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Surprised no one's waxing nostalgic over the fact that if you get an "error" message, it names one of the old servers a'la sushi error.

Wait. No. Not surprised. Those were dark times. heart

edit: OH WOW! On the "To-Do List":

To-Do List
- Add Personals area for users to meet each other

No! Don't do it, Gaia-san! You don't know what you're doing! gonk
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I want new gaia to be liek old gaia ; _____________ ;

Happy and sparkly and awesome ; ___________ ;
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"Did the banner make you feel dem nostalgic feels?"

Yes, I found Gaia in 2003 through a flying rock (I believe it was a test for the rare events) and came back to stay two years later. This place has been a sanctuary for me all of these years and I'm glad it's still around. Thank you Lanzer and staff for letting me play on your playground. heart Even though we're on different coasts you all are family to me. 3nodding Happy Anniversary!
I'd really get a kick out of it if they switched the whole site layout to look just like Go-Gaia's back in the day. Well, only for a day though, like the day of the anniversary, because that layout was terrible to use.
(And maybe we can get people to stop talking about how old days were the best etc etc)That'd never happen lol

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I first joined Gaia in 2004, and the last time I played seriously was... 2007 I think? I remembered that this year would be its 10th anniversary for some reason and decided to come back and check it out. A lot has changed since I left, but it's cool. Actually, I'm really impressed that this place is still thriving after all this time! I don't really know how to get back into things though, I feel kind of overwhelmed. sweatdrop
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I don't remember seeing that kind of header when I joined......I joined in 06
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I remember I used to go back to archives.org to see what Gaia used to look like back when it first launched. Granted that backup had broken images, so seeing the "Alpha" phase of Gaia on the homepage has made me extremely giddy inside.

I myself haven't joined Gaia until August of 2007, so I wasn't around during it's younger phase.

I am so happy to see it's 10th birthday though! Not a lot of web communities last this long.

Although I am looking forward to see what is next in store for Gaia, since their main company page is advertising the fact that they are mobile developers. I hate to say it but the users that normally access this site has been in decline. I can't remember the last time when there were over 90k of users logged in at one time. (Now it stays around 20-40k...er take that back it says only 7k are currently logged in. That can't be good for business)

I know a lot of people here don't like change, but I think if they want to get more focus on a new generation of users, they are going to have to.

I mean, if Gaia stayed the way it did back in 2003, with all the bugs and glory, I don't think I would have signed up either. Granted I was around before they added the fee for the marketplace so that was the only real change that made me irk some because Gaia currency isn't real currency. (Remember this was before GaiaCash also, so it wasn't real. Now Gaia Gold is sorta real cuz' you can sorta convert GaiaCash into gold when you figure how much stuff is worth…I'm going onto a tangent here.)

Sorry for all my ramblings. Either way, I'm happy for Gaia, and I hope to see it around for another 10 years. smile
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I signed on and all I could say was, "DAMN. That's nostalgic." Haven't seen that image in so long. Dat header, the way Gaiaonline is done up. Goodness me I may need a bucket to contain all the feels that I'm havin' about seeing that header.
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I only joined during 2008, so I hadn't seen the old gaia unless I went looking for it on the gaia wiki. I would have loved to have been a part of gaia from the start, but I was 8 years old at the time. c:
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I'm nostalgic. I've been here since 2004. That's 9 years of my life. XD Happy 10th, Gaia!
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I've been here on various accounts since 2005. It didn't hit me that my Gaia life is that old, and Gaia itself is ten, until I saw the little mage girl. I told my sister it makes me feel so old! But I actually missed her. heart
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There used to be an image of the "gaians" looking at a big bulletin board that symbolized "public forums" I wonder where it disappeared to.
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Yes <3 I feel SUPER nostalgic over all of this
i just cant hold all of these felines ngvjfcdnj

I MISS when Gaia had that layout ;3;
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I was like "YAY!!" biggrin
04, bitches! <3
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LOL was I the only one scared? I thought gaia was closing down or something after I saw the header and then I had a PM titled "for the love of gaia"

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