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GGP is running out of winter-theme items for the RNG prizes. For the next batch of prizes update, would you prefer:

Winter-theme items 0.21428571428571 21.4% [ 6 ]
Any items 0.5 50.0% [ 14 ]
Gold generators 0.28571428571429 28.6% [ 8 ]
Total Votes:[ 28 ]
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Welcome to the Xmas-Gift Giving Paradise event.
Celebrating this gifting season of December,
we've installed heaters and prepared many gifts for you lovely visitors.
Why? It's Christmas month! Santa's suppose to give presents to good kids!
And since Santa isn't around, the thread's mule (Knight of the GGP) will!
But first, please take a moment and [ read the rules ] before posting to avoid troubles.
Having done that, head right over to the [ Activities Center ] and join the party!
Merry Early Christmas and may you receive lots of presents. heart
Here's a shameless-self-advertise Xmas tune sang by yours truly. redface

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Read all of the following before posting, please. I reserve the rights to amend these rules when necessary.

Do not quote the front page
I don't see any reason to do this. If you must, click the spoiler tag below to quote me.

Limit your quote trees
Use SPOILER tags to condense quote tree (4 quotes and above) to avoid unnecessary page stretching. If post styles were used, please delete the styles from the quote before submitting.

Do not beg for donations
You will receive a one-way ticket to the ban list. Read the rules and stay around.

Do not use text speech too often or use leet speech
We won't require you to type like a scholar, but please do limit the chat speak. Absolutely no leet speak please. In case you don't know, leet speak is a stupid language where people use numbers or other characters to replace the normal alphabet. It's a stupid type of talk.

Participation requirements
There is none. However, do not use mule in attempt to gain multiple entries. If you are found doing this, you will be permanently banned from GGP.

Mind your manners
Treat others how you want to be treated. Even if you don't want to be treated kindly, treat others kindly and in a respectful manner. Please remember to say "Thank You" when you are given something.

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Our words are your orders. What we said goes. Read this thread to see what authority staffs on different positions/ranks hold and whether or not we are looking for help. If you have an issue with a specific thread staff, please do not engage in a verbal fight. Instead, PM one of the guardians about the situation.

User Image -- Knight of the GGP (Mule)
User Image -- Toriki-chi
User Image -- Ceeshnia


User Image -- Leonaenae

User Image -- the purple mew
User Image -- Mokoni
User Image -- YamiTyger

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User ImageUser Image
Send your entries to Knight of the GGP with the PM title labeled as respective game. Failure to label PMs or send it to anyone on the staff that is not the mule, will result in your entry being skipped. You have been warned.

Xmas Raffle
START: December 1st @ 12am PST
END: December 30th @ 12am PST

Everyday 3 users will be randomly selected to enter the raffle. The users' names will be add to the list as raffle entries. At the end of the event, we will select a winner to receive a Winter Memories using the RNG. If the total entries exceed 100, a second winner will be select to receive a Let It Snow + Silver Bells. If the total entries exceed 250, a third winner will be select to receive an item from the remaining unclaimed prizes from the Holiday RanGen game.
Do not ask for ticket/entry. There is no other way to earn a slot aside from being active and be lucky.
Only posts that are non-spams (bumps, emotes, one word replies) will be qualify to receive an entry.
If I feel like it, I will give out more than 3 entries per day. You may only win once.
I reserve the rights to deny your entry at anytime for any reason without notifying you.
If you refer someone to the event and they stay around, you will receive an entry.

