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[ - Introduction - ]

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Welcome to. . .
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Black Halo

~ "Where the gears turn into revitalizing this world."

Reminder: Obey Gaia's rules, the forum's rules, and my thread's rules. Have fun, be respectful, and role-play, role-play, role-play.

Note: This role-play thread is walk-in, modern time, fantasy-fiction, that is play-by-post. Review more posts on this front page for more information about posting here.

We welcome any and all into our role-playing community to be creative, respectful, and have fun. This thread is comprised of strong standing community members, and we welcome new and old faces to join our journey forward. Help us further our in-character fun with all of our creativity, giving us something to cherish and reflect upon. So let's conduct healthy role-playing and have a blast doing it. Please, keep all the drama in-character and be tasteful with it. Be mindful of the other players here, and try to pay attention to everyone posting, but we won't fault you if you can't always keep up or if they aren't involved with your movements. This is a Tavern/Inn setting, so while I don't discourage brawling and/or serious plot-development; well within reason; it may not always be welcomed.

So join in on the action, subscribe and immerse your creativity into the role-playing. If you are merely passing by then we wish you the best on your travels and hope you enjoyed your stay.

~ Shadow.
[ - Rules & Guidelines - ]

Read and obey the Rules & Guidelines of Gaia - T.o.S., the Commerce, and everything below.

(!): No trolling, cybering, spamming, etc. - refer back to the T.o.S.

(!): No stretching, widening the page(s). Don't make large quote stacks; do not exceed three stacks.

(!): Please do not repeat post an image unless you are using it for your in-character posts; post layout, description, and not breaking of the rules.

(!): No destroying or mass altercation of the establishment and/or its surrounding areas.

(!): No stat-system; percentages; dice-rolling; symbols for in-character actions. Within reason some of this can be used, but only in agreement to the involving members and myself.

(!): No god-modding.

(!): No canon role-play characters.

(!): Read over the Role-Playing Information located below for role-playing here.

(!): All out-of-character will be through markers, not to be exaggerated, such as commonly used measures: (( )), [[ ]], OOC:. Please, keep OOC to a minimum and be respectful; OOC is subject to deletion.

(!): Black Halo has an OOC thread - Click. Wish to chat and have fun, general questions about the RP, what-have-you, please take it to the OOC thread.

Furthermore: Do not misuse any information here and/or abuse others. Posts submitted here are subject to deletion, or to be reported, if they are considered to be violating of the rules and guidelines. If there is an issue resulting in the breaking of the rules and guidelines or the terms of service of the site itself, report it. For any claims that I may be able to address or questions that you may have, please message me. If you have something you'd like to comment on within the thread it will be respectful and light in discussion to help address whatever that may be. Otherwise in-depth discussion should be messaged between the users; preferred to not be posted here. This is a role-playing thread, so let's have some role-playing.

Note: Role-Playing Guidelines. This is an interactive in-character thread, while being play-by-post. The Black Halo is a Inn/Tavern.

From new players to experienced players, we accept all forms of role-playing; not to be confused with posts lacking substance and/or troll role-playing. We prefer you to at least semi-literate level, but we will try to work with you if not. While you can't destroy the layout or do mass altercation to the layout, you may still break various things and/or create plot. What I mean, for instance, is that you can smash a table, but don't be surprised if your character gets pummeled by one or more players for such violence. Though in-character drama is enjoyed, please be mindful of how far you take it and how you handle it.

For more general knowledge on how to role-play, please refer to the link.

Definitions below are through spoiler listing, and in these drop-boxes is information you should know; please review.

Definitions of Role-Playing:

This list below is definitions to general role-playing information. I did not create these terms.

Newb: Beginner; fresh at RPing.

Semi-Literate: Potential; moderate at RPing.

Literate: Excellent; great at RPing. Literate means one who can read and write.

Novelist: Proficient; high-skilled at RPing. These people create beautiful literature.

IC: In Character.

OC: Original Character.

OOC: Out of Character.

RP/RPC: Role-Play / Role-Play Character. RP is to assume the role of.

PC/NPC: Playable Character / Non-Playable Character.

Canon: RP referring to any character that is preexisting in any form of media.

