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User Image Spike Spiegel

● Current Location: Garden
● Current Objective: Defend the inn
● Status: Surprised.


Theme: What planet is this?!
Current Company: Jet Black, Faye Valentine.
Providing air support: Edward (Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV), Ein (The dog).


Stumbling slightly as he hastily came to a halt to avoid the lunge of yet another oni, allowing it to charge past him, Spike felt a portion of his back began to sting considerably to which he conceded that he had sustained some electrical burns from the previous attack he attempted to evade. How extensive however Spike was in no position to check, nor did he wish to as he ignored the building pain at his side and back, barely ducking when another earth oni snapped its jaws at him wildly, to which he resumed fire on the creatures, attempting to gain some distance. A glancing blow from the clawed hand of another of the earth oni slashed at his face, grazing his cheek before being overwhelmed by gunfire and falling to the ground. This was not before another lunged at him from behind, powerful arms grabbing him and crushing into his sides, lifting Spike from the ground in the process. The oni almost seemed to smirk, tightening its grip at hearing the gradual sound of Spike’s ribs starting to crack under the increasing pressure of its hands.

Combined with the worsening injury at his side, now clearly bleeding considerably from beneath his jacket with the addition of the burns on his back, the pain was almost unbearable, to which Spike gave a pained shout, attempting to free himself from the clutches of the oni, striving to angle his pistol at the beast and firing somewhat blindly. It was only when the oracle began a well-timed distraction that he was able to land a hit on the neck of the oni, to which he was dumped to the ground as the beast stumbled over nearby. Lying on the ground almost motionless for some seconds, breathing unsteadily as he willed his vision to clear, Spike gave a pained groan as he forced himself back to his feet, just in time to stumble back and avoid the fist of another oni slamming to the ground where he previously lay before he ran on at a much slower rate, opening fire once again. Although his mobility was steadily decreasing along with his ammunition, Spike was having more trouble ignoring both as he proceeded on.

Panting heavily as he slowly backed away from the surrounding hoard of earth oni, Spike finally heard the sound he had been dreading; the dull click indicating his gun had finally ran out of ammunition. That was sooner than expected. Game over already? Lowering the pistol and calmly replacing it into the holster within his jacket before taking a defensive fighting stance, Spike glanced about the menacing crowd slowly surrounding him; he exhaled unsteadily, waiting for the first to lunge when a huge shadow was cast over them from overhead. Looking up somewhat bewildered, as did all of the oni surrounding him, a sudden wind picked up with the whirring of engines as Spike’s eyes widened at two forms dropping down either side of him from above.
“Jeez Spike, what have you got into this time? It’s like some weird Halloween parade out here! At the wrong time of year too! Damn lunkhead, you owe me at least five million woolongs for this!”
Landing on the grass and proceeding to shoot at the surrounding creatures with her Austria .45, yet more heavy artillery slung over her back, Faye paused and gave a slight scowl as she glanced across at Spike, whom was still slightly dumbstruck as Jet landed much more heavily on the grass with a slight grunt before he swung his mechanical arm sideward to clothesline one of the charging oni and follow it up with a shot to its face with his Walther P99.
“Looks like we were missing out on quite the party! “
Pausing, Jet eyed Spike sceptically at his lack of immediate retort, his enthusiasm dimming slightly .
”...Wow, you look like Hell.”
Blinking in surprise, Spike’s bewildered gaze darted between the two of them as the looming shape overhead changed position, taking the large shadow along with it as Spike cast his gaze upward. The all-too recognisable scrawl on the side of the ship made it obvious what it was, but who was piloting it?
“Psssshhhhowww! Zap zap zappy zap! Twenty thousand poooooints! Level 2 now please!”
“Woof woof!”

The voices on the loudspeaker at the base of the ship rang out with that of a child and a dog as two small newly installed laser cannons dropped down on either side of the ship’s hull with a metallic clunk, promptly activating and firing multiple beams at the crowd of demonic creatures in the vicinity. Clearing out the electric oni attempting to force Autumn into the deep crevice and the other of the creatures closing on Himiko whilst Numa attempted to tend to her wounds.

