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Magnetic Lunatic

There's more than a thousand event items in my storage box. And I keep one of everything in the main invo. I really really should get rid of it, most of them are completely worthless.

I have a large collection of unsoulbound Zomg rings that I forgot about. Those I will sell. Eventually~
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I collect R/EIs and the more current MCs.

Right now, I'm slowly working on finishing the recolors of the EIs.

The only influence they have is that I use EIs a lot on my avatar. But then, they have a lot of poses and I like showing off my collection. lol
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Bunnies! *grabbyhands*

I'm trying to collect every bunny item that can be worn. So far I've found 142 (or was it 143?) bunny items, and every time I think I've found them all more keep popping up.
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I had around a million white carnations at one point. emotion_kirakira
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Lavish Lunatic

I basically own every item I like.
2000 of them. emotion_dowant

Oh and some event items.
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Dangerous Knight

Well my whole wearable inventory is black and white.
And I keep every event and sponsor item I've ever gotten in storage. For no real reason.
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Scurvy Wench

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I used to collect zOMG rings and loot.
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i have lots of crimson rider hopes emotion_bigheart
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I collect skin potions. The designs of the bottles are pretty so even though I'll never change my skin, I collect them. I'm kinda meh on whether I should collect the skin potions done through alchemy. I kinda want to, but it's Alchemy .____.

I still need to get the potions from halloween. But maaaaaaaan that's a lot of stickers and gold.
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I have 1 framed artwork of G-Corp. I like it. emotion_awesome

My collection isn't exciting or crazy, it's just as many EIs as I can possibly get. I kind of lost count. D=
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I used to collect Amigo hats of any color. I don't exactly remember why, but I did. xD;;
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Fluffy Faun

I collect snakes B]

I mean, not like it's terribly hard with one glaring exception because Gaia doesn't have enough snakes

so I even collect the Alchemy snake components because...SNAKE!!!!

But still, I'll pick up doubles and sometimes triples of the same snake item because I like to pretend I've got a snake garden paradise goin on in my invo
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Fluffy Wolf

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As you can see in my signature....I'm collecting summer tops. I partly did it out of the heck of it, and partly to get a small chunk of gold when I hit my goal of 500, and partly to get cheap gratification like "haha that's 500 summer tops that is gone from Gaia for good!! Take that DC!" when I do sell them all at once.

I did similar with the blox items (I must have inadvertently copied my sister) with the goal of 100.

I also collect items that remind me of me. Like, I had to have Dreamer's Dust because of my username, and Mwee the Dragon because it is my actual nickname (and part of my email). Stuff like that. Can't say I go out of my way to collect anything else. I don't count my event hoards as collections. More like items that are in limbo as I decide what I want to do with them.
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Last year or maybe year before that, I came back from hiatus and stumbled on Revolution.Dusk items. I did a little back and fourth flirting (buying/selling) with Queen and Manslayer and realized just how much I loved them. So I decided to collect them all from Dawn, Dusk and Midnight. Just finished this month actually. So happy the series is over had to sell items I've had since 2004 to finish.
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I collect all dessert items, or even items that might have just one or two dessert poses.
That's one reason why I love Buttercup Cafe updates so much. "Gimme, gimme, gimme!"

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