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She took the crisping sleeve out of the trash and put it on your Hotpocket?

Do your normally not use the crisping sleeve?

My kitchen trash is all paper towels and paper plates so I prob would have ate it. If I actually throw out food I put it in a grocery bag first and knot it so my trash is never gross. It's pretty much just paper towels I dried my hands with.

If it was in a typical trash can I wouldn't have ate it.

When I lived with my fam the women would do s**t like that too. I hate it when I would be cooking something and they would come along and stop what ever I was making and make something else for themselves and just leave mine half cooked on the counter.

Pizza Lunchables are the s**t for sure bro.

Yes, she actually did that.

I have never used the sleeve before. I did burn myself twice like 3 yrs ago b/c I didn't use them, but yea, that was 3 yrs ago. I know how to eat it now without being burnt but she still insists I'll burn myself. Um, if I haven't burnt myself while eating them in the past 3 yrs, I think I'm ok <_<

Our garbage can is rather.....rancid. You wouldn't want to put your hand in there.

Oh god, that would drive me crazy, Don't even get me started!

I don't eat in the sleeve but it helps it cook when you use it.
I shake mine out of sleeve and try to evenly squish the filling around then I cut it in half and let it air out until its an edible temp.

What type of Hotpocket was it?
Did you see they have pretzel and quesadilla ones now?

I hear it does, but meh. I have this weird thought that it'll melt onto the food. I know it won't, but it still bothers me.
I just push it to the edge of the plate and put the plate up to my face and bite into it that way. Don't even have to grab it with my hands then.

It was a meatball and cheese one I believe.
A pretzel one? What ********]
They don't melt or burn. You know how sometimes the bread can get kinda hard? I think it helps with that.

I do that with slices of pizza. The other day I bunt my mouth doing this. I got to learn if its too hot to hold, it's too hot to eat. I was eating Digorno Garlic Bread pizza. I've never been a big Digiorno fan, but it was so ******** good. I actually think it's better than most restaurants around me.

They have been coming out with all sorts of ones.
I had a Limited Edition Four Cheese Garlic Pasta Bake HotPocket and it was surprisingly good. I wish I could find them again.

I had a Whole Grain Turkey, Broccoli & Cheese Lean Pocket as a midnight snack last night/this morning.

Ok LD, potentially disgusting topic incoming. Also, massive rage topic incoming.

Please keep in mind I am raging at 120% power right now. I likely will go off on tangents b/c I always do when I get pissed off. Good thing I don't get pissed off like this much. Oh look, a tangent.

So, I was going downstairs to get myself a Lunchable (Lunchables are the s**t, nothing can top them) to see that the delectable pepperoni pizza one I had left for myself was gone. My sister ******** ate it. She knows they're my fav and that the supermarket scarcely carries them but ate it anyway. Thanks a bunch!

After being mad for a few seconds about it, I decided I was going to eat a Hot Pocket instead. My mom comes in to see me making one. Whatever. I take them out and throw out the little box thing that you're supposed to put on them in the plastic the hot pockets were in, threw that in the box, and threw it in the garbage. I set the microwave for 3:15 and walk away.

30 seconds later, I hear the microwave being opened. I'm like "The ********? I know it's not done yet," so I head downstairs to see something I literally could not ******** believe. My mom stopped the microwave as the food was cooking, TOOK THE ******** LITTLE BOX THINGS OUT OF THE ******** FULL GARBAGE CAN, AND PUT IT ON MY HOT POCKETS. I can't. I'm ******** shivering from the horrific thought right now. Absolutely disgusted I yell "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!? THOSE WERE IN THE ******** GARBAGE! WHY ARE YOU PUTTING THAT ON MY FOOD???? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?" From there, a screaming match occurs for about 15 seconds to which I say "I'm not eating it now. I refuse."

She ignores me, and starts the microwave again. It finishes and the microwave chirps and chirps and chirps and she gets mad at me for not coming down to get it. I tell her, again, "I'm not eating something that has something from the disgusting a** garbage can wrapped around it." And she says "it was in the plastic in the box in the garbage."

