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Minerva Mortis

He blinked thoughtfully and his eyes followed the lizard until it was out of view under the bed. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose again.

"Yes, well... When our friend Chiska became" His hand left his face and was left it in the air for a moment as he searched for a word. "... belligerent, I had to send him away."

His hand dropped into small motions as he spoke.

"Chiska knew how this works, how I work. He leaves his post, attacks you." A finger jabbed at nothing in particular. "There's no excuse--- as a professional, no excuse. He was a liability so I made the call objectively."

Both hands went up in a gesture of surrender but his eyes were guiltless.

"I sent him away and at the time it didn't matter to me where. In all honesty, I didn't think I'd see him again."

His hands dropped to his waist and he stood in thought.

"As to why he'd wish ill on me... well that goes much further back..."
Ulysses K Devlin

π•Έπ–Žπ–“π–Šπ–—π–›π–† π•Έπ–”π–—π–™π–Žπ–˜

Minerva crossed her arms against her front as she listened, approaching Ulysses slowly so as not to be talking across the room at him. Coming to a stop within a few feet of him she gave an indignant huff before reluctantly nodding. "Fair enough, I can not hold sound judgement against you. I only wish that I had been able to handle the issue myself, or had say in the outcome. I am not a china doll Ulysses, nor am I incapable of dispensing discipline." Her intensity dimmed as quickly as it had been sparked, fading to a simple pout.
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Greedy Businessman

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Minerva Mortis

He sighed again and nodded.

"No you're not. I don't intend to treat you as such either, but regardless of your capability I do take it personally when you are threatened by the one I assigned to be your right hand man."

He lifted his hand to Minerva's shoulder with a gentle rub.

"I don't have to tell you how capable Chiska is. Being a Demoness does count for something, but Chiska has worked for us... He's learned how to bring a people to their knees in more ways than one."

He let a small smirk cross his face.

"Now we just need to know what he wants. I may be giving him more credit than he deserves. He's not the brightest among us..."
Ulysses K Devlin

π•Έπ–Žπ–“π–Šπ–—π–›π–† π•Έπ–”π–—π–™π–Žπ–˜

She let out a sigh of her own, hanging her head in resignation. There really was no use in fusing over something that was well in the past, as much as her irrationality wanted to. Looking up as his hand rubbed her shoulder she saw that smirk of his and gave a weak laugh, smiling resistantly.

"Is there some way of finding him? You were his keeper, surely you had some means of finding him even when he did not wish to be found." Minerva had let that side of the trio's relationship alone, considering Chiska's disdain for Ulysses she had avoided asking the warrior about it, much as she had wanted to. Ulysses' vague answers were never much help either.

Letting her arms fall from their taut grip against herself she looked about them once more, a simple flick of the wrist and the scattered belongings were collected into the basket she'd dropped, which was now sitting idly next to the unopened baggage. She was too tired to bother cleaning it up manually.

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