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What did you find boring about it?

(While I'm sure you aren't the only one, I never found 4 to be boring.)
Boring isn't the word I'd use, but I've always found it to be mediocre.
I always loved final fantasy so Cant tell you that much
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Personally, it was my least favorite. It was the first game that they used the ATB system in (I believe), and so I guess they didn't really feel the need to include much in that game besides ATB (which most later entries had, too) and the storyline. I thought it was a fine bare-bones RPG with reasonably memorable characters, but not much else. sweatdrop
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every one of them is better than XII -_-
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You called it boring ?!
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The game doesn't have the graphics like many titles do now. However, you should at least see how the Final Fantasy series evolved over the years.
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cat_scream HELL NO.

Your experiencing how Final Fantasy games have started and evolve, YOU WOMAN. emotion_omnomnom
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I never thought it boring, the story had a solid premise, the characters were decently written, and given the age of the game itself, there was not a lot they could do about visual styling or anything like that. So many gamers today get so visually spoiled that they can't recognise a decent story anymore (Not implicating you, just making a general observation), and RPG's are solidly considered nerd territory because they are slower to get off the mark and don't have a lot of action for the most part.
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every one of them is better than XII -_-

-_- No.
XII is #1 for me.
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I met a person who bagged on FF4, because he said he hated to level up and the main character wasn't like Squall.
It was kind of bland and boring, but if you compare it to other RPG's at the time, it was kind of ground breaking, doesn't mean I have to like it though
As a fellow gamer whom has like many played Final Fantasy IV I won't be the first to admit that I did find the game to be somewhat boring and mediocre, however I will have to admit that Final Fantasy IV isn't nearly as boring as Final Fantasy VIII in my own humble opinion.
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Now everyone, we all know that we do have our times when we don't like a game or two in the series (You all have that and I know it!).

My question to the original post is, what did you find boring about the game? What would you prefer to see in it? And also, what console did you play it on?
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FFIV isn't that exciting, really. But I've played that game to death.

When I first got it for my PS, in the Final Fantasy Chronicles bundle, I hated it. I couldn;t even get passed the opening sequence. But once I gave it a try? I actually really liked how old school it was. I like that the characters had set classes and the game was actually hard. I've had the gaem for years, have leveled my character like crazy, and have even done a Rosa & Rydia only game, but I have yet to beat it. I'm bad for that.

...and ever."
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