Slightly aghast now, Spike gawked for some seconds more before shaking his head rapidly and staring at Jet in shock.
“What the Hell are you guys doing here?!”
“There’s a big bounty on whoever is responsive for messing up the weather control on all the planets in this sector of space. We got an anonymous tip the epicentre of the anomalies would be here. User Image
“And you believed it?! ”
“Not like we had any other leads! You should be thanking us; we didn’t have to save your sorry a-watch your back!”
Stopping mid insult, Faye quickly raised her gun to shoot at an oni about to bear down on Spike before pushing past him to chase down more, shooting at the oni starting to encircle the Oracle.
“Besides, Jet said this was where you’d been hiding out all this time. You just wanted the bounty all for yourself didn’t you? Very sneaky, Spike!”
Reaching for one of the weapons on her back, unclear in features due to the distance she gained as she ran toward Autumn, Faye turned back to yell toward Spike and Jet before running on.
"Don’t forget, Spike! Five million! I don't work for free! Least of all for you!”
Looking on, still in slight disbelief, Spike remained motionless as Faye ran on, shooting at other oni from a distance, Jet simply smirked and pushed some ammunition into Spike's hand as it hung limply at his side. Grasping the bullets in his hand, Spike looked toward Jet whom simply smiled, slinging an AK-47 over his comrade's shoulder and slapping Spike's arm decisively before lugging a rocket launcher over his own mechanical shoulder.
”C’mon, I’ve got your back.”


OOC: Will have a fourth addition up soon but you guys can go ahead and post before I add it. Shouldn't effect you much. Yet. -Shifty eyes-

Nothing wrong with longer posts Faceless.
Question for you Emo. Does that horse taste like raisins?
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User ImageUser Image

On the furthest reaches of what could only be described as a battlefield at this point, a distortion in the air seemed to disappear and reappear at random intervals, each time growing closer in proximity to the inn. Once it appeared before a gathering of fire oni waiting aside in reserve to bolster their ranks when needed, their snarls and grunts suddenly fell silent, their attention solely resting upon the near-invisible distortion in the air. Immediately halting all movement, freezing to the spot before bowing their heads and gradually lowering their posture in a subtle manner with almost pained expressions, the usual rage of the oni was instantly replaced by something else. Fear. A genuine response through something of an enforced respect transformed the usually mindless beasts into being passive and submissive, backing away as they allowed the force to pass.

Growing nearer still, the odd distortion seemed to develop an outline that grew clearer each time it reappeared, seemingly walking whilst it did so, the image almost immaterial and much like smoke as the outline of it seemed to drift in the strong breeze at each appearance before vanishing. Shrouding himself likely wasn’t necessary at this point, the chaos around him was a suitable cover and all present had their hands full with his minions, but he enjoyed the tension it created nonetheless. With this in mind he made no effort to hide his presence, but retained an ambiguity of his position. Phasing toward the inn through a space marked as a halfway point between inferno and the human realm had seen to that, but no doubt his quarry knew he was approaching; gone soft perhaps, but no fool by any means. A faint tinge of crimson marked the figure’s features as well as the outline of a skeletal grin before it faded again, unhindered by the current state of the garden he proceeded on.

Gauging how those the Mistress had gathered around her were handling matters, they posed no threat to him, if anything he would come to make her realise they were expendable and aid him in their disposal, but for now their suffering was somewhat amusing to say the least. He did not allow this to distract him however, already starting to form a barrier around his intended location to fully materialise.

Scratch would quickly see to it that none would interfere; the Mistress was his only real interest in this endeavour.

OOC: Scratch has finally taken the field and made his approach but only Mistress has the power to go toe-to-toe with him in person. He can't be visually seen or approached at all for the moment.
If any of you guys really insist on doing that you will have to ask me first via pm because non-interference is key right now. There are plenty of his minions to be dealing with at the moment anyway. Lol.
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User ImageUser Image

Nau Maku San Manda
Bazara Dan Kan



xxxxxxxxxxx Isshu xxxxxxxxxxx

A feeling of absolute predatory instincts passed through Isshu's body when Nolan's blood magic was released after completion of the ritual spell. Because the elder had left herself open to Martin's magic, Isshu absorbed some of the blood magic Nolan had cast.. her eyes opening to be completely blacked out. Although human, everything around her became clearer, the scents of battle, the fight, the chaos. Clarity had never felt so... powerful. As Nolan's form was torned inches past her into and landed inside the building, Isshu didn't move except for the gray hair that blew in the wind from his form passing her.

