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Witty Shapeshifter

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The freakin' birthstone items. emotion_0A0
I have to have ALL of them, even though I rarely use them.

Also, the Christmas housing decorations.
Got all of them.
They're a beast to sort through to decorate my house, but I'm far too paranoid to put them on a mule account...
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Demonic Abomination

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Cool concept. As far as the paintings I've only collected the G-Corp/Grunny themed ones.

I have some small collections, mainly sets of certain items. Nothing outrageous though.
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Bright Hunter

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I collect sunflowers (About 700 so far-), the MAN items, white wigs (My avatar is one of those static character types, who always has white hair-) and almost anything orange.

I also have a fairly extensive assortment of SDPlus dolls, though I've never had any desire to own every single one of them. I collect dolls of one particular type (Asian ball-jointed dolls-) in RL and thought it would be fun for Al, my avatar character, to have a similar collection in the digital world.
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gonk All the Rosamund/Ciel related items. It's one of my most expensive collections. Yeah I know it's overdone but whatevs they're beautiful and girly and I love them. I swear Gaia if you come out with any more I'll just go ahead and live on the streets because I'll spend all my monies trying to complete my collection. emotion_donotwant
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Kawaii Abomination

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I used to collect stockings when I first joined.

Now, I collect feetless legs.

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Salty Phantom

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I ... collect fish?

I'm actually trying to collect everything; at least one of every equippable item known. There's so many items out there though, so it's a very scattered sort of collecting.

Though, I am currently working on getting the GetaGRIP items, particularly multiple copies of the skirts.
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Super Noob

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I used to connect all the fishing items. And then all the MCs. But then I was bored and sold them cause they never go with my items. Now I only have a few caps and more high end items.
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cuppyeecakes's Husband

Kawaii Hunter

What types of collections do you have?

Monthly Collectible Letters and Birthstone items.
I was collecting the Monthly Collectible items at one point, but the Letters are so much cuter.
I have a small collection of Dolls, REIs, and EIs.
Also pigs. Gaia needs more pigs.
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Witty Lover

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I am collecting one of each blade of the ? Tunic series. I am also collecting hair things, shoes and some odd ball items. ( black gold red purple blue items... Not a lot just some)
I like the color themes gold and black, red and black, blue and black, gold and purple. Other features of some of my avi outfits are: celestial, elf like, furry and I always have my ascended demon tail on... It's become my signature look, or having my compass of seidh, seracila pendant, or guang the willin on. (Signature looks for each avi I compile together)

In real life though I collect CLAMP related items, the artwork of anime books, keychains (I now have about 150... 30 digimon, some Fullmetal alchemist, Gundam 00, vampire knight, random, Pokemon, Yu Yu hakusho, naruto, and bleach) I have a set of 30-40 fma items I won from 2010 on eBay, a 400$ collection, purchased for 90$) I collect trading cards too: Pokemon, digimon, Yu-gi-oh, power rangers, Star Wars, transformers, knights of the zodiac, zatch bell, dragon ball, dragon ball gt, naruto, bleach, blue dragon, and Yu Yu hakusho( still after a yoko Kurama card and many more) other than that no big deal collections.
My friend however is a big hoarder in real life. Mainly yugioh starter decks, and hard to find toys; digimon, sailor moon, Cardcaptors.

I am what one would call a mini hoarder or collector!
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Apocalyptic Deadeye

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I confess that I used to hoard Titan's Legacy seeds. Nearly got 15 or so of those things. Then I realized only 3 were needed. Sold them off a few months ago.

Now, they haunt me.
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Gold shop buyout quest heart

I'm pretty far along in it too.
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Lily-livered Vegetarian

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I went insane a few years back and started hoarding cap a la gingerbreads... just because.
If there's ever an alchemy recipe that involves hundreds of those, I am so set!
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Kyvec's Spouse

Time-traveling Demigod

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  • Battle: Level 10 250
Lessee...I collect MCs...EIs....REIs....and that's about it.

I would collect backwings, but I have no desire to rob a bank.
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Angelic Demigod

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  • Angelic Alliance 100
  • Buying 4 new Outfit slots 100
I collect all the Ciel items as well, only one item missing and my would collect all the angelic items and moon items, but I have no intention of robbing a bank for the sake of Alchemy as Rids has said before me.
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Stylish Collector

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The Birthstone items. I was gone from Gaia for almost 3 years, so I had a lot to catch up on, but I've caught up and I'm pretty determined to not fall behind on getting them from the cash shop again, or the marketplace when they're brand new. Much cheaper than waiting. @~@

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