Me: Hello all! The name's Yilanti Midnight. I am a city girl at heart. I'm a huge roleplayer and love writing stories. My life on Gaia has been one big story that doesn't seem to end.

It is now almost 14 years that I've been a minion to the most evil Kiki Kitty of all, Tome. And people ask me, How did Tome get so evil? How did he pick me as his minion? Well, I guess I could share the story. It's not too sad so don't start weeping. Tome will tell you his side of the tale soon enough.

Twas a dark and stormy night and all the Gaians were asleep, and-

Tome: Cut to the chase.

Me: Alright, alright. I was a pretty poor Gaian who had been saving up for the latest donation item. I had a pretty penny in my pocket, and one day realized the newest donation items were out. This was good, because around that time the letters were 6-7k, and I could afford that. So off to the Exchange I went.

Sure enough, it took me a while to even get a letter. People were madly bidding. I finally got one for 7.7K. Not too bad, I feel. And I opened it, and I got a fluffy white cat. I named him Fluffy, because I thought it was cute. So sweet. Little did I know this cat was an evil mastermind who planned to take over all of Gaia.

What could I do? He brainwashed me and then took and ate my soul, so that I would be forever linked with him. And he made me call him Tome. Of course, now Tome has eaten many souls, but as I was the first, I am forever his right hand. Though I've been treatened and yelled at more than I should be. XP And in a certain way, we do have fun.

It's all the time we spend together, you see. Plotting takes time. But anyhoo, it's Tome who gets to tell you what he has gone through.

Tome: Finally. All that yabbering made me go sleepy. My life began as the admins made me. Yes, the all powerful gods knew what they were doing when they made us Kiki's. Before the great "Shipping", we could do whatever we want. Most kitties wasted their time chasing after a ball of yarn or trying to look cute. Me, I ran straight to the library and read up as much as I could.

I read a lot. Even mastered the art of speaking. Soon I got to the Dark Ancient Books and got my powers. But before I could get ultimate destructive powers, I was stuffed in a letter and shipped away. The letter made me so annoyed. How dare Humans (or Human Gods, but it's still the same) lock me away like that?! And so I got my evil streak.

I was going to get the first person I could get my paws on and brainwash that person. And make it my minion. Little did I know it was going to be a city-bred simple girl. The irony, really. She took me out of the letter, hugged me almost to death (almost) and named me Fluffy. FLUFFY? WHAT THE HECK IS FLUFFY? THAT'S A MORON NAME! So I got her brain and her soul, and I made her call me Tome.

Tome may sound stupid to you, but it means book. And books is what I see highly. It's what made me me.

And even now I plot, but daily things keep us from actually doing my plans. Or actually, they keep my minion from fulfilling them. XP The silly girl, if she doesn't stalk Meredith (from the bank), she'll go shopping. I swear, she must be obsessed with money. Meredith almost got her a restraining order. I admit, Meredith is good-looking, but she is not my type.

Me: And you can't have her either. I worship her more than anyone else on Gaia. I'm her number one fan!

Tome: *rolls eyes* And just a few years ago she just had to adopt a kid. As if conquering the world isn't hard enough, she had to start a family as well!

Me: Hey, Melba needed a home and I could provide. I've always wanted a daughter.

Melba: Don't worry Tome, I won't get in the way!

Tome: At least the kids has smarts.

Me: Oh admit it, you like her. Well, this is Yilanti, Melba and Tome. Hope you enjoyed the read. Have a wonderful Gaian life!

Tome: For it will be mine.

Melba Bye now! Byeeee!

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happy holidays
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Odd Cinderella

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Hey dollface.

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How's your day been so far?

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XD I keep forgetting to go on Gaia. Since many of the people we know no longer on here anymore.

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The notifications say you have a birthday.

Is this true? Naughty woman. Stop having birthdays. They make you older and wrinkly.

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Yup we all know that feeling! Still nice to see you. ^^

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