Staff still raised in the air, Isshu's blacked out eyes landed on the the pair of kitsune demon that had been taunting the nekojin into 'playing'. She could sense them like she had never done before... like something within her just snapped into place. Their energy was black magic in one of its rawest forms and in the moments they had paid no heed to her, she thought they were beautiful creatures in their own right. Their amber glowing auras when read by Isshu while the siblings had a brief moment of disharmony when the male laughed at the female. Isshu saw the energy come down to strike at the demon's tongue, only for a mere moment to know that it was a prayer note covered in coral energy. As the male of the twin felines encouraged Martin to power her up, her blacked out eyes narrowed in suspicion...

A beam then shot across the battle field, Isshu widened her eyes as she watched a very large boulder shatter like a glass marble. The young girl Autumn stood free from being crushed, she was staring off for a moment and Isshu followed her gaze to a large metal creature.. The metal creature shocked the elder having never seen much machinery in her day, but this thing had an aura... this metal man had a soul... In the time she was distracted by the metal monster, she hadn't realize Martin had charged up until she felt his magic crackling near her and a burst of electricity surges through her right hand. It was within her staff the coursing of electric energy.

As Ryuu came out from behind her, Isshu witnessed the electric oni charging the kitsune as the nekojin battled with her on the other side of her scythe. There was much energy to draw from with Martin's electric magic coursing within her staff, it was where she used it that would be the most important decision. The kitsune... there was something incredibly off about them... They relish the power used against them, as if they could absorb it somehow. There was a crackling black and silver flame like aura surrounding Isshu now as she hoped off the railing of the porch onto the grass, the energy in her staff she wasn't going to be able to contain for long. "Be careful," she called over the roar of battle, her voice distorted and echoing, "the felines feed off destruction!" she had no doubt if she had let the lightening strike one of the demonic felines they would become more powerful that before.

Instead, she focused her energy on the most destructive force she could sense. Right now... That energy she was sensing came directly from Hanyo herself as she ripped through elemental oni a small distance away from Spike, Himiko, and couple of human comrades holding their own. the female in clad yellow clothing was off to assist Autumn using her teleportation against the advancing oni while a large beast of a man teamed up with Spike clasping him on the shoulder.. Locking onto Hanyo's energy signature, Isshu moved with increased speed from the magic coursing through her as oni hailed electric boulders in the direction of the succubus. Instead of deflecting the large rocks though she moved toward the flickering energy of Himiko, Isshu spotted Numa near her now and a bunch of oni closing in on them. They were of the ice variety, viscous grins forming on their faces as they were closing in on the two in an attempt to ice them over. As the ground beneath them chilled, the ground sizzled black with quick every step Isshu took.

Upon approaching the ice oni, and the young human and kappa, Isshu stopped aburptly and brought two fingers from her staff pulled the electricity within her, through her stomach and out through the movement of her fingers as she stretched toward her target. Silver and black glowing lightening then shot from the elder woman's fingers striking down one of the ice demons then drawing energy once more she zapped another as two turned to snarl at her. Isshu surprisingly snarled back and motioned her fingers to bring it on. If it would give Himiko the moments she needed to gather herself, Isshu wanted these oni dealt with before she tried to sate the beast that awakened in the succubus.
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xxxxxŦαkαħαşħ𝔦 Ħ𝔦𝖒𝔦kσxxxxx

User Image£σcαʈ𝔦σŋ: Outside
Åcʈ𝔦σŋ: Attempting to survive
Yʊkαʈα Ċσ𝔩σѓ: See picture
❀ ✿ ❀ ✿ ❀ ✿ ❀ ✿ ❀ ✿ ❀ ✿ ❀ ✿ ❀ ✿ ❀ ✿ ❀ ✿❀ ✿ ❀ ✿ ❀ ✿ ❀ ✿ ❀ ✿ ❀ ✿

As the pain dulled, Himiko shuddered, then raised her head. Above her was one of those bizarre kappa, applying some herbal remedy to her back. The temperature drop upon the arrival of the ice oni send a cool breeze across her back, which numbed the previous pain with a refreshing icy fire. She gasped and dug her blade into the mud in an attempt to struggle to her knees. All around her there were bright flashes of light as the old woman from earlier began firing lightning bolts at the surrounding oni.

