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Allowing him to help her up, she gave a sly glance and smart smirk. “I dunno…” Her weight shifted in mock thought, her eyes glancing towards the forest again before giving a shrug. “…as long as you don’t make mine too heavy on the alcohol.” She grinned some before following him in…after dropping off the wheelbarrow, of course!
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(( Damnation! I have to jet ><'''' I'll be back in a few hours -five tops- ))

And so they skipped off and had a jolly good time, only for Sawyer to stop Kurt mid way, declaring she can find more work for the Dead beat to do. Though not without taking a slight sip of her own.
(( I was about to say… xd ))

Hathmeoi chuckled at the end of their festivities, giving Kurt a wink and Sawyer a wave as she slipped out the door with her bow and quiver at hand. It would prove to be a long night, but a rather successful hunt…

(( Be safe! ))
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It would prove that Sawyer was able to get Kurt to clean out the gutters till night fall, while she -being practically the only one who could read...though she wasn't sure if Hath knew or not- stayed inside with the company of Rikki-Tikki organizing the last of the days files and making do with creating fried rice in the kitchen.
Meanwhile Kurt would start to put away the supplies, as well as the ladder.
The faun had spent the evening dealing with a centaur that had been sent from her home forest. Not an easy feat, considering how strong the stallions could get…and the mares could be just as bad. But with the Mother Moon guiding her way, Hathmeoi managed well enough to deter the creature from reaching the cottage grounds. Unfortunately, not without taking a few hits herself.

“Blasted spears…” She’d sighed under her breath, holding some moss over her shoulder as she pushed open the door. “Sawyer…!” She called out the girl’s name, learning full well that she had some valuable healing skills. “…might need your expertise!” Her face was a bit pale as she steadied herself by kneeling to the ground.
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At the sound of the distress call, the skeleton heads about the cottage instantly started to chatter, passing along the message through out the cottage -which was lucky since Sawyer found it hard to hear anything over the sound of the rice being fried in the pan, as well as the sound of the vents above.
Sawyer's form would instantly emerge from the kitchen door, taking off a par of gloves, her eyes widening at the sight of Hathmeoi looking as though she was about to pass out.
"Might?!" was the only thing that passed through her mouth now trying to help Hath up, "Hath what the dickens happened?! You look like you were ambushed or something...you know Kurt is going to flip his s**t when he--"
"Hathmeoi!" said the sound of a distressed male.
"Never mind..Kurt help me get her to a couch..." dictated Sawyer, who didn't have to say it twice, instantly Kurt would scoop the wounded Faun and bring her to the couch while Sawyer rushed about for one of her pre -made parcels just incase instances such as this occurred.
“Yeah…yeah…I know…I know…” The faun chuckled quietly, only for her ears to flatten and eyes wince at the tone of her name as Kurt came rushing over. “No…I wasn’t ambushed, it was the other way around. Just didn’t expect the mare to actually use her spear to counterattack. Just bad judgment on my part, really…probably those daiquiris we had earlier…” She tried to play it off on the alcohol, but even she could taste that she was drinking them virgin. “I’m sure it’ really nothing to worry your head over…” She said as she took a peek at the wound, only to groan in pain as she was settled down upon one of the couches. “Owieeeeeeeee…!”
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Kurt saw through the lie instantly, being the one who made the drinks, but he would decide to bite his tongue on the matter, at least until later.
"You?!" blinked Sawyer about to go off on a tangent but the sound of Hath's pain kept her from biting her tongue back and grumbling about taking care of fugitives or something along those lines. "It doesn't look that bad..." Kurt would say trying to sound positive.
"You're joking right?" Sawyer would say checking for anything broken, nothing...thats good. Closing her eyes and holding out her hand before the wound, "Erofeb sa laeh dna hctits niks, ydob eht morf dessimisd ear uoy niap." the wound would begin to glow, the pain would begin to lift from the wound only to leave a numbness behind, the skin stitching and growing itself quickly together. Once finished Sawyer would give a faint pant and dry some sweat from her forehead, holding out her hand to demand for the bag. Opening it Sawyer would repeat the incantation and tuft a few herbs in Hath's face, if she should try to speak Sawyer would shove a root in her mouth to chew.

Before long the process was over. "You realize you're going to have to sleep with a mandrake root under your bed for a while though right...and the day you two decide to tell me what sort of shenanigans you keep getting into will be brilliant. I'm not dumb, I've noticed whats been going on, but I won't force you to tell me anything either. Just come up with a name or something for it." Sawyer would say quite cross, but with an even tone of voice, "Anyways I'll boil some broth for you Hath...I'll be back."
It would be right when Hath opened her mouth to sneeze from the herbs being tuft in her face that the root was shoved in her mouth with muffled snort. From there, the faun flopped back from feeling dizzy and lightheaded…swooning from the unintended abuse as she tried to say ‘thank you’…but that didn’t quite work as well as planned.

She soon whined…she wasn’t all that fond of the mandrake root healing process either; something about it clogging her nasal passages and odor preventing her from smelling anything right for a week. Chewing on the root some, she glanced sheepishly back and forth between Kurt and Sawyer, closing her doe-brown eyes with a sigh. Oh…she would like to tell the girl what was going on, but Kurt had to come out to her first…and judging by the way he still dressed, that wasn’t happening anytime soon.

