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Do you think Gambino's bar goes up over time?

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I think the bar movement is based solely on time because:

1. The first bar was filled in exactly 24 hours.
2. For 24 hours after the second bar's appearance, one pixel appeared every 64 minutes. After those 24 hours, one pixel appeared every 6 hours. I haven't yet heard whether or not the rate changed again after another 24 hours, but I hope to find out today.
3. The appearance of Gambino's mansion grows every day at midnight and at noon PST (as I've been told; I haven't been online enough to check that myself).
4. Before the decimal values for the length of the bar were removed from the source code, I did some calculations and came up with an equation for the rate of bar movement. The r and r^2 values for that equation were both .99999.
5. Chances are, there will be some sort of event or interesting action when the second bar is full. I think the admin would want to control when that happens.

I'm sure that there is a rate of growth which is set. However, I do think it's possible that the change in rate observed with the second bar could have been controlled by the amount of gold donated. But the fact that the *first bar was filled in exactly 24 hours leads me to believe that the end time of the second bar will be equally convenient.

Hmm. I agree with you. The bar raising every 64 minutes/6 hours is very precise to only be effected by donations. So, like you said, perhaps the rate is effected by how much we donate, because there was a period where most people just stopped donating. That could be a reason the rate was moved, instead, to 6 hours.
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i mean like if you just check out the market place before, you can see people stating a buy price even more then what the item was worth in the shop...

It's always been like this, even before the donation bar.

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