Mud had caked into the scrape across her chest but the young woman paid it no attention as she finally got her feet under her. Without the pain to distract her though, all she could feel was a crushing sense of despair. There were far too many of the terrifying oni, and so few of them to protect the inn and the Mistress; they would probably be overwhelmed before too long. She barely registered the fact that there were people she'd never seen before surrounding Spike. Instead, her attention was solely on Hanyo.

Beautiful Hanyo, enraged, laughing, manic, bloodthirsty Hanyo. The number of dead oni around the succubus was astounding, and Himiko knew some sort of feeding frenzy had overcome her lover. Himiko's breath caught, afraid again. What if she died? Her injuries were terrible, but barely hampered her. She took a step forward, and found her way blocked by an ice oni, its hulking form taunting her as it raised glistening fists above its head. It felt like the end.

As the oni's fists came crashing down, Himiko's sword-arm blurred into motion, fueled by pure reaction. Both fists sailed overhead as the young woman sliced upwards, then turned the blade's momentum into a stop-thrust, piercing the demon's throat. It fell, and Himiko grit her teeth. "I wanted to protect," she told herself aloud. "And that's what I'm going to do." Her left hand came up and she dragged her nails into her right bicep, carving the kanji for protect into it. She shed one tear, but the pain helped sharpen her focus. As she passed the kappa, she reached out a hand and pat his beak.

Now that she had found her second wind, Takahashi Himiko stepped up next to Isshu, looking nothing like the small, terrified young woman that had arrived at the Blooming Lotus Inn only a few days prior. Now she looked like a battered warrior ready for her next fight. The time for tears was at an end; the time for protecting what and whom she loved was now.

[duh duh duuuuuhh! Guess I couldn't keep Himiko from being badass. sweatdrop Hope y'all like!]
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Mårʈin, ʈhe Wizårɗ
User Image

"Odd, I was about to make the same assessment myself," Martin muttered, taking another moment to assess the situation. One huge paw rubbed his chin as he considered his options. If the demons fed on destruction, then the majority of his knowledge of magic was consequently useless. He supposed he could attempt to dump them into a void somewhere, but the spell was long and required materials that he didn't have access to. Likewise, other, higher, magics he knew were made to kill in various ways. He couldn't help it, though. It was the natural, predatory nature of a cat to learn ways to kill prey, and the more the better.

However, he did know a small variety of natural healing magics, and chose to test his theory on the demonic feline that Ryuu had pinned; the one the nekojin had bound was currently not something he wanted to touch.

Extending a paw to touch the oni while it was busy laughing at Ryuu, Martin forced a pulse of healing magic into it, hoping his theory was correct. If not, the larger feline might just turn around to bite him. On the upside, however, since Ryuu was in contact with the demon there was a high chance of the magic extending to her and healing the nasty burns on her legs.

In the very back of his awareness, the black cat could sense the overwhelming force of Scratch's approach. It felt like the demon was all around them, closing in, pushing on them, and slowly choking their life out. If worst came to worst, he supposed he could pop his in-case-of-emergency dimensional rift spell to hop out of the Inn's dimension and into another reality, but he really, really, really did not want to do that. He cared for the Mistress too much.
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User Image

User Image

Listening to:

xxxx☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠

                                            Now I lay you down to sleep. For your soul is mine to keep...

