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Gaian animals???

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This poll closed on March 9, 2005.
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Rin Solaris
There we are. A new signature graphic to reflect my desires. Liam and a panda. Yay!
*huggles* thanx for showing us this topic didn't see it sweatdrop

biggrin You're very welcome biggrin
I thought of that already,
I just thinking wouldn't that be kool. I mean it would make you even more unique than you already are. just a thought. wondering what other people thought about it... ??? vote in the poll if you like... I really just want to talk about it...

it would be kool to vote. just to see what otheres think...
Touya Gehn
And then we'll just rename the place NeoGaiaPets...

i like you.

go back to crappy neopets you baby.
Sounds like a good idea. There could be wolves and foxes and everything. Don't think it'll ever happen though.
My opinion?
While the idea of a ferret with my avatar would be cool, I don't think it would work out. Those admin. give us an inch, we ask for a mile.
Take gaia homes for example:
First players get homes, now people want to sit or sleep on the beds/chairs. They want to interact with the virtual house more because they can customize it to fit basic needs. We don't have toilets or food but I'm not complaining.
The introduction to pets could mean people want to use them in battle, watch 'em grow, feed 'em..etc. That could be an ugly future, not to mention alot of paperwork xp
Ugh, no, way too much like Neopets!
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If ian gets a cat i want one too
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I'd like a kitty one. 'Specially one that looks like Rufus. x3
i don't know, i mean, yea it'd be cool to have an animal companion, but i don't think it should be a battle creature. like, for instance, i wouldnt want my racoon doing battle, it could get injured (imaginary racoon mind you) and if i had one on gaia, i wouldnt let it battle either.
its a good idea just its just they shouldent over do it by like making it so you have to have them if so tho they should have a domo pet heart domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun domokun
Yeah pets on Gaia would be cool! Like having a small dragon on your shoulder. Then people could be like, "Oh cool look at his dragon! Its so green and I just want to pet it!" Hahaha.. sweatdrop Well I went a little over board ,but it's a good idea none the less!!
I think pets and/or their cages should be available to buy for our houses
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Ehh, too Neopet-ish for me. xp

But if it was like an item (like a parrot on the shoulder or something) then it'd be ok.

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