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>>Sil thoughtfully chewed the last few bites of her food<< Not really. I think I came from the North? They did teach us a few things before sending us into the field, but I wasn't really paying attention to that. But not far at all from the river. And I'm sure my parachute is still hanging from the tree it got tangled in. It should be easy enough to spot if we circle out from the general area we met each other.
>>She finished her food, and though she knew the creature did not understand human speech, she hoped the answer would be no. Maybe when they moved out the.. thing.. would go another way and since they had a destination in mind, Ontaros would leave the thing be<<
The creature eventually tired of standing there listening to the two-leggers squawking at each other and finally just sat down. He couldn't remember a time he'd been more bored, certainly not in the presence of humans, never mind magickers.No, boredom was definitely a new experience. He didn't like it.
And then something happened. The mage directed some of his squawking at him. The creature lifted his head to eye Ontaros, ears standing up in anticipation, but nothing followed and whatever had been said was far beyond his understanding. He waited. And waited. And then the female was responding.
With a small huff of impatience and a twitchy tail, the creature turned his attention to preening as he waited.
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Ontaros looks considerate for a few minutes before nodding and then smiling "Well it shouldn't be too hard, if we need a birds eye to find our mark I can certainly supply." He didn't know if the creature understood, but they'd find out soon enough as he started off towards the river and who followed him would do so. The mage seemed a bit away from himself, lost in thought but still apparently aware of where he was going and what was immediately around him.

OOC: idk if we want to just jump straight to the river or what, i'll leave that up to yall
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>>Silvana didn't like silence, not because it was awkward, but because there is so much in her head she needs something going on at all times. So she rambled on about whatever came to mind, and sometimes it had no apparent connection to what triggered the thought. At times she would let the mage direct the conversation, but for the most part she dominated until they made it to the river<<

...However, the wires and holes were wasteful since drilling holes is expensive and the protruding wires are merely cut off. So starting in the 1980s small surface mount parts had been used increasingly instead of through-hole components; this led to smaller boards for a given functionality and lower production costs, but with some additional difficulty in servicing faulty boards. I think I came in over there.

>>The tirade about circuit boards suddenly is changed, not even a breath of difference, as Sil points in a roughly Northerly direction<<
ooc: I don't remember what we did about the staff... did Ont take it back or is the creature still dragging it around?

Half entranced, half agitated by the constant noise, the creature drudged on in dreary, sullen silence. His ears, laid flat against his skull, buzzed with the female's incessant chattering, and his mind was numb and scattered in turns. His sense of time was tenuous at best, which did little to help. It never seemed to end! He tried to listen at first, in the event that anything important or relevant might pass her lips but it was an exercise in futility. He tagged along behind the two-leggers unable to comprehend and increasingly disinterested but unable to ignore their voices entirely. Every so often one of those words were spoken. He would jump, jarred from animated semi-consciousness by a spark of understanding that demanded his attention. In the interim, having determined each time that it was not he who was addressed, he passed the journey in a dull haze.

And then they were there. He came alert as recognition of his surroundings slowly sank in. He stepped past the two-leggers, testing the air tentatively for any new scents. Other two-leggers were known to these parts. Dangerous two-leggers. Magickers. Mean, malicious, magickers. He stopped when the ground grew soft enough beneath him that mud began to ooz up between his toes and engulf his claws. The water tempted and teased him, sang to him, called to him. He wanted to play! He wanted to jump in and splash about and scare all the frogs and snap up the fishes. Instead, he turned away and eyed his two-leggers.

There were no recent signs of the other magickers, but they had captured him there in the mud before. Now he had a new magicking-man. A simply silly, playful powerful magicker. Much preferable to the sinister, sneaky, gory great magickers with their giant rodents and cats. The former was new. New was unpredictable, unknowable, un-trustable, potentially perilous... but what was known was woefully wearily worrisome, destructive and depraved. He was tired.

Without further hesitation he aligned himself in the direction indicated by the female and waited for them to lead the way.
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OOC: Creature was supposed to be hanging onto it I believe <_< up to you though idc too much how we handle that.

IC: Ontaros surveys the area a little bit before looking to Sil "Ok, so it's easily possible that your's aren't the only ones out there, albeit unlikely, I'd rather not take a chance, so what did this pair of shoes you lost out here look like? High boots? Or perhaps a simpler design? OH! They weren't made of wood were they?! I've heard of people wearing wooded shoes and they sound fun!" And now he seemed to be day dreaming just a little bit about walking around in wooden shoes and imagining the 'clop' sound they would make as he did.
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>>Silvana watched the creature, not recognizing that the feeling rising in it was playfulness, instead the look in the creature merely made her cautious. As she watched it she was jerked back by Ontaros's comment<< Shoes?
>>She looks down at her feet and her military issued boots<< I didn't loose any shoes. I lost a parachute. A Pair-a-chutE. It's. It's a giant tarp. Um. Cloth? Blanket? Sheet? It. catches air to create drag and make you fall more slowly so that you don't die jumping out of a plane. Um. An air-o-plane >>She says it slowly as though that will make him understand<< It's a giant metal vehicle that flies. in the air. to get people and things from one place to another. It usually has comfy seats and flight attendants that serve drinks and peanuts. But this one just had sears around the outside and a giant door we jumped out of wearing our parachutes. I like the other kind of plane better.
>>She frowned<< My parachute is tan and has a harness. The harness is made out of nylon and leather. It's black and has buckles and... >>She sighed<< Just look for a tangled mess of tan cloth with strings and black.. belts hanging down from it.

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