                                            ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇

                                            Nolan had sat down as the little kappa had come up to him, helping him pull out more glass shards and applying some sort of herbs over his body. The necromancer was as silent as he was grateful. Even when Numa was handling the torn up pieces of his body he didn't flinch. Nolan felt the pain alright but the pain kept him sane. " Thank you" was all he said before the kappa leaped off. What a helpful creature and so full of kindness. It was a shame he couldn't fix the internal injuries he had sustained. Still that was the least of his matters. The blood battery was a magic that was fueled by his own blood and left running long enough could kill him.
                                            The poor guy really wasn't doing so hot but he had to continue. He didnt know why he was playing around...he should be controlling hundreds of minions by now.

                                            His thoughts were interupted by another bloody coughing fit which caused him to put his hands on his sides, broken potruding rib included which hurt that much more.
                                            " ah ******** kill....some people....." he gasped and took a minute to rest up before lighting a much needed cigarette. He took a long draw and shut his eyes slowly. He had the rare image in his mind. That of a skull.Deaths door was never a happy sight to see.

                                            " What brings you back to my doorstep child." it was an eerie voice that made no sound yet heard more clearly than anything else It was all he could hear now. The voice was whispery and echoed with several other voice tones.
                                            " So eager to come to my embrace? Yes you fought hard against me last time. What changed your mind? Have you become blind to what I have made you?"
                                            From the darkness two skeletal hands was all he could see as the robes blended in. Its joints cracked and popped and deaths fingers spread, claws springing out from the tips. " Fine...come embrace me child...."

                                            Nolan walked forth, shutting his eyes as he walked into the skeletal arms and felt the sharp sting of claws into his very soul.

                                            The necromancers eyes popped open. The pupils changed to thin slits as a ghostly aura began to mix with the red one. Blood red and black sparks cackled around his body sending out a chilling presence Now he was giving the blood magic more of his life without the fear of the death it could bring. No...it wasn't his life he was worrying about anymore.
                                            Possessed green eyes looked up at the broken window and then to the blood trail that led to his blood soaked and burned body. His pants were about the only piece of clothing left on him and even those were bloody and torn.
                                            "hmph" Nolan walked through the door, leaving icy footprints in his wake and stepped through it. He seemed to see past Himiko and Isshu and through the monsterous oni and other elemental beings. He gave them the a Look that dared them to come at him.

                                            Amano stood up and jumped to one flaming branch to another as the branch he was currently sitting on, burnt off. The feline took another drag of his cigarette and threw it to the side. He could sense scratch but still no clue where he was.
                                            The cat gave a curious look the mech that passed by him and then looked down as it seen a ship land and what appeared to be some big bearded bald guy and a hot lookin' chickie stepped out to greet the bounty hunter. " Talk about your friends in high places" he smirked and looked down to see several flame lurkers surrounding his tree. The cat cocked his head sideways wondering what the hell these little bastards were up too.
                                            An intense fireball covered his tree. quickly turning the outer branches to ash and taking all Amano's skin as well. Beyond that it seemed the fire didn't really bother him too much. He jumped to the ground behind them, the end of his tail on fire, his skin and black fur already starting to come back. " That was hot...but now its my turn...." His yellow eyes narrowed. He was an ancient cat from Hell. or what was now known in the underworld as the forbidden district. His fur spiked up and the ectoplasmic energy around him got so hot that it was turned molten. Etheral plasma. the hottest thing he knew and could control. He opened his mouth with a hiss and it exploded around him, sending out lance like pieces of the liquid at the Flamelurkers.

                                            ( don't mean to godmode with Amano. Its just that fire doesn't bother him much.
                                            and I everyone is opening up a can of badassery right now lol )

                                            ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇

                                            When you die, you will wake. Now your bidding is mine to make...
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User Image ☰ ☱ ☲ ☳ ☴ ☵ ☶ ☷☰ ☱ ☲ ☳ ☴ ☵ ☶ ☷☰ ☱ ☲Name: ???
☱ ☲ ☳ ☴ ☵ ☶ ☷☰ ☱ ☲ ☳ ☴ ☵ ☶ ☷☰ ☱ ☲ ☳ ☴ ☵ ☶ ☷☰ ☱☱ ☲ ☳ ☴ ☵ ☶ ☷☰ ☱

“Damn disturbances…” echoed from the stranger’s lips, it would appear the blunt trauma to the cockpit’s sight point had taken a large split throughout its main core, causing quite a disadvantage when it came to sight outside the large mobile mech.

