotwant The tail might be cool though.
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Attacking Spirit

That Lizard and Thundercloud couture must be MINE! They're really nice items, imo. Can't wait till they hit the MP.
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I want that thundercloud item!
I can't wait till it gets in the mp!
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I want dat lizard. emotion_dowant
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          That Couture item is pretty neat. But I really like Jazz, I want that taaaail.
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Playful Sweetheart

    they're nice, but i can't really see myself wearing them.
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Lady Strawberry

Iguana emotion_omnomnom The Thundercloud Couture looks really nice too.
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Durem Phantom

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its nice but there arent much new male items in gaia D:
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Durem Mage

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