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Jung was wrapped up in a blanket, stretched out in his bed. Slowly, his eyes crack open. Green eyes move around the dark room, able to see everything... he was alone. Reaching up to gently rub at his face, the young vampire yawns and sits up slowly. Well. Seemed Kilo slipped out for a bit.

Flopping back over, Jung closes his eyes as his long purple hair spills everywhere. Grooping for his cell phone, he snorts. "I would need a break from me too. I'm a b***h." He smiles a bit, and flips open his phone. A few missed calls... but not from anyone important. Also, a few texts from a model he recently worked with. A woman. "Yeah... you're barking up the run tree honey. Right equipment, but completely different manual..."
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Forty minutes later and Kilo was sitting in the back of a cab on his way into town. It wouldn't take long, a hour tops and he'd be back at the tavern good as new. Halfway there though he began feeling something like guilt. Sending out a quick text to Jung sighed bribing the cabie in order for him to go faster. "Should have borrowed his car.."

In town. - Ke

There was a quiet 'thud' of a boot heel tapping the porch of the Inn, followed by another quieter step. The figure, feminine by silhouette in the dim light, gave a sigh of relief; it was almost as if she believed she wouldn't be admitted. Drawing in a deep breath, she closed her eyes for a brief moment to accept the nostalgia of the familiar aroma. Rosewood...I remember this... Drawing up a gloved hand, the door pushed open and she made the steady pace to the bar, perching at a stool to wait for the moment.

Her clothing style was fairly typical--dark jeans and tall brown boots--and would not entice the excitement of admiration had it not been for a striking colour of purple that adorned her upper body as a fitted blazer. Its royal hue was embellished by golden-hued buttons at her waist and sleeves, even a pair of thin gold chains wrapping about her shoulder in a military-esque epaulette.
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Hearing his phone go off, Jung steps out of the bathroom he had finally dragged himself into. Pulling the phone from the tangled mess he had left his bed, he checks the messages... and smiles a bit. "What a dork..." Shaking his head, Jung finishes cleaning up, and steps from his room. He had jeans on, with dark boots... and no shirt. He just wasn't in the mood.

Heading downstairs, the young Vampiric model yawns and makes his way through the lobby and into the bar room. Busily texting back various contacts, Jung took little notice of much of anything. Pausing at the bar, he waits until a Spindle heads over. "Coffee, please."

Just as Jung had reached the bottom tier of steps to the lounge, the stranger was giving a slight nod to the spindle and mouthing what looked like a thank-you. Her hair was a rich brown which had been pinned back, evidence of some soft waves and curls i the unkempt wisps and skin fair enough to be vampiric were it not for the fast beat of her heart beneath the jacket. She was a handsome woman, though certainly not beautiful by standards of the model nearby.

She would not turn her head to him, a now ungloved hand reaching to the pint in a brief pause only as her peripherals could tell he wore no shirt. Lifting the glass, she sipped, and then set it down upon the counter once more.
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Stepping into the Tavern, looking like Death warmed over, Hinamori stumbled over to a sofa and plopped down with a sigh of relief "Goddess knows I've missed this place" she muttered into the cushion.

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