“Something more sinister is on the rise…I can feel it,” he spoke quietly to himself, feeling a storm was rolling that caused greater distress than the scene unfolding before him now.

More problems seemed to come barricading toward his door, as the flamelurkers had set their sights on his now present state, and with the horrible vision the crack produced, he already had some odds against him, not that the male was perturbed, there had been worst of times.

The mech’s legs were briefly immobilized as the red light gleamed off and on as another warning arose. It had to do with the energy shield that was losing its charge, the red glint behind his eye that kept the machine’s vitality at its highest was weakening as well.

The sweat poured over his body, as the ill effects was a price to pay while being soul bound to the Zeros. An echo of thuds indicated the stones from the earth oni found its target giving the Zeros another brief beat while denting in some of the metal from the oni’s stones.

A surge of will seemed to course through the man’s eyes engulfing them in red he’d need to get out of this pickle the flamelurkers seemed to devise of their own volition. So they could plan after all…

Needing to step up his game the blue energy ball formed in his left hand, while majestically side swiping his metal sword at an exposed tendon of one of the flamelurkers arm, severing it from the demons body watching it flail backward with imperfect balance crashing onto its side sporadically flopping on its side trying to regain some sense of self.

It was then, the other fire demon attached to his other leg was managing a sharpened dent revealing where its fangs have discarded some of the metal, but would soon be incinerated after the blue beam from the mech’s hand exterminated the beast into nothingness.

The scolding heat of the lava had damaged the bottom footing of the mech,showcasing large bumpy boils that malformed the mech’s feet, but at least it was still standing.

“Don’t know how much you can withstand until you go all out, huh?” the man seemed to tap on the dash in high hopes, he couldn’t focus on the a** beating he just got handed to him that round.

“No more piddle pissing around with you guys,” he’d feel the red scroll down his eyes again willing the machine on the mad offensive, swinging the sword like a trained gladiator at a Roman’s coliseum, dismembering a few heads of close flamelurkers,watching each body fall to its final resting place seeming to focus on this mass army that struck him as the weaker vessels.

Pulling a flap up from his left chest plate of the Zeros revealed a large energy canon glowing as it was his turn to have a large charge and give some of the Oni’s a dose of their own medicine, a line of them harboring one of each; a fire, electric, ice and earth would seem to snarl and ready on their defensive as well, only to bare up their arms and try to stifle away the immense light that permeated the area with his back toward the inhabitants of the inn not wanting to hinder their focus.

Once the canon finished its shot, all those Oni’s in that path had been no more. Falling to one knee, the Zeros metal could be heard hitting the ground, he had definitely over done it this time, a lot of strain on his body was evident, as riddles of veins were coursing up and down his neck, collarbone, arms, wrists,and on the tops of his hands.

Taking note of the situation, another electric oni seemed to fire forward the electricity that coursed through the mech Zeroes seeming to power down the machine in its entirety.

“it can’t…go on like this…” with a stride of the man’s hand the cross like seatbelt that held him in loosened and weaseled his body out, as the heel of his boot connected with the manual eject button, popping the cockpit all energy was lost with the fellow at the moment and free fell from the high mech rapidly approaching the ground with nothing in his way to break the fall.

In a last ditch effort, the man slid his thumb along the entire golden piece that invoked the same action as the beginning, a light came radiating from the sky, as the man’s heart rate elevated wondering if he had performed that in time, since a fire oni had sought out to put the Zeros in a fire grave.

Within an instance, the Zeros had been drenched in the light and seemed to vanish from clear sight as the light radiated upward and disappeared leaving no trace of the machine behind but how he’d end up remained unseen free fallin'.