Updated: 12/15 on Pg.3981

  1. Ceeshnia
  2. Rawfie
  3. Rawfie
  4. MiStyle
  5. Raspberry(Soda)
  6. Ceeshnia
  7. Mokoni
  8. Ceeshnia
  9. BloodAngel95
  10. Teagen Sirrus
  11. BloodAngel95
  12. BloodAngel95
  13. MiStyle
  14. BloodAngel95
  15. Leonaenae
  16. BloodAngel95
  17. MiStyle
  18. Sweet Sentiment
  19. Ceeshnia
  20. Illiane91
  21. MiStyle
  22. jellykans
  23. Ceeshnia
  24. Free Penguins
  25. BloodAngel95
  26. Teagen Sirrus
  27. Chibi^^Shiro
  28. Illiane91
  29. Teagen Sirrus
  30. Mecha_Pop_Go
  31. BloodAngel95
  32. luvlee_pretty_gurl
  33. AveryMary21
  34. Teagen Sirrus
  35. Liquorbate
  36. Liquorbate
  37. Liquorbate
  38. jellykans
  39. Ceeshnia
  40. i will bite you
  41. Free Penguins
  42. Ceeshnia
  43. Teagen Sirrus
  44. Lance3588
  45. Leonaenae
  46. shiahxiah
  47. MiStyle
  48. MorganeLeFaye
  49. HavenneShadow
  50. shiahxiah
  51. music-ecstasy
  52. 3plex

Early Song Bird
START: December 1st @ 12am PST
END: December 30th @ 12am PST

The first poster on the winning page will receive the indicated prize. Post must not be a bump or one-worded. Posts that are RNG or Dice Roll purposes are consider "bumps".
Pg 4100: 500.000.000g
Pg 4200: 500.000.000g
Pg 4300: 500.000.000g
Pg 4400: 500.000.000g
Pg 4500: 500.000.000g

User ImageUser ImageQuote Me!
START: December 1st @ 12am PST
END: December 30th @ 12am PST

Be the first to quote the gift box below to receive a wish list item. No wish list? Wishlist too godly? You will be grant 3 raffle entries instead.
User Image

MorganeLeFaye got a Doe Eyed Darling

Festive Spirit
START: December 1st @ 12am PST
END: December 30th @ 12am PST

Theme: Silent Night
Rules: One entry per participant. Label the entry as "Festive Spirit - Silent Night".
Instruction: Use Tektek to create your entries. Please include a list of items with your entry. There is no price limit, and you do not need to include a description nor background story. But they're fun to read if you do decide to throw in a background story.

First Place:
Second Place:
Third Place:
Participation Prizes: 500.000.000g

Holiday RanGen
START: December 1st @ 12am PST
END: December 30th @ 12am PST

Generate a random number ranging from 1-1231. Get any of the following numbers to win its respective prize. When PM the mule with your winning number, be sure to include the page number! A link to it will be wonderful.

Last updated: 12/18 @ 7:35 PST -8
Last prize patch: 12/14 @ 16:21 PST -8

<99> Pure White Angelic Scarf
<159> Wish Upon a Star
<174> Sno Yeti Pillow Plush
<248> Holly Jolly Poinsetta Earmuffs
<274> Holly Jolly Boots
<372> Angel Imp Plushie
<439> Ice Prince
<481> Winter Fox Mink
<552> Holly Jolly Mitten
<570> Glacemella
<712> Apprentice Charm
<753> Astra: Angelic Devil Mini Wings
<764> Argent Splendor
<886> Winterland Snowball
<948> Lord of Snow
<1126> Wish Upon a Star
<1208> Cryptic Path
<1224> Carol of Ol' Nick
<1225> Carol of Ol' Ebenezer