DM: Dungeon-Mastering; individual(s) orchestrating and manipulating a role-playing campaign.

Paradox: Role-play that occurs at a different time and/or place.

Time-Skip: Skipping the role-play forward to current events.

Play-By-Post: Turn-based role-playing. Waiting for all parties involved to respond in an orderly fashion.

Definitions of Bad Role-Playing:

This list below is definitions to role-playing information that is frowned upon; deemed violations. Things you probably should refrain from doing with other role-players. I did not create these terms.

Auto-Hitting: Do things that they declare are impossible to be prevented or blocked, to a RPC/NPC, or declare one hit after another on a RPC/NPC.

Aim-Botters: The people who never miss a single shot no matter how difficult or how improvable it is.

Auto-Hitters: Aim-botter and Puppet Master mixed to make a person who tells you how to hit you and how his or her hit connected. This is sometimes allowed.

Baghdad Bobbits: The people who arbitrarily declare themselves the winner with instant death attacks.

Day Dreamers: The people who RP completely irrelevant things.

Gaseous Snakes: The people who've taken actions before they start RP'ing.

Ghosts: Those characters which mysteriously appear in different areas with no explanation due to poor writing.

God-Modders: Power-Play; Gods - Ominous Power Characters. Indestructible, auto-hitting, never to concede death, those that take a hit and zero damage, and have ominous power.

Hi-Jackers: They interfere with things that only another can do; manipulating the role-play.

Hives: The person with too many NPCs.

IDKFA-ers: Are basically RPCs with totally unrealistic and irrelevant items and/or abilities.

McFlys: The people who do things in hindsight.

Min-Maxers: The people who balance their characters by having massive powers and irrelevant weaknesses.

Miss Cleos/Medagamers: The people who use outside information to get an edge. Obtaining information from outside of the role-play and applying it in-character.

Modding: The people who alter in-character information.

Oxymorons: The people who play as characters that are completely impossible.

Nimby: The people who quite readily attack characters, but then stop all attacks on their own.

Prosecutors: The people who accuse others of breaking the rules and guidelines in half when they may not of, when typically guilty of doing so themselves.

Puppet-Masters: The people who RP other player's characters for them.

Quakers: The people who pick up things that spawn from seemingly nowhere.

Shoe Elves: The people who RP actions and time against others while the others aren't present.

Revisionists: The people who ignore and/or alter RPs that they don't like.

Speed Hackers: The people who RP an absurdly time consuming sequence occurring between other player's actions.

Trinities: The people who gain abilities as they need them with no prior exposure.

Twinks: The people who have absurdly strong powers with no definition.

Zoicite: The people who alter their character as needed for the situation.
[ - Role-Playing Information - ]

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Note: This section is the in-character layout information; please review.

Location: Black Halo is positioned upon the ambiguous north-western hemisphere of Gaia - Earth. The establishment is located within a wooded, near-mountainous terrain, and of decent ways from civilization. There is a blacktop road that leads to its structure.

Nearby City: A small population city of roughly nine-thousand people thirty-five miles south of the establishment.

Nearby Lake: Four miles north-west of the Black Halo is a small lake with a clearing to one side while the forest surrounds the rest of it. It has pristine freshwater with a healthy and plentiful amount of fish.

Time: Eastern Pacific Time Zone.

Weather: Spring.

Black Halo Outside:

-Description: Dark-gray paint elegantly licks this concrete modernized building, a symmetrical five-story structure. Large dark-grey tinted, reflective, windows upon the third and fourth stories of the building; sixteen surrounding the building of these two stories. The building has no sign greeting, no lights emitting, and not sound coming from it; its noises are contained through the walls. A quarter-mile radius from the Tavern is the forest treeline, between these points is short cut grass in an open field. A blacktop road leads from the Black Halo's large, flat, concrete parking lot to the south where a small city lays thirty miles away. The surrounding region is a vast wilderness, with a mountainous terrain roughly twenty-five miles up north behind the establishment. Woodland covers miles and miles in each direction from the Halo, seemingly taking you through heavy foliage.