☰ ☱ӍӪӪⅮ=Pissed off ☷☰ ☱ ☲ ☳ ☴ ☵ ☶ ☷☰ ☱ ☲☰ ☱ ☲

☰ ☱ ☲ ☳ ☴ ☵ ☶ ☷☰ ☱ ☲ ☳ ☴ ☱ ☲ ☳ ☴ ☵ ☶ ☷☰ ☱ ☱☰☱ ☲ ☳ ☴ ☵ ☶ ☷☰ ☱
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User Image

User Image

Autumn hadn’t enough time to wrap her mind around anything else, even with that one little teleportation stunt had only resulted in one oni’s demise and yet, there would be no let up in this situation.

Autumn’s eyebrows came together wearily as the demonic forces kept high in number, and Scratch’s relentless onslaught wasn’t indicating any signs of slowing down which would dampen the morale that was within her.

Spike had taking a beating from one of the oni’s that lingered around the gunman and she was at a standstill on what to do that could help her fellow human out at a time like this, but couldn’t seem to wallow in that long as she chanced a glance all around the battle field revealing grim odds. Himiko had sustained wounds of her own and was sought by Numa who was aiding in the girl’s healing process.

Autumn was on her toes having been flanked by a lightening oni stumbling back from the shock of being grazed before envisioning the charred grass area that was behind the large monster the cuffs glowed and would clap again avoiding the oni’s assault by reappearing behind it, which seemed to cause the Oni into another one of its tantrums seemingly growing tired of Autumn’s ability to change course and out of the way even if it wasn’t far from where the two human’s were not wanting to leave Himiko or Spike’s side.

Then a starting realization hit Autumn, having been able to keep eye on the battleground in front of her and the garden that was a distance off from the building itself had a large number of oni’s and flamelurkers honing in on that position like a pride of lions on the hunt.

A flashback of Suiteki having gone that direction hadn’t really sunk into her mind fully until now, the monsters devoured that area and seeing the tree collapse seemed to stop her in her tracks, where was the cheery kappa?

It was at this time the sound of engines seemed to catch her ears from out of nowhere and random strangers appeared on the scene and from the sounds of things had known Spike personally but she couldn’t focus on that long as the electrical oni was about to force her into the deep crevice but was spared due to Edward’s interference sparing Numa a contemplative glance as he tend to Himiko’s wounds and seemed to get back on her feet with a new formed determination behind the woman’s eye and they’d need all the extra will to fight they could get. Autumn wouldn’t comment on much since her worry was still center focused on the little kappa, Suiteki.

“Spike.” she personally addressed him, since she didn't think the strangers would know of Suiteki themselves and would only ring a bell with him and Himiko.

“Suiteki, I think she’s in trouble…” Autumn’s eyes were glued back over toward where the garden was to be, the tree no longer stood.

Autumn took note of Faye’s helping hand and gave a nod of acknowledgement for the revealing vixen that seemed rather mixed with her emotions on getting involved without a payday, hell, Autumn couldn’t blame her.

As if matters couldn’t get any worse it was at this point the mech that had been on a hell of a run had abruptly succumbed to the large masses of demons that rallied in large forces causing whoever was piloting the large machine to perform some unexplainable phenomena she couldn’t quite explain away, since a lone man fell out of the cockpit barely with it, and saw to the large machine disappearing in a light that engulfed it concealing its mystery with disappearance but the man still fell. Autumn reeled on what to do, but she didn’t have the strength to catch a man, let alone one free falling at such force, what would become of him? Things had really gone a highway to hell.

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Now while those with the bigger and smarter brains made their assessments and deductions on the foxes, Yuni wasn't doing any such thing. At least not as quickly. Her mind was still focused on the task of frying this fox up, her arm pushing a bit more. There was no screaming, no pleas for help and no struggle. Nirriti was even encouraging the pain! That's when it clicked, and the shadows in the Nekojin's labyrinth of a mind echoed with amused laughter.

A different current of electricity was coming at her while she was dispelling the oni's element through the soles of her feet. This current popped once it hit her fingers, the energy's momentum working against her in a violent manner. Her scythe flew out of her hand farther than her petite form did, her right hand sizzling and twitching. The heavier end of the weapon, the one Nirriti was tied to, sunk into the ground as the blade embedded itself in it.