<60> Jack Frost - Won by Liquorbate
<61> Apprentice Charm - Won by 3plex
<78> SDPlus #064 Ol’ Nick - Won by shiahxiah
<109> Thoughtful Bride - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<127> Lord of Snow - Won by music-ecstasy
<129> Golden Lightnight Bugs - Won by Sweet Sentiment
<131> Minty Catwalk - Won by 3plex
<144> Wintry Kisses - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<178> Winterland Snowball - Won by Cariella
<183> Light Spirit - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<211> Pale Triplet - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<238> Snow Witch - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<256> Silent Night - Won by 3plex
<284> Angelic Sash - Won by music-ecstasy
<303> Wish Upon a Star - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<304> Candy Pop Surprise - Won by Liquorbate
<317> Ice Tiara - Won by FweeFweeMwah
<325> Icy Frosting - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<343> Pure White Angelic Scarf - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<345> Holiday Cardinal - Won by 3plex
<347> Ebony Debutante - Won by music-ecstasy
<355> Spirited 2k6 Hat - Won by music-ecstasy
<392> Polar Tear - Won by music-ecstasy
<447> Glacemella - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<460> Snow Deer Companion - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<483> Royaltea Cameo - Won by shiahxiah
<513> Holiday Cardinal - Won by shiahxiah
<531> Holy Gauntlets - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<543> Argent Splendor - Won by 3plex, FweeFweeMwah
<577> Frosty Kisses - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<585> Winter Rose - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<604> SDPlus #150 Santa - Won by shiahxiah
<622> Secret Keepsakes - Won by BloodAngel95
<626> Carol of Ol’ Nick 4th gen - Won by AveryMary21
<645> Churro the Donkey - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<665> Powdy Pengy - Won by AveryMary21
<667> Winter’s Rose - Won by 3plex
<677> Juno’s Lace - Won by shiahxiah and music-ecstasy
<682> Carol of Ol’ Ebenezer - Won by murder for giggles
<683> Holly Jolly Collar - Won by 3plex
<694> Woodland Serenade - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<699> Jack Frost - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<718> Silent Night - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<740> Yuki the Snow Monkey - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<755> Winterland Snowflake - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<765> Bailey - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<784> Golden Piggy Bank - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<836> Snow Witch - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<843> Snow Maiden - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<887> Winter Rose - Won by AveryMary21
<940> Snow Feather - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<960> Astra: Demonic Angel Mini Wings - Won by music-ecstasy
<981> Yuki Onna - Won by music-ecstasy
<1008> Rainbow Piggy Bank - Won by 3plex
<1035> Carol of Ol’ Nick 3rd gen - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<1077> Global Kitty Awards - Won by D4BS
<1080> SDPlus #252 Jack Frost - Won by JadeToniRitsa
<1162> Maximilian the Snowdog - Won by 3plex
<1191> Noel’s Gift - Won by 3plex
<1217> Holly Jolly Collar - Won by 3plex
<1219> Snow Maiden - Won by 3plex
<1231> Let it Snow - Won by JadeToniRitsa

User ImageUser Image
Let's Color!
Select one of the images below and download it. Color it however you want with whatever tools you want to use. If you don't want to digital color it, you can print the image out, color it, and scan it back - that's fine with me.
Prizes: Up to per participant
Drawn by: Ceeshnia
{{ART 1}} || {{ART 2}} || {{ART 3}}

Deck the Hall
START: December 1st @ 12am PST
END: December 23rd @ 12am PST

Using Vocaroo or any sort of voice recording program to record yourself singing to a self-composed lyrics to the tune "Deck the Halls". One full verse is required, second verse is optional.
Lyrics must be about Xmas and GGP. Lyrics cannot contain profanity or anything inappropriate. ToS, people!
You can add any effect you want to the recording as long as I can hear what you sing.
You must sing in English. One or two foreign words is fine but most of the words must be in English.
Entries are judged not on the voice of the singer, but on creativity (lyrics, effects).
All winning entries will be listed for others to hear on December 24th. If you do not wish to be heard by others except for GGP staff members, please say so in your PM.
Submit the entry by sending a PM to Knight of the GGP as "Deck the Hall". Please include the lyrics you wrote.
First Place:
Second Place:
Third Place:
Participation Prizes:

User Image
User Image
User ImageUser Image
[ Member list here ]

This is what our X-mas member card looks like:

User Image

• Save these cards onto your own image-host account or computer.
• Occasionally during month-long events (usually holidays), members may have a chance to get the special limited edition card.
• Please fill out the form and PM it to the mule with the title as "Membership". Membership is free. You don't have to join the guild for your application to get accepted, but you must be a member in order to join the guild.
• You must be active in the GGP for at least one (1) month to apply. I reserve the right to reject your application if I feel you haven't been active enough.

