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This is NOT a charity

But this IS a poll! Thanks for the gold! 0.66588194478862 66.6% [ 26871 ]
I have a charity to add. 0.057615106309164 5.8% [ 2325 ]
I'm looking for a charity. I'll click one of the links listed. 0.27650294890222 27.7% [ 11158 ]
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Owner: The Riley
URL of Charity: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7520096&highlight=
Charity Name: Pink Lace Panties Charity & Hangout
Restrictions: Quest thread over 10 pages, 5 days old. Member for over 1 month and over 1000 posts. Must have 1/3 or 33.3% of the price of your item. Stay in the thread and chat for at least 3 days. Read the ENTIRE first page.
Ohhhh it's Riley! Haven't seen you in a while... heart heart heart
I haven't seen you in a while either. *hugglies*

I've not been around Gaia much, then I was remaking Pink Lace Panties. smile
Owner: Miyuki_Sama and Treyo
URL of Charity: http://tinyurl.com/8uwr3
Charity Name: TreSan Charities
Restrictions (minimum/maximum number of posts, length on Gaia, length/age of quest thread, etc.): Newbs only, 2 months membership or less. Must be a dedicated Gaian. Must not have many expensive items or clothes.

We give a specific outfit and 1000g to Newbs to help get them started. We look at number of posts made, amount of gold you have, your start date, and why you joined Gaia. Please make sure you read the first page of the charity so that you know what we are giving and how to request a donation. Thanks!

We also sometimes give out random donations to questers and oldbies so stop by and say hi no matter how long you've been a Gaian!

BTW: I think this list is a great idea!
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adding a charity forum
Owner: hope loneheart AND Summoner Braska
URL of Charity: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8092117
Charity Name: Summoning Hope. a charity for newbies
Restrictions: newbies only. date joined must be on for a month at least
# of posts must be atlest 500
Owner: Sweet Stefie-Chan
URL of Charity: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8112049&bt=1118553777&start=0
Charity Name: Have A Heart-The Charity
Restrictions (minimum/maximum number of posts, length on Gaia, length/age of quest thread, etc.): MUST be able to read. If you want a donation you better read the first page. There are hidden things for your forms ninja

This is a good idea ^__^ Good luck with everything
No bumping here, people...this is alread a Sticky: bumping is just pointless. 3nodding
this is going to come in handy. :nod nod: i'll point some other charities your way too
Hey, just to let the list know, the YwBc charity is closed for a while while re re-organize and re-fund. I'll post again when we're open
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Owner: Water
URL of Charity: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8283905&bt=1118599398&start=0
Charity Name: Charity of the Elements
Owner: Charity.l.bedell
URL of Charity: There is a banner in my signiture
Charity Name: Helpers for Newbies
Restrictions (minimum/maximum number of posts, length on Gaia, length/age of quest thread, etc.): Between 20-2,000 posts. They have to be under 2 months old (or have very sparatic post dates if older then that)
THE Santa Claus
Post 7: Charities with a Twist

White Leo
This Charity is about thanking friends. So you nominate a friend and we surprise them with our UNCing and give them a little donation with a message from you. Our only restriction is that both Id Numbers MUST be posted. (Id of Nominator and Reciever). This is so I don't los mrgreen e people when they change their name)

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