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I logged in and just went *squee*

Though at first I thought it was the new background for an RIG, which would have been interesting too.

I miss logging into that banner every day, so I'm glad to see it back. And the item for today was gorgeous, too!
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Ahhaha I didn't even notice the header; I just saw the hamster where my DC thing is and got creeped out.

I joined in 04, 6th grade; a failure in college now. So many friends here and gone and so on...

I dressed up too but ehh.
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It took me like a minute to register in my brain what the header was all about when I got on. But when it did I flipped out! IMO, this is without a doubt my favorite header by far. Gets me right in the memories! Although probably not as much as others who've been on longer ('06er right here!) xd
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Technically Sword Art Online began as a web-novel, transitioned into a published light novel series, and then it became an anime. Later a PSP game will be released based on it. xD

Anyway, I remember Go-Gaia/Gaia Online began with heavy influences from Ragnarok Online.. which I never played at the time because I couldn't get into the pay-to-play model. It became free-to-play not too long ago however.

Admittedly, I didn't join Gaia till 2005 so I just missed the Go-Gaia title and URL. Regardless, seeing the old webpage front and the like made me feel so nostalgic. *A* It reminds me of those times when I was drawing at oekaki boards and making my websites with notepad and HTML and basic cosmetic-based CSS coding.
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I got so excited when I saw the old school header. Wish we could keep it.
I swear if anyone hates on this after everyone pitching a fit for old gaia I'll!
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Oh my god, this is just. I can't believe that they brought back the old header. And Rock Puppy is even on the page. Oh the memories.
I feel so old now because of this.
But it is amazing to see this header up again. I wish they would keep this page. It's remained a favorite throughout all the changes.
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Hey hey hey, .hack is in my backlog, I haven't watched it yet (has a huge backlog) razz

And I don't think I'll get along to playing RO anytime soon, so keh >:3

o.o Does picture of supposed Peyo's father still exist?
Sorry for the late reply. I had to go out and help with shoveling snow. Ugh, that was tiresome. xD

Oooh~ You be missing out. Then again, .hack is rather hard to get into if you're not sure what it's all about. It took me a while to understand the plotline of .hack's first season, but the game on PS1 got me hooked into the whole series ever since. I believe the song is what captured me.

I never really try RO, and am not planning to anytime soon. Got no time for much these days.

It took me a while to find it, but here it is (the header I was talking about). The link leads to gaia wikia.
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I wasn't around that early,
but it's nice to see where the site came from I guess?

I was a little surprised that the avatars in the headers use current items, not old ones. also that gaiatan wasn't featured?
i'm not sure that the items are current so much as the items they are wearing were made because of this image. i seem to remember that when legendary mage came out, someone made a thread about how it looked like the costume of the girl on the right. the middle dude looks like he is wearing mythrill armor, which is from 2006.

i like them because they look so similar to our avatars, it makes me feel like my little guy is standing up there with 'em as equals. emotion_kirakira

Oh, that would do it. Neat.

They do look similar, it's nice to blend in so easily.
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maggie iratus
I've been here since '04 and I love this old school look and feel. And the url!? Oh my god. I feel like a kid again!

THIS. The URL gets me more than the header. So muuuuch nostalgiaaaaaaaa! emotion_hug
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The header? what about the go-gaia landing page? is gorgeous!

All the feels...
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05, holla!
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i clicked the gaia logo in the banner and it went back to the original home page!!! OMG NOSTALGIA!!
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>0< I can't believe I've spent so long here. This event has me feeling too many feels crying
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It's nice to have the old look but with the newer website functions xd I would never want to go back to the way the site was 10 years ago. It was just so slow and buggy!

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