[b]Have you met the requirements?[/b]
[b]Why would you like to become a member?[/b]

Benefits of being a member:
• Discounts in buying/exchange items from the GGP's inventory.
• Receive higher amount of donation.
• Participate in games that are exclusive to members.
• Priority in anything new and exciting.

User Image
User Image
User ImageUser Image
Thank you so much for supporting our charity! heart

Note: GGP will not accept donations from users who are questing!

2014 Lovely Donors
Princess-Orphelia: Billions of gold, Ai no Taisen, A la Fondue x3, All my Feels, Angelic Sash, Asphalt Jungle, Aye Aye Lassie x4, Astra-3, Astra-30 x2, Astra-43, Astra-45, Astra-90, Astra-111, Astra-149, Astra-217, Audio Starlet Blue Rei, Beer Goggles, Benny the Puppy, Bingo the Border Collie x4, Black Bunny, Black Swan x4, Blade of the Dawn Sky, Bogie x3, Bom Bom the Bunny x2, Bound Warlock, Bubble Gum Mini Angel Wings, Butterfly's Lament x2, Butter the Kitten, Case of Pink Eye x2, Catastrophe x2, Chord of Orpheus, Celestial Emissary x4, Cheshire Kitten, Chocaholic Cherry Fondue, Chocaholic Fondue x2, Cotton Candy Pink Bunny Ears, Cream the Kitten, Crystalline Velvetine, Cupcake Darling, Cupcake Mood Bubble, Custom Cut 4th gen x4, Cutie Cowgirl, Daisy's Dark Hair, Daisy's Light Hair, Dandy's Reprise, Dashing Gentleman Amethyst Sash, Destroyer of Lunches, Devil Trap Card, Dice Bunny x5, Dullahan's Edge x4, Dumpling the Bear, Dusty Pink Dander Ears x2, Ebony Debutante, Elemental Love x2, Elemental Spirit x2, Elysian Knight, Enchanted Book 10th gen, Enchanted Strings, Envious Night Jewel, Faustine's Bottle, Femme Fatal x3, Fiametta the Phoenix x2, Flossy Box, Flowing Ginger Princess Locks x2, Flowing Flaxen Princess Locks, Foodmatic, Fremere's Guard 8th gen, Future Lady Soldier Gari, Gary's Island Adventure, Gear Mood Bubble, Giant Scalpel, Gilded Weaponry, Glacemella x3, Global Kitty Award x10, Go Green Mood Bubble, Golden Grunny, Golden Lightning Bug x10, Golden Piggy Bank x100, Grace Meow x3, Haute Modena 2nd gen, Hazardous Punk, He Approaches, Heart VS Mind x4, Herbalist Aisha, Highwire Veronica, Hipster Love x3, Hostess of Illogical Tea, ICHI-maru-KYUU x2, Jack Frost, Junior Professor x8, Kallida Kumiho x3, Kandi Kitten, Kanoko's Illusion x3, Keiongaku Style, Kepler-22b, Kiken Rider x4, King of Campus x4, King of Terra x2, King of the Stars, Kitsune Mask x6, Kodiac Grizzly Bear