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FF VII- Adventure, easy to understand magic system, average characters, aged music and graphics, good villain and hero. Heaps of things to do like Chocobo breeding and racing. I only liked Cloud and Vincent, the rest felt either average or just bleh. stare

FF VIII- Realistic graphics, romance, good funny and sad moments, nice soundtrack, complexed magic and leveling system, story sometimes seemed rushed and confusing. Unlike FF VII I ended up loving alot of the characters. Squall, Zell, Irvine, Rinoa, Selphie, Edea, Laguna, Ellone.

FF IX- Strange characters that can take a while to get used to. Brilliant music and story, easy yet works really well magic and leveling system, nice villain and hero, emotional and heartbreaking plot. Adventure and romance. (My personal favorite in the series heart ) I adore Zidane, Kuja, Garnet, Vivi, Freya, Eiko and Beatrix so very much. heart

I recommend FF IX just personally, though if FF VII and FF VIII are good games too. Though compared to FF IX they are just average in comparison.
My advice to you would be give all 3 a chance, also play VI if you have the opportunity because that game is equally as awesome as the ones listed here.

Also remember people play and are drawn to games for all sorts of reasons, and not everyone's going to like the same thing. FFVIII has it's many fans too just like the others do. Is it on a grand scale as popular no, but is it bad or terrible? I for one think FFVIII is better than IX (which I don't really like) and VII (which I do like) well obviously the people on this page will disagree with me on that. But that's just how I feel from having played them all. FFX and FFVIII are the best in my opinion then it would FFVI and FFVII tied in third because they are both ground breaking games in the series for different reasons. Then would be IX but again this is based on my ranking and what I form attachments with in games.

You may be entirely differently again so don't just take other people's opinion's on what is good or bad, look into all of them and see which one appeals to you the most story-wise and then play that one.

All of this. None of the games are connected, so just do all three. I can't say much for IX, but I know my best friend loves it, but not as much as we love VIII. And VII was my first, so Cloud always holds a special place in my heart.

Honestly, I can't choose. D:
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9 will make your heart pound. It's my favourite. I play it every month...unrelated to periods.

I too loved 9. It had a wonderful story and amazing graphics for it's time. This will always be my favorite.
i dont care what any one says 7 was and will always be the best ya so there wasnt that much romance in it big deal it was still awesome with alot of funny parts and in my opinion if 7 didnt happen we wouldnt have all these other crap games that people like so much so play that first definately!! 3nodding
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^ Other crap games? Way to be rude with your opinion. >:L
In all honesty, it's unfair to say one Final Fantasy is better than the other. Each game is different with a different way to tackle and defeat the enemy, which is why I love the Final Fantasy series to begin with. Each one of the games was amazing in my eyes.

VII - This was my first. And of course, will always hold a special place for me as a fantasy lover. So many things to do and collect if you take the game slow and not rush it. The Materia system is easy to use and once you fully understand it, you can beat the game with no problem. The characters in my opinion were awesome. But this too is because I took the time and played all the spin offs and all the stories. Playing it again when I got older enabled me to really understand the plot and the antagonist better.

VIII - I was a bit younger when I played this. I have to admit, it took me a while to play because the Junction/Draw system was something really different. I think because of that I stopped playing for a while. But once I played it again and got the hang of it, it was really easy to use and very very helpful. But like I said, it takes time to figure out. The strong romance in this game is what made it stand out from the others in my opinion. I really liked it.

IX - I loved the story in this one. And I REALLY loved the mystery at the end. If you know that game, you know what I'm talking about. Like others said before me, the story, characters and game play were really awesome. I enjoyed the feature in which you learn new abilities from different items you equip onto them, which enables you to customize your characters whichever way you see fit.

Conclusion, I think all of them are worth at least a try. Play the others as well!
i'd say choose FF8, reasons being:

1. Eyes on me: not sure of other's opinions, but i thought it was a great song.
2. Maybe i'm a lion: seriously an epic piece, it's unfortunate you only hear like about 3-5 mins. tops due to the boss only lives that long.
3. Only a plank between one and perdition: i thought this was a pretty intense piece and it fit well when it played.
4. Laguna!
5. Omega Weapon: one of the toughest optional bosses in the PS1 trilogy, though i admit Ozma in FF9 gives me more trouble....i swear it takes luck to win that fight but i pull it off.
6. Junction system: most say it's complicated, though it's not really. if you know what your doing you can give Squall 255 strength, luck, and a fairly high critical hit%. doing this with the lionheart equipped can effectively destroy most anything without the need to use a GF ever. no need for doomtrain if you use meltdown and with holy wars you can renzokuken without fear of being hit by a cheap death attack from the optional bosses/final boss. again, not that hard to get holy wars if you know how. you can manipulate the enemy levels to get the items you need and mug and devour can be your best friends if you know the game.
7. Encounter none! i swear this should of been in FF9, i think it was in 7 though as a materia.

anyways those are my two cents, my humble opinion on the matter. everyone is entitled to theirs, so i respect any of the other posters's choice because you really can't go wrong with any of the three PS1 FF games.
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Which one should I play and why? 7, 8 or 9 are the choices.

7 > 8 > 9

because you will enjoy FF9 more if you really understand final fantasy
TACTICS, play friggin tactics!

Ok, now that I got that fanboyism out of the way. Just depends, personally I like 9 more than 7 and I'm really not that big of a fan of 8 at all. Actually, not really that big of a fan of 7 either.
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Since I have played all of them choosing from them I would suggest playing 9. I really enjoyed that one. And I don't think that you'll have need to play a whole bunch of Final Fantasy to play and enjoy it. I had only played IV and DoC by time I played 9 and I really liked it.

All of the games had elements that I liked but I really loved 9 story and world. I also liked most of the main characters which normally I have a few in my party that I favor over others.

Though if you are more of a fan of more futuristic places in stories then 7 or 8. If you are also looking for a romantic storyline+more futuristic then 8 (it isn't the only point of the storyline but it is a major factor in it). If you dislike romance 7 is the best option. It still happens but it is mild. All the games see character development of all the main characters but 7 and 8 are the biggest. 9 is more mild.

Err, I'm not sure if this helping at all. I'm not sure what you like/what you are looking for so I'm just taking guesses.

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