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Silver had disappeared at the same time Light disappeared, but this time it was no coincidence.
At first Silver would not leave his room on account he was out of his 'special drink' and had neither the energy nor the patience to leave the confines of his suite. Sayne still had not returned to resupply and Light was nowhere to be found to help Silver.
His condition grew worse as he became weaker. It seemed almost fate when one day he finally slipped and broke his dresser mirror, the shards of silver glass leaving minor cuts on him as he fell to the floor. He only had the energy to look upon himself and notice that for such minor cuts, they were bleeding very freely. Shortly after this observation, he lost consciousness.
The cuts continued to bleed, but instead of forming a puddle under his limp form, the crimson liquid seemed only to evaporate, as if it never was.
Silver could only guess how much time had passed. Days? Weeks? He couldn't tell. He only knew he awoke in his cold room feeling hungry.
He felt drained, but in a different way. Not empty, but fatigued.
His stomach growled softly in protest. The sound coming from his own body sounded so strange,
he thought it might have been him growling without realizing. But it wasn't his lungs, it was his gut.
Silver pushed himself to a sitting position and remained there for a few moments before forcing himself to stand, ignoring the clinking of shifting glass beneath him. He reached a hand up to rub his head, tiredly looking down at his feet. It took only a few moments of blankly staring at the floor before he caught a glimpse of a reflection of someone else staring back at him. His head jerked up, eyes wide as he searched the room for an intruder, but there was no one there.
Thinking he was just hallucinating after being out for so long, he wandered into the bathroom for a hot shower to wake himself up. Being so groggy, he took his time and was careful to not slip and fall, as his muscles were achy and sore enough.
Finishing his shower, he grabbed his towel and dried himself off before turning toward the mirror to assess how awful he must look.
In the mirror of the bathroom he saw the same face from the shard of glass on the floor staring back at him. This stranger had a more golden olive tone to his skin and had no markings on his face, and his tired eyes were a deep, golden red. Silver stared at this naked figure in the mirror in horror before he realized that the man staring back at him...was himself. He lifted a hand to touch his hair, still the same length but the shade was something between a honey blond and hazel brown.
This isn't possible. It must be a dream.
He stared in the mirror and touched his own face.
He was wide awake.
But he couldn't be. How could he?
Silver rushed out of the bathroom and opened a drawer in his nightstand, frantically shuffling the contents around to his found what he was looking for. He held a photograph in his hand of Light sitting in the shoulders of a tall man with tan skin, brown hair, and red-orange eyes. He practically tripped over himself rushing back to the bathroom before he stood in front of the mirror, his gaze jumping from the photograph to his reflection in the mirror.
The face staring back at him resembled his mother, Light, and more dominantly, the face of the man in the photograph, Chaos Talon.
His father.
Was this a dream? Or was everything he remembered a dream?
Unsure of what was and wasn't reality, Silver got dressed in a dazed state. As he went to put on his gloves, he realized he didn't need to. His hand had no stains.
Stunned, he shuffled out of his room and closed the door behind him, wandering down to the bar.
The floor felt real, and the stairs were solid. The wooden railing in his hand seemed real. But he just couldn't be sure.
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Arianna had taken the twins to play outside with Irina. So the only one in the bar was Eirian. She had finished clean up, the place was practically shinning with cleanliness.
Since it was quiet, she decided it was a good time for meditation. Samael was away with Aristar in some devious scheme that she didnt want to be involved with.
So she sat in the middle of the room, with her legs crossed and hands resting on her knees, her eyes closed. She had changed in the past weeks. The more she trained and learned things, the less teenage like she looked. She was going through a growth spurt. She no longer looked like a scrawny teenager. She was filling up in some places and was starting to develop some curves.
While she meditated, she had no idea she was going through another weird change herself. Her skin tone changed to a darker shade, like Jade's when she was human. Her hair took on a caramel tone. And then she heard someone coming in to the room...
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Silver went directly from the main doors to the kitchen, trying not to be noticed. He hardly believed that dream or not he should worry about being recognized considering how different he looked, but he still felt an irrational fear that he will be. He opened the fridge and looked for something to eat, his thoughts wandering back and forth between what looked good and what could potentially happen next. If this were reality, and he had changed, he would either be treated as a new guest that had somehow snuck in or he would be recognized and questioned. He had no idea what could cause this change, so he couldn't explain it to anyone. He knew he couldn't skulk around and hide forever. With a sigh of dismay, he turned to a cupboard and took out a package of beef jerky. He hoped this was a dream and he would wake up, still the same person he was before but he had a sinking feeling this was not the case. He mulled over his next move while he chewed on a piece of the jerky.
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The twins had gone through major growth spurt and had become a little more independent. They both looked as if they were 4 years old, spoke with confidence, were very observant and sharp with whatever happened around them. Arianna would've loved to enjoy them more as babies, but to her dismay, she couldn't do so. For one, Jumana could tell when she someone was lying, the little girl didn't want to tell her how she could tell and was also able to speak to animals. Argene was the quiet one and liked to spend time reading. Irina and him would read books together for hours. He had not shown any special powers but there was no doubt he did have one, considering his parentage and the manner in which he was created.
Eirian had also gone through some changes and now looked more mature and more confident about herself, though she was still a little reserved and still had a hard time opening up. She had changed her looks too. Had dyed her hair reddish brown with silver highlights, which made her look like a rock star, and still wore punk style clothing though she was more feminine than before. Irina had learned a lot too, and though she was still childish, she was very well mannered. She had discovered she had healing powers and so, Aristar would sometimes take her with him to teach her healing arts. Now that everyone was less dependent on her, Arianna had more free time to do things she enjoyed doing. In warm days, she would go outside at sunrise to do some yoga and sometimes, the girls would join her. Samael spent most of his time with Aristar so he rarely came now. Though when he did, he still loved making Eirian and Arianna flustered with his shameless flirting.

Arianna was making some cinnamon rolls and hot cocoa for the kids. Irina was in the kitchen helping her. Jumana was sitting next to Argene, both reading a book about animals. Eirian was sitting by the fireplace on the floor, her legs folded beneath her, guitar on her lap, she had sheet music around her, scribbling things on it and then would play a few notes and hum, then go back to her sheet music to make adjustments. Things had been quiet in the inn lately, much to everyone's relief.

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