Slippers, Koji the Red Fox, La Belle Chanteuse, Lady Estelle, Lady Evangeline, Lady Katrinn, Lady Lunar, Lady Unicorn, La Mort Rouge, Large Tutti-Fruitti Hat, Le Pavot Rose, Lovely Lovely Lady, Loving Manner x3, Lunar Cloak, Maltese Tigress, Marooned Wench, Melodee the Moga, Memetically Speaking x4, Mercury's Moon x3, Midnight Club x11, Midnight Countess, Milk the Cat, Minthamella, Mizuchi's Jewel, Moira Companion, Modern Miko x2, Mystix Dance x2, Nitemare Sash, Oculus Magica, Onyx Dragonslayer, Orionis Warrioress, Ornithophobia, Ornith Schoolboy x2, Overly Complicated Trap, Palalaladin, Panty Raider, Pengoo the Moga, Perky Melody, Pink Body Dye x2, Pink Dragoness x2, Pink Grunny, Pink Neko Cosplay, Pistolera 4th gen x2, Pistolera's Revenge x5, Princess the Piglet, Queue Demonique x2, Rainy Day x2, Rainy Mood Bubble, Rainbow Neko Cosplay x2, Rappers Battle Outfit, Reve Marin x2, Reve Rouille 11th gen x4, Ruby Pendant, Scandalous Tabs x7, Scarlet Mist, Scarlet Riding Hood x3, Scarlet Rose, Scarlet Sprite, SDPlus #011, SDPlus #022, SDPlus #054, SDPlus #080, SDPlus #085, SDPlus #088, SDPlus #090, SDPlus #095, SDPlus #099, SDPlus #112, SDPlus #113, SDPlus #114, SDPlus #116, SDPlus #158 x2, SDPlus #187, SDPlus #202, SDPlus #230, SDPlus #240, SDPlus #251, SDPlus #252, SDPlus #256, SDPlus #263, SDPlus #271, SDPlus #273, SDPlus #291, SDPlus #296, SDPlus #302, SDPlus #304, SDPlus #305 x2, SDPlus #315, SDPlus #319, SDPlus #346, SDPlus #375, SDPlus #385, SDPlus #424, SDPlus #440, SDPlus Real S05, SDPlus Real S07 x2, SDPlus Real S12, SDPlus Real S15, SDPlus Special #007 Ivan and the Rogue Copier, Secret Keepsake x110, Shibuya Nobody x3, Shilay-Le the Pooka, Shironuri Bloom, Shy Gardener, Sicilian Wiseguy x2, Sigrdrifa's Prayer, Siku the White Wolf, Sinful Scarlet, Siren Song, Soft Lil Leoli, Spring Bride x2, Stormbringer x3, Strawberry Mood Bubble, Style Munitions, Teal Dander Bunny Ears, Teddy the Cuddly Bear, The Accursed Ring, The Forest Fawns, The Gravedigger, The Knightmare Slumbers, The Ringmaster x3, The Sandman Dream, The White Lady x2, The Widow's Spirit x3, Thea the Unicorn, Thoughtful Bride, Thundercloud Couture, Titan's Legacy x3, Turbo Rocketpack x3, Turtlenie the Moga x4, Unseen Wizzard x2, Vega's Love, Vintage Pink Pillbox Hat, White Grunny, White Neko Cosplay, White Newsboy Cap, White Rabbit Nurse x3, Winter Bride, Woodland Serenade x10, Workshop Flora x3