...................Ok, maybe I'm ******** insane LD ******** EW. EW EW EW EW EW EW. ******** GROSS AS ********. NO. I DON'T GIVE A ********. IT WAS IN THE GARBAGE AND IT WAS ******** FULL OF s**t.

Another screaming match occurs for about 30 seconds and at that point, I go downstairs and take the food out (with intention of leaving it out for some other dumb ******** to eat). I burn my hand taking it out of the microwave neutral At that point, I threw it on the counter and walked away.

So, LD, would you have eaten it? I think I'm pretty ******** sane for not eating it and that my reaction was justified.
1) Why are you touching my food? I am making it, not you.
2) Why my mom has to feel like she is right all the time.
3) Still ******** twitching from being disgusted.
4) Still hungry. Don't care. Going to bed hungry I guess.
5) 1st world problems.

Why do I have a feeling that your anger has less to do with what your mother did and more to do with something else. Did something bad happen to you today or something?

Also why did your mom even do that? I mean what was the point..........I don't even understand what would make her do that, it just seemed completely random.
Make a sandwich.
s**t happens. Get over it and eat some bagel bites.

Believe it or not, I had those for lunch. I realize the pepperoni ones are ******** godly compared to the cheese ones.

******** pork.
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You spoiled, ungrateful little..........

Hoo, deep breaths.

Something tells me that there are definitely pots and pans and seasoning and recipe books sitting around in your mother's house.

Why don't you go COOK something? emotion_donotwant
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This is all I could think of when reading this:
Wow...unsanitary...forgive me, but your mom is gross neutral There's so much bacteria in the garbage, regardless. They say that if you put a piece of buttered toast on the floor buttered side down, that the toast will get all of the bacteria it will ever get on it in 5 seconds. Same for that Hot Pockets packaging in the trash xp

I would have eaten it if I had no food at all. Heck, I've eaten stuff out of the garbage because I had no other food. But goddamn gross.

It sounds like your mom was trying to help you out, because you're supposed to cook Hot Pockets with the crisping sleeve, but ew...
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Just to add my 2 cents as a germaphobe - If you put the sleeve, which was still in the hot pocket wrapper, into the hot pocket box before tossing it, it couldn't have touched anything in the garbage - although I agree that just the idea of it is gross. And I would need to know if she washed her hands in between retrieving it and putting it on the hot pocket.

Also, write your name on your lunchables.
Probably an overreaction but I can understand where you come from. Been there multiple times. -_-

My boyfriends dad is pretty bad about grabbing stuff out of the garbage. You throw away a loaf of bread that clearly has mold on it, he'll take it out and just cut off the mold.. Not only was it moldy, hard and bad, but it now had garbage touching it.. Just no.. Then he'll make some very fragrant and nasty food and put it in the refrigerator uncovered. So everything tastes and smells like his nasty concoctions. Want tea? Now it tastes like garlic tuna tea. No bueno. He'll also leave stuff that needs refrigerated out on the counter over night, then put it in the fridge and then later offer it as food to people.

As for the food disappearing, I fully understand that one, since we had an encounter with that a few weeks ago. My boyfriends uncle (what's wrong with his family? Lol) came into town. We had bought 6 bananas because they make a good breakfast/snack and we're trying to eat healthier. Mind you these were bought at 8 at night. By the next morning, all six bananas were gone. Six.. ********.. Bananas.. How can someone eat six ******** bananas in less that 12 hours? You kidding me?
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Welp, that certainly tops my family eating my food before I can get to it. My food that they don't even like. They do it just to spite me, I swear...

I would have reacted pretty much the same way. Anything that goes into my trashcan is considered banished, never to return.
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op u cray

s**t aint gon hurt ya

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As gross as that was, you're being a little whiny
25 years old and you
1) still live with your mom
2) cannot even make real food
3) whining about something this retarded

what a catch!

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Why don't you buy and prepare some real food? Hot Pockets, Lunchables and Bagel Bites don't even count as food. They are garbage and belong in the garbage.

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