-Front Entrance: Front entrance to the establishment is by push-open double-doors that are painted black. Weather-resistant and seemingly new, large dark-wooden porch to the front of the establishment. Laying about this porch, under its sturdy ceiling, was various couches for the use of patrons to relax and enjoy the outside if they choose.

-Halo: This Halo's signature is not necessarily an evil or good aura, but of an ominous dark power with similarities to both. Its power source is unknown to others. This large mist-like, black halo, swirls in a slow moving pace above and clockwise around the establishment. A few feet out and above the roof, this large black halo covers the entire building's outreach. It is not a solid material, appearing to be a black gas formation shifting about and retaining formation above the structure.

-Roof: Flat roof. Though the roof is light weight it is still structurally sound. Stair case leads to the roof with a door requiring a tavern key-card. The room key-cards can access this door.

-Windows: Reflective on the outside, blue-grey tint, glass-clad polycarbonate; three inches in thickness, capable of withstanding upwards to a 7.62 mm round and tremendous winds. These windows are on the third, fourth, and fifth stories of the Tavern which evenly stand from the floor to the ceiling of each bedroom. Windows are 4 ft in width and 9 ft in height for a revealing view of the outside. These windows are securely positioned and cannot be opened.

Black Halo Inside:

-Entering - Demonic Signatures: Upon entering the establishment for the first time in twenty-four hours a individual is met with multiple demonic signatures produced by several demons not of the patrons. These auras produced by the demons pulsates at first with a mild notion, but quickly vanishes afterwards. The exact location of such is obscured, but somewhere beneath the Tavern. The only way about knowing and/or feeling their presence is during this time. A inter-dimensional conduit carries powers from these demons to assisting with the manifestation and upkeep of the outside constructed Halo around the tavern; but the linkage between the two is not readable and hidden away.

- Your character doesn't have to acknowledge these auras every time your character enters, given if they're capable of detecting such.

-Floors 1 & 2:
Image below for layout of the first floor; the bar floor.

User Image
- Image brought to us by Arretsu.

--Description: The first two floors is comprised of the main bar floor of the tavern, with the second floor as the open rafters above the first. The rafters are only over the open section of this main floor; meaning that the rafters to the other rooms are sealed off behind the walls. Bar counter, which has stools in front of it; kitchen behind the counter through doors; chairs at the tables; booths along the front wall and other various seating; seating in the hookah room which remains unlocked for patrons, with hookahs there; dart board; piano; ping-pong table; pool table; male and female bathrooms; Shadow's office, which remains locked; supply room locked.

Soft, indirect, florescent lighting on the inside.

-Floors 3, 4, & 5:

--Description: The top three floors are rooms for those staying at the establishment. The bedroom count is 16; 8 rooms on floor 3, 8 rooms on floor 4, and 8 rooms on floor 5. The stairs on the first floor lead up to these upper floors, stopping to a hallway along the middle of each floor; four bedrooms on the left and four on the right. Layout to these rooms has a large window, a small closet, an average sized bathroom and shower. Each bedroom is decent sized and containing a dresser, king-sized bed, 35-inch flat screen television, mini-fridge, room-thermostat, drapes for the window, and a bolt-lock and keycard requiring door. The rooms are subject to player customization. Key-card access required for rooms.

--Rooms: Character and username will be placed on this list below for renting of rooms. Please notify me if your name is not listed.

---Floor 3:

Room 1: Corbin; Customer. ( Corbin DeSeer )
Room 2: Fenra; Customer. ( Fenra Vane )
Room 3:
Room 4:
Room 5: Auriielle; Customer. ( Auriielle )
Room 6: Thurgood & Aveline; Customers. ( notmuch_23 )
Room 7:
Room 8: Jascen & Silvermoon; Customers. ( Flightless Butterfly & Vox_Draconis )

---Floor 4:

Room 9: Lily; Employee. ( P U L S E Nine )
Room 10:
Room 11: Zoll; Customer. ( Vintrict )
Room 12: Zoll; -Rented Two Rooms. ( Vintrict )
Room 13: Claire; Customer. ( Yukie Drop )
Room 14: Flutter; Customer. ( Flightless Butterfly )
Room 15: Luci; Employee. ( Anarchy Alice )
Room 16: Zantara; Employee. ( count_zantara )

---Floor 5:

