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(( Dude, I dunno if I can stay in character with how sporadic this is XP
Bait asked me to return to GH. You still active there? ))
((I have enough practice with this version of tryan to be able to get into him pretty quickly but I agree it's difficult when it's so sporadic. I've posted at GH once in the last 6 months I think. Ama was never around and she doesn't really respond to my texts anymore, although I admit it's now been a long time since I tried. Anyway, between that and work there was never anyone else on when I could be. This sporadic type of posting is about all I can handle if my only option is day shifters.))
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Ooc: <_< I have no problem getting into my characters, especially this one... idk why.

IC: "Well breakfast certainly is in order for you two..." he looks to the creature with a grin "even if you might be dissatisfied with me right now." He plunges both hands into the opposite sleeve, for the young lady he produces in one hand a bowl with a cooked bit of beef, a crusty hunk of bread and a small wedge of cheese to go with it. For the creature he produced an uncooked and in fact Unskinned deer leg. "Eat up and we can set out!"
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(( Silver's easy to be incharacter for, Silvana's a new creation, she's not firmly in my head yet like with you twos characters, I guess would be the difference ))

>>At first Silvana looked confused at the food coming from the man's sleeve then she frowned. That was so unsanitary! Her food must have been touching his arm, maybe his sleeve. There was no way it could have all stayed up right and in the bowl. That was just... gross! Then. He pulled out the creature's breakfast. She looked a little pale as she gazed at the deer leg<<

I think I'm gonna be sick.

>>To keep herself from sicking up, she abruptly turned away, closed her eyes, and imagined herself taking apart and reassembling a PC. Her hands twitched now and then with the vividness of her imagination and she ignored the creature and the magician completely until she had settled her stomach enough that she could open her eyes, and deliberately not look at the deer leg<<
The creature looked up at the mysterious appearance of food. Oooooh what a magnificent magicker this was! Magicking marvelous meaty meals from nowhere! Mmmmm tasty delicious yummy for his tummy fresh foodcreature! But he must be careful. Cautious. Calculating. What did the white witchy twitchy two-legger want? He can't be trusted! The tiny voice in the back of his mind warned him gravely. He inched forward. Stop! He wouldn't stop! It was food! Free fresh food! Nothing is free. He growled quietly at the little voice. Just shut up! Why wouldn't it shut up?! Just to defy it, he stood and boldly approached the man. Stupid! Stupid senseless slow sod! The creature's ears flipped back in irritation but then, as he drew nearer the magicker, the voice vanished, whisked away to hide somewhere so far down he couldn't be found.
Only as he actually came to the magicker's side to retrieve his breakfast, did he realize something was wrong. There certainly was a delicious tasty foodcreature here... but where was the rest of it? He inspected the meat carefully, warily. Then he remembered the voice and rebellion took hold. Opening his mouth wide -perhaps wider than necessary as if to make a point- he sank his crooked needle-y teeth into the juicy bit of breakfast and gleefully dragged it back to his spot. He plopped down only to spend the next several minutes extracting his teeth again before happily tearing into it. His tail twitched back and forth, the fan of feathers at the end flip flopping lazily. How he loved the sound of tearing flesh! The crunch of bones! The dripping juices and slick strips of meat that slid and slithered down his throat. Almost as good as fish! And snakes! Snakes were fun! Oh yes, this was an excellent morning! Don't let your guard down! the voice was back. He ignored it. He wouldn't let it ruin his breakfast! Don't forget the girl - girl? girl? what girl? Oh right, the she-two-legger. They called them girls. She tried to shoot you! She'll do it again. Nope. Wouldn't happen. The magicker won't protect you, he captured you. He tricked you, you idiot, loathsome, ugly, useless creature.
He paused to look down at the latest addition to his 'jewelery.' He contemplated it for a long moment. Bending his head down to it, he touched his nose to it, started to - no. no he wouldn't. It was a gift! It was a gift! That's all it was! This was a good magicker! The voice could go drown itself! Go die in a fire! Go dig a hole and fall in! He resumed his breakfast, tearing it apart with renewed energy. He ignored its insults and insistence that the two-leggers couldn't be trusted.
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Ontaros was pleased with the creatures reaction, how ever the young lady's was not quite what he'd hoped. "Weren't you just saying you were hungry? If I didn't know any better I would be inclined to believe that you are intentionally trying to difficult." The mage laughed a bit to let her know he wasn't angry with her but it was none the less a befuddling situation. He looked to the creature and thought a moment. They would need to find water soon, perhaps that would please this finicky young lady.
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>>Sil frowns at the man. This was a laughing matter?<<
And if I didn't know better I'd say you were trying to make me sick.
>>Still keeping her back to the creature and trying to ignore the sound of crunching bones she takes the bowl from the mage, sits down immediately, and starts to eat, glaring up at the man<<
How can you stand that sound? That sight?
>>She shivered and decided to stop thinking about it<<
I don't like dead things that look like dead things.
>>She explained the obvious in a slightly exasperated tone<<

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