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Should we have a guild?

Yes. Suggest in replies. 0.78095238095238 78.1% [ 82 ]
No. Reason in replies. 0.21904761904762 21.9% [ 23 ]
Total Votes:[ 105 ]
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Welcome to Class of 2008's HOMEPAGE.

8-2-09. Hey everyone, our long awaited guild is up. While it's not as extravagant or nice as I tried to make it, it's a start. [Guild Home]

Here, we hope to accomplish a few main things:

+ Make new friends
+ Hangout with fellow 08ers and 08 supporters
+ Show our Gaia spirit

Those are your main priorities! Most importantly, note this:

PURPLE is the color of ROYALTY.

So as it goes, 08ers are the Kings and Queens of Gaia.

I hope you've enjoyed your welcome, so please continue to enjoy your stay :]

Important Announcement:
We need donations for PRIZES. If you are willing to donate, send a TRADE labeled "Donation". If you would like it to go to a certain contest or game, please say so in the trade. Thank you.

There's been a surprising response for the acquisition of a guild for 2008. Now that I finally see people want it: We need donations. Understand that only ONE person runs this account. She cannot always provide funds, so it's important that we get at least 30k to start. Yes, it's 20k to start a guild, but we need to get 30k to be able to create subforums and the like.

July 14.
Getting this was actually pretty easy ;D Thank you to those who donated! [Donaters WILL be posted on the new guild page.] Unfortunately, the owner isn't going to be home all day tomorrow [July 15] to be putting together the guild. So please be patient for a little longer, and we'll have it up ASAP.

July 15.
Now that we have the necessary amount of gold, I will try to get the guild up ASAP.
If you have any ideas or suggestions, please send them in a PM titled 08 Guild.
One of my ideas: no entrance fee, since we have all the gold we need ;O

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ps. If I don't reply to Trades or PMs for a while, don't worry.
The person in charge is at volunteering. [13 July 2009, 6:30 AM PST] [15 July 2009, 6:16 AM PST]
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Here are the rules for this thread.

+ Respect everyone in this thread.
+ Do not bash on 08ers, and we will not bash on you.
+ NO quoting first page "08 the Great" posts.
+ Follow Gaia ToS and ChatterBox rules.
+ If someone is being rude, do not quote them. Please. [In effect after page 105.]

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Art for Gaia Class of '08.

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Thanks, ManiaSane!

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Thanks, Neon Firefly!

User Image
Thanks, baka_black_4 ever!

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Thanks, aurylia!

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Thanks, Flourpie!

Send a PM titled "08 Art" to get your art featured here!
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Events for Gaia class of '08.

Class Color day is on July 11th.

Don't forget to wear your purple clothing to show your class spirit!

Picture Day

We will try to take pictures for every Spirit Day. A well organized event is a happy event!
As of yet, I'm not sure where we are all able to meet up. If "08 the Great" or "MsJuneBaby" aren't online to give you an answer, don't worry about it. Just meet up by yourselves and send me the pic to post here!

Goal: Form ROYAL for class color day.

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Thank you, OhEmmmGee o_O

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Contests for Gaia class of '08.

Here are some of our contests.
If you have any contests ideas, send a PM titled "08 contest".

Mascot Contest

The class of '08 needs a mascot, we all know it. You think you have the best idea for a mascot? Propose your idea, and you just might get those bragging rights. Send in a PM titled "08 mascot" to enter. [Effective as of July 11]

[color=indigo][size=18][b]Mascot[/b][/size] entry
[b]Mascot picture[/b]:
[b]Mascot name[/b]:
[b]Mascot description[/b]:
[b]Special Notes[/b]:

King & Queen

We are royalty. But can we dress like it? Your job is to create an avatar that fitfully illustrates such a meaning. You may make one King or one Queen. If you make both, it is better that they match. But then again, get creative! I prefer that you use tektek to enter the avie. Send in a PM titled "08 King & Queen" to enter. [Effective as of July 11].

[color=indigo][size=18][b]King & Queen[/b][/size] entry
[b]Special Notes[/b]:

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Games for Gaia class of '08.

If you have any suggestions or comments for games, please send a PM titled "08 Game".

Dice game

Winner is xTheRandomFairyx for rolling and submitting the highest roll.

Feeling lucky? Roll 10, 10 sided die! If you get the highest number by the end of spirit week, you will win our big prize! Send a PM titled "08 Dice" with the page URL of your high roll, to enter. You may enter more than once.

Prizes [more to be added]:
10k Mythrill coin from TwilightBee
Blue Magical Giftbox


Angel Imp Potion
Blue Magical Giftbox

Russian Roulette NOT open yet!

I will not take the time to explain Russian Roulette IRL, but this is C h e ww ii's version!
10 people will generate a random number from 1-10. If you get the "death" number, while generating a number, you are disqualified! After someone has lost, a new "death" number shall be added to the fray. This process shall continue until there is one left standing. Prize to be announced.