Room 17: Deckard; Employee. ( XxReaper WolfxX )
Room 18: Yurei; Customer. ( PrinceYureiTheBladeJester )
Room 19: Shadow; Owner. ( Lord Arrion )
Room 20: Dreamer; Employee. ( shadow_dreamer )
Room 21: Saji; Employee. ( EmpressSajiTheBladeDancer )
Room 22: Lucien; Employee. ( Heavens Darkest Angel )
Room 23: Chaos; Employee. ( ChaosQueen )
Room 24: Rune; Employee. ( Arretsu )

-Infrastructure: Reinforced concrete walls that are four feet of stainless steel rebar. The foundation also has steal beams planted to hold the frame together. Special moment resisting frames to prevent earthquake damage, with a light roof, light walls and partitions, the connections and columns are stronger than the beams. No reliance on shear walls, with large deflections that are possible without loss of strength apart of its infrastructure. Thin concrete floor on decking; the decking is fixed with light gauge steel zeds; the joists are fixed, and into the main beams, and the main beams into the columns with concrete poured all around these columns. The soil is of a thick and enriched bedding, capable of sustaining heavy damage inflicted upon it, retaining its tough structure and proving to be resilient against attacks.
[ - Staff - ]

User Image

Users listed below have position IC and/or OOC, which may dictate authority here and in the OOC thread. If you wish to have a position for this thread then you may submit a message to me with your request and reasoning as to why. I will take any request into consideration, but please be understanding upon my selection process as theses listings aren't just handed out.

God of Black Halo: Owner
Title says it all.
Lord Arrion

Manager(s): IC/OOC Lead
Manages the establishment.

Bouncer(s): IC
Protects the establishment and/or characters.
Heavens Darkest Angel

Bartender(s): IC
Serves characters at the establishment.

Chef(s): IC
Cooks food at the establishment.

Event Personnel: IC
( No one at this time. )

[ - Users - ]

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Memorable Users:

This list is comprised of users that have frequently visited this thread or that still do. No particular order here and it is continuously updating. If I forget to add you due to regularity posting here, do not be afraid to shout out. While these regular posters are enjoyed, valuable players to our community, they are not of authority means to this thread unless listed as my staff above.

Jackson Hale
Leonardo S. Tensatsu
Ristar Black
Saryu Darek
Major Ivan
Artificially Natural
Faux Virtue
Seymore Redrum
Nilion Unlustig
Captain C-Chan
Jin Shirosin
The Enchanting Troll
Leaden Disintegration
Kaji Matsuda
Techpriest Enginseer
The Egotist
Ppohsib Tamura
Melech Dawntreader
P U L S E Nine
The Gypsy Dragon
Eros Affinity
Heavens Darkest Angel
Sensual Soap Bubbles
Sexual Soap Bubbles
Sullen Siward
Alexandra Tepes
The Dashing Gentleman
Ashen Frost
Seta Frost
Soddus Forsworn
Riniles Todd
Flightless Butterfly
Ikazuchi Hebi
Evil Omens
Dianda Panda
Lady Gilaen
Shiela Cactus
_xX Faceless Enemy Xx_
Ten Tails
Savoki Sanoci
Magik Mason
Exp. 99
Roan DeSeer
Corbin DeSeer
Maneth Turlik
Leo Atsuma
Kai tzu jin
Liberal Logick
XxReaper WolfxX
Anarchy Alice
Grunge Tattoos
Imriel Disgaea

[ - Announcements - ]

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This section is for documentation of announcements. Announcements or changes to the thread may be shown through a 'sticky' note at the front page's first post, possibly other posts as well. All announcements may not be included here, as they may be minor. A out-of-character statement may be given that summarizes the news, and that summary may be listed here for some allotted time.

Announcement: Opening. - 19 / Mar / 2008

Announcement: Thread Moved to Commerce. - 13 / May / 2008

Announcement: Reboot. - 4 / Nov / 2012

Announcement: Front Page Editing. - 2 / Jan / 2013

Announcement: Front Page Reconstruction. - 10 / May / 2013

Announcement: Locked - 4 / Sep / 2014

Announcement: Unlocked - 28 / Oct / 2014
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