Strings of curses rang out in succession, ranging in languages from English to Russian and many in between. Her ears caught the old woman's words, and Yuni yowled loudly. "Woulda been helpful five seconds ago..." Slowly, the teen staggered onto her feet and ambled her way to her beloved scythe. Nytmaer started to peek out a bit, adding its brilliantly violent violet aura to her brighter blue.

"I liked that hand you bleedin', raisin-flavored, t**t." Yuni yowled out, hoping the metal yo-yo line would hold as she gripped the staff of her scythe with her left hand and giving her weapon a tug. "Now I'm gonna 'ave to put you in time out... Under the ocean, if I can. Or maybe in my brother's void, where all the nasty things there can tear ya a new one for me... Or maybe I'll wrap ya up nice and tight for m'Okaa-san. She's got a habit for tearin' out hearts and eating them. Fox might be her favorite, actually."

Yuni realized she was rambling and tugged again at her weapon, pulling it free whether or not Nirriti freed herself from the line. Icy eyes flashed violet again, and the darker color remained this time at the edges of her irises. Looking at the fox demon with a Chesire grin splitting her face, the Nekojin's more sensible marble rolled away as Nytmaer's slowly started to take to the front of her mind. Everything else seemed to fade back and slide down on her priority list, tunnel-visioned if you will, onto the fox demon. She didn't hear the massive airship come in, or take note of Scratch's energy, or how her side of the chessboard didn't need another mad knight piece.

"Which would ya like best?"
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K A I - L Y N N ~ Y O J I

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That cat was so mad that she didn't even notice her Watcher was now on the edges of the playing field, sitting in a tree much like Amano was before the flames forced him to move. Her tree, however, was covered in frost. Bottomless sapphire eyes roamed over the chaos, pausing on the necromancer as he delved more into his magic. He invoked upon the Great Death, connection and central module of all the different deathbringers throughout the multiverse. She, among her siblings and others she knew and didn't know, passed votes and answers as he stood among their passage.

A wicked little smile spread across that alabaster face as the man walked through the ruined doorway of the Inn. He was an interesting, that necromancer. She would enjoy watching how he performed in this battle now.

Now back to her troublesome Charge...

The child was the main reason why Kai had to leave her lab, all the warning charms she had installed in that chasm brain breaking and alerting her. The trench coat wearing woman would not leave her perch, however, unless it was necessary. For now, she would watch with her chin set upon her palm. A handgun rested in her other hand, for any oni that dared to charge at her and enter her life-sucking vicinity.
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Patients 002-112: The Oracle

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Well, now the horse was on fire.

"Archduke Waffles XVII! NOOOOO!" Shouted the Oracle. The horse almost seemed to cry out in pain as it burned to the ground, but it was difficult to hear over the engines of the starship.

"You'll pay for that." whispered the Oracle in what was unmistakably pure hatred.

Edward's eyes went wide in fear."What are you planning?...No...I'm telling you right now, don't..."

This was a risky move, but The Oracle decided that this course of action was necessary. Potential for collateral damage was extremely high, but between the death of Archduke Waffles XVII, and the state of his allies, AND the aura of Scratch now detected, it was time for the big guns.

He called upon Chaos' close relative, Panic. The shackles around the Oracle's wrists shattered, and he reached into the jacket to reveal a small treasure chest, marked with a star similar to the magical tattoos on his body. As he opened the box, the star evaporated, and Panic was released. Ideally, Panic would infect the Oni in the immediate area, perhaps more. Unfortunately, there was a very good chance that he would infect all of the Oracles' allies as well. There wasn't a real way to control or predict how severe the effects would be, or how wide the range of the spell would be. This was Chaos Magic, after all.

"You fool! There's no telling what damage you've just caused us all! Panic needs to be stopped!"

"Impossible," said the Oracle, calmly. "Chaos Magic, by definition, cannot be controlled. You may try if you like, but you will fail. That is the only certainty of this whole equation. You may be granted use of this vessel if you still wish to attempt however."

"I have to. To protect Mistress."

The Oracle's eyes widened for a brief moment before calmly nodding."Then We will assist you." said the Oracle and attempted to seal the box, his physical appearance flickering between his three forms.

((Only one way to find out, Jak. Give it a lick!))

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