Looking back to her friend as Sawyer left, she gave him a sheepish smile before swallowing the remainder of the root. “It wouldn’t surprise me if she tried to use her herbal voodoo on me to get me to spill the beans, you know…” She joked quietly as she rubbed her shoulder…the numb feeling was rather awkward, so she couldn’t help herself as she poked away while the sensation lasted. "She's beginning to sound more and more irate..."
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Kurt would have to clog his own nose at the way Sawyer used her herbs, the way the mixture was, plus the added lavender that was almost everywhere in the cottage wasn't the greatest. He wouldn't be able to maintain direct eye contact with Sawyer either, fearing she'd give 'the evil eye'.
His big expressive dark eyes would land on Hath, giving a small smile of his own, "I know she's good, but I doubt she's that good. But I wonder what makes you think she's irate.." he would try to joke, only to sigh and shake his head, "Just give it a little time, I'm sure she'll be alright...I hope...but you...are you going to be alright? Just what did you run into Hathmeoi?" his big dark expressive eyes revealing how deeply rooted in worry the satyr in disguise was.

It would be some time before Sawyer would be able to get back, now having to make a broth from scratch that she honestly wasn't expecting to make. She would sigh in the kitchen and look down at her ferret/mongoose, and give a half hearted smile scratching between the little beastie's ears "Oh Rikki-Tikki...I know...at least she's safe...I just...it just ruffles my feathers sometimes, like insulting my own intelligence you know?" Rikki-Tikki would twiddle his nose and clean his face some, only for Sawyer to make a smirk and a face, "Oh what do you know? Besides of killing snakes.." and continue on to work she would with the broth.
Rumors of the old cottage owned by a 'witch' being refurbished into an inn found their way into the ears of those who would listen quickly enough. Of course, it seemed when passed from ear to ear, the details of the place seemed to vary drastically. According to what she had gathered thus far, the inn was a haunted mansion in a tree under a bridge with a dragon's lair in it's basement. It was run by anywhere from two to seven mythical creatures with an appetite for elderly people's undergarments. Oh, and it might also have been located inside the moon and require some sort of magical access.

Thankfully, a big enough coin purse had convinced the bartenders of the last three taverns she had visited that the witch's name was 'La Verde Strega' and was at least sort of in the direction she now headed. Now why any sane person would go through the effort it seemed to take her to find what was probably just some old run down building built up with superstitious hype by the locals would probably remain unknown indefinitely.

"Thank you!" The girl offered with a warm smile to the child she had encountered in the street. "Here, these are for you." She handed the kid several gold pieces; likely enough to buy him a mountain of candy somewhere nearby. The worried look he had on his face when she had asked about 'La Verde Strega's cottage vanished as he took the money and waved goodbye before scampering off to find his friends.

She was almost there.

((woah that post was filled with way more random nonsense than I had originally intended. and I didn't even make it to the inn yet @_@
anyways, hello!))
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(( No worries : D It was a hoot to read! Especially the long stories and rumors hehe And Welcome! XD Hope she manages to make it ))
Her eyes would close some, giving a consenting nod about giving it a little more time. It was his secret after all. “A centaur mare. Newly trained, but you know how they are…strong and quick to learn. I figured if I ambushed her and fought at close range, she wouldn’t be able to use her spear…but…man oh man…she was a quick one.”

Hath’s eyes would open, gazing into Kurt’s deep hues with a look of concern…not for herself but for him. “They’re sending centaurs, Kurt. And after that, it will be the minotaurs…who are hard even harder to reason with when they’ve got the blood wrath. I’m not afraid of them, but I’m not prepared for them either. Mother Moon hasn’t given me any other signs as to where the other artifacts are…so…” Her head bowed a bit, admitting a temporary defeat. It would be a while surely before the centaur made it back to her home forest…thankfully. She just hoped it would be enough time to ready herself.
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Kurt would wince some at the mental image of the faun fighting a bulky centaur mare. His brow would furrow and snort, "Blah-a-a This is ridiculous! I'm starting to think more and more I should just go and see those elders without a forceful escort! All this unnecessary fighting! What if you don't manage to walk away next time Hath? What if Sawyer isn't around next time?! What then? I should have went when that Satyr had his knife at my throat..." He'd take her hand and give it a slight squeeze or reassurance, his own features bent with worry for Hath, "If I go back and talk to them, maybe I'll be able to persuade them with my own words...I mean...whats the worse that could happen? The punishment is still a shave down right? Though this all seems...a bit much for a shave down...Oh this is all foolishness!"

Upon the newcomer's approaching, the nearer she would draw the more the skulls about the cottage would soon begin to chatter all around, whispering something of an incoming visitor.
"Looks like we might have a visitor soon.." said Kurt half wondering if it was another wanderer or one of the creatures having found a way around the protective spell. Only time will tell.
“With this much force, I doubt it’s just a shaving, or just you they’re after.” She’d mutter under her breath, giving a weak half smile as she squeezed his hand back. At the sound of someone potentially coming, she gave a slight wince when her shoulder still felt numb…slightly immobile while it was still healing. “I’m praying it’s simply a wanderer.” Hath said apprehensively before helping herself up…only to flop back down rubbing her eyes when a sudden burst of drowsiness came over the faun. “Gods…she made it potent…!”

And before long, she was slumped over on the couch…brown eyes rolled back as she passed out.

(( Sorry. Work in the morning, so I’s need my sleep. ~hugs~ You guys be safe and have fun! ^_~ ))

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