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Dangerous Cleric

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Evolving eggs.
Scrambled or hatched dramallama
I like how it says evolution on the tags. Cant wait to see what happens
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How do you get them?
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Well, the last time they gave us an egg item that was peculiar it produced an explosion pose, so beware of new eggie.
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Odd, Peculiar, and Strange.
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Divine Muse

Two unusual's
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Demonic Lover

Thank you for the link!
I'd been trying to figure out where the heck the eggs came from when I saw them on the MP.
They're tagged as evolving so I wonder what will come from them.
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Please let it happen soon, curiosi--- yep there it is, my stomach is sick.

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Looks like it's time to break out the mule army and try to get all four.
So...these are the messages that NPC Easter bunny has said thus far...

Happy Easter, [user]! Have a treat on me!

Eggs! Eggs everywhere! Eggs and prizes and cuteness!

I may have given up my plans for holiday mascot domination, but isn't it worth it? Look at me! I'm the cutest thing ever!

With my cuteness restored I am truly the greatest holiday mascot ever.

Have you all been enjoying my fun freebies and prizes?

Where are Jack and Santa? How should I know? I'm not their babysitter.
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Wild Bibliophile

Where did the grant link come from?
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Formal Informer

So I have 3 Odd Eggs and 1 Peculiar Egg. Anyone want to trade eggs?
I'm offering an Odd Egg for an Unusual Egg or a Strange Egg. ninja
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Unbeatable Bunny

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  • Battle: Level 10 250
Huzzah, I got all 4!
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IRL Nymph

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I got Strange and Peculiar... I wonder if this is how the pet system starts?
Where did the grant link come from?

The thread started by NPC President Diedrich, "Sping into Fun Contest" page 803 third post down, to be exact.

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