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If I can own it and equip it to my avatar then it's groovy.

So my least favourite updates tend to be aquarium, salon, housing, etc.

Other than that, I'm not really picky as to how the items get released, whether it's gold shop, ci, bundles or whatever. (Though, I especially like events.)
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Golden Gaian

Events are mah thang.
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Invisible Student

I love RIG releases and gold shop updates, especially when it involves the Salon.

I don't care about updates that involves any mini games or flash spaces except for Zomg, and I typically don't care much for CrosStitch updates or events either.
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More bundles. All the bundles. ⋘-----
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In order of importance:

Donation Items
Gold Shop Update
Monthly Updates

I don't care about RIG's, EI's, Facebook games, Offsite events, Sponsors, or blog updates.
I'm a storyfag.
Item updates are great and all but I just want Gaia to update the site's aesthetic. Towns 2 is a great update because now our avatars can move about in an area that seems fresh and looks good with our avatars. I hope Gaia carries this on with the rest of the site. It would be great to see new headers that aren't for events and Chance Items. The ones that we have now look so dated.
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since the housing update, I'd really like the housing shop updated.
It needs a lot of new items... Plus more gold shop updates. Hopefully since they said they'll be focusing more on Gaia instead of off site games... we'll be getting more updates to the shops.
But right now I'm really excited for the towns 2 updates just to see where it goes.

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I actually don't really look forward to any updates, come to think of it. I suppose I always have some curiosity for the MCs.
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I mainly get excited about item updates (particularly EIs and REIs) but I'm also looking forward to the new invo arranger thats supposed to be going live soon.
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Any time they update an old feature to make sure it's still relevant, I consider it a win.

I'm secretly holding out for an item exchange update. It'd be cool to do more with bugs and trash.
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My favorites are Gold Shop updates, RIG and Advance Chance announcements because I like reading Ivan's stories, and story updates. The con updates interest me least, because they never come where I live.
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RIGS! I always yearn for the next one. I so badly always want to see the new items , cheap and all.
Reis are fun, but I wish for more colors.
Recolor bundles or any cash shop bundle are fun and I get all excited for the next one.

I tend to forget about MCs an GS updates/release. But I do love them.

Events are always fun.
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Grand housing update?!

I've been gone from Gaia too long. emo

I'd have to say Gold Shop updates are nice, but Salon updates are my favorites.
Especially ones that include eyes. emotion_kirakira
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IRL Traveler

I very much am anticipating the update to the inventory arranger ! I guess that has been one of my biggest wishes on the site, as I have no patience for the current one to re-load every time I move something.
Also I want a basic gold shop update with more gloves like the simple black gloves, plain scarves, lots of little accessories in the jeweler shop, and tattoo shop update with lots of new tattoos.
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Gold shop (more accessories!), RIGs and site features update. I really enjoyed the Towns 2 update.

I'm most active when there are events, so I look forward to them as well. ^^

I lost interest in the manga years ago.

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