Yes, this is a pretty selective contest, but we're starting out small to keep track of everyone.
If you would like to participate, send a PM titled "08 roulette". You will be informed of your number through PM.
Warning: You need to be able to stay online and active during this game. Be committed, or risk elimination.

Gaia Trivia NOT open yet!

This will hopefully be run somehow. Basically, we will ask you some Gaia Trivia. The entrants send a PM titled "08 Trivia" with their answer. The correct entrants will literally be pulled out of a hat and announced as the winner. Prize to be announced.
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A much needed thank you from the Gaia class of '08.

First off, thanks to the Creators, Mods, and testers on Gaia. We need you to even have this wonderful site.

Second, thanks to earthpuppy1 for making the first Class of 2008 homepage. You started our home, and now we're expanding it.

Lastly, thanks to all the people who helped put this Homepage together. If you've been forgotten, don't worry, just PM MsJuneBaby. She has a horrible memory, so you'll need to remind her what you did.

OhEmmmGee o_O: Banner
KPstary: Listing Of People Helping & Banner
uknowng: Gaia Trivia
MsJuneBaby: Making the thread ;D
C h e ww ii: Russian Roulette & Banner
01setsuna: Banner
suki no Ichigo: Mule Idea ['08 The Great], Picture Taker, Twin List Keeper, username idea
SephiraOfDarkness: Mascot Contest
TwilightBee: Listing Of People Helping, King And Queen Contest, username idea
DJ Double B: Idea To Honor earthpuppy1, username idea
Quintulus: Idea For Giveaways
iSnow Kitten: username idea
hana_kimi_luv: username idea
cuotl: username idea

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User Image

Extras for Gaia class of '08.

If you have any suggestions for extras, please send a PM titled "08 Extra".

Twin Wanted Twin day is over D:

There are some people who still haven't found twins for twin day [july 9].
Here are just a few of them:

Fancy Dark Nicole
Elbereth Amandil
DJ Double D
Rose Bay4

If you'd like to get on this list, send a PM titled "08 Twin". If you have found yourself a twin and you'd like to get off the list, send the same PM.
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Links for Gaia class of '08.

Link to us!

User Image

Thanks for the banner, OhEmmmGee o_O

Old 2008 Homepage.

Spirit Week page

2003 Homebase

2005 Homebase

2006 Homebase

2007 Homebase

2009 Homebase
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Mascot Contest entries

Alicia of Darkness
User Image
Mascot name: Zakia the Dragon

Princess xxKay_
User Image
Mascot name:Barney

User Image
Mascot name: Kingu
Mascot description: A powerful, but fair ruler. Fierce but is kind, and very wise, including has many life lessons. Is skilled with many things and very smart. He enjoys the company of his fellow '08ers, and believes they are the best group of gaians!
Special Notes: Loves Gaia, and all of the years!! (But '08s the most)

Shadows Divided
User Image
Mascot name: Alaric
Mascot description: Alaric, being a lion, is one of the noblest and royal of creatures. Just because he may look a little fierce, doesn't mean he is. Infact, Alaric is only grumpy when someone eats his cookies or is rude. He holds a special place in his heart for all Gaians and the Class of 2008. As a mascot, he offers wisdom and a true Gaian spirit to represent the Class of 2008.
Special Notes: Alaric means noble!

baka_black_4 ever
User Image
Mascot name:murasaki (purple in japanese)
Mascot description:the most smooth of the animal kingdom, he is a beauty to be admired, feared, and respected
Special Notes:Chinese believe that harmony only comes with balance. Nothing is ever absolute — with good also comes evil. So, too, is the personality of the snake. snakes are thought to be wise and good-hearted, as well as helpful in times of need, and can transform into dragons and rise to the heavens. The snake is considered a wise reptile, just as a king is considered a wise human. purple is the color of strength of will and wisdom, very much like the snake. (i didn't make this up)

iSnow Kitten
User Image
Mascot name:One Eyed One Horned Fly Purple People Eater (Purple People Eater)
Mascot description: Be careful, bash on the 08ers and he might just eat you. :]

User Image
Mascot name: Gideon
Mascot description:The wise and noble mount used by the last several kings and queens of Gaia. Not only is his name beloved by all, but he has taught the noble art of etiquette and other scholarly paths to all the royal Gaian generation come to pass. His name, meaning "Great warrior" is ironic due to the fact the he is not a warrior at all. Gideon devoted his life to scholarly deeds instead.
Special Notes: Tortoises are strong and steady creatures, bound to the earth and long living. The tortoise animal totem represents determination and longevity.

User Image
Mascot name: Renae Paige Una
Mascot description: cute. royal. purple. sweet. creative. unique.
Special Notes:i tried to make everything that 08 is, into the mascot. i made the name start with "r" for "royalty." paige is the middle name and the "p" stands for "purple." the last name is Una, which means "unique."

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