Munrie: Happy Melody, SDPlus #255 La Dragonne, Faustine's Bottle, Pop Music Cat, Future Lady Soldier Gari, Danseuse Enchantee, Dainty Porridge, Biancamella 6th gen, Alruna's Rose 14th gen, Changeling Baby, Court of the Elf Queen, Heart Power Transform, Sugarsuite, Mizuchi's Jewel, Silver Sprite, Brother of Virtue, Alpha Centauri, Imaginary Friend, Apprentice Charm, Coat of Cannon, Tsurara the Demon, Let It Snow, Ascended Demon, Love's Warrior, SDPlus #064 Ol' Nick, Professor Westart, Angelic Wind, Celestial Veil, Juno's Lace, Lady Justice's Armor, Moe-ra, Custom Cut, Scarlet Mist, Piercing Rose Rapier, SDPlus #021 Meredith, Monarch Gown by Denier*Cri

Elyralith: Brown Bunny Hoodie, Easter Bunny Ears, Easter Bunny Shirt, Light Green Grunny, La Mort Rouge, SDPlus #156 Mintaka
RosalinnRodriguez: 258,424g, Soft Sugarlace, Sunset Spirit, Shy Gardener

Athella: 1.910.000.000g, [Animal] Black Tabby Cat Fur, Astra-14, Astra-111, Astra-112, Astra: Mini Pink Flapping Angel Wings, Astra: Shy Black Tipped Cotton, Bani Clips, Bento Bunny x2, Chocolate Coins, Claude's Invisibility, Con Spoils, Cream Nightmare Scarf, Doki Doki Deito, Doki Doki Milk Chocolate, Fate's Artillery, Forlorn Opera Singer, Infinite World, Kitsune Mask, Lover's Order, Lulu, Luminous Pangea, McKing's Sinful Cache, Pastel Sweetie, Pocus's Warm Devil Hair, Pure White Angelic Scarf, Quillton the Hedgehog, Radiant Heart Headband x2, Safe Cracker, SBX, SDPlus #105, Sir Ceph the Dapper Octopus, Sleepytime Starry Night Bed, Succubi's Modesty, Tender Loving Manner

Xailiah: Bunny Luv x5
Don Phantom: Bunny Hoodie
Nixlynn: Velvetine's Reading, Mercury's Moon, Prince Patchouli, Dark Ice
zariqueen: Hermann the Frog, Kaya the Cat, Pongo the Ferret, Canadian Bacon, Benny the Puppy, Striped Stockings, Time and Space, Formula 1, Regal Feathered Mantle, Enki's Catch, Pink Magical Giftbox, Aquarium Mini Monsters LT. Grunny Sub
Twizzzle-Stixx: Loving Manner, Summer Groom, Astra-3, Taffy Mini Angel Wings, Bubble Mini Angel Wings, Evangeline's Gorgeous Gallant Cool Locks, Lady Chimes, Princess Chimes, Giovane Maccarone, Faustine's Bottle, Kepler-22b, Blade of the Dawn Sky

Whiskey Dik: 200.000.000g, Amethyst Diamond Dog, Aquamarine Porridge Locks, Barentain De no Keki, Black Knight Vanguard, Blind Death, Chill DJ, Clinohumite Diamond Dog, Comet Candy, Dalnim, Danse des Etoiles, G Blade, Golden Uniform, Hey Doge, Herbalist Aisha x2, Icy Marionette, Jada the Unicorn, Jade Rabbit, Kalida Kumiho, Kanoko's Illusions, Lace Meow, Loli Pop, Lunar Cloak, Mortality Memory, Mouton Twins, Mystix Dance, Neopolitan Pandalita, Northern Startlight, Nymph Adora, Perky Melody, Polar Bear Hat, Red Devil MiniWings, Rosamund's Passion, SDPlus #212, SDPlus #255, SDPlus #328, SDPlus #346, SDPlus #365, Shironuri Bloom, Soft Lil Leoli, Spiral Hypnotist, Starkeeper's Astrolabe, Tapoca Skedaddle, Wensleydale Prep Uniform Blazer, White Neko Cosplay, White Swan, Zealous Engineer, ZONY MP3 Player

Leonaenae: Mythrill Coin (250.000.000g)
JinxyCatPlus: Fall of the Morning Star
angel allure: 25.000.000g
Poe-tae-toee: Dusty Pink Dander Bunny Ears, Easter Cherubim's Lime Green Wings, Lavender Grunny x2, Olive Dander Bunny Ears, Pink Grunny, White Grunny
the purple mew: Lucky Verdant Peikko, Spooky Imp Hoodie
pig_girl: Prism Armor and many more!
memyselfiamweird: 500.000.000g, Ashen Marionette, La Belle Chanteuse, Bom Bom the Bunny, Rosette Kitten Star, White Collar Nurse
mn_426: 100.000.000g
Mokoni: Bunny Bundle, Deer Bundle, Fox Bundle, Panda Bundle, Unicorn Bundle
The Real Bright Eyes:
FIavor: Absentminded Hero, A Friend Like You, Kanoko's Dark Reflection, Moira's Gold Navel Piercing, Moira's Silver Navel Piercing, Red Heart Balloon, Underground Sound, White Heavenly Unmentionables, Y Paddle
Owlion: Antique Shop 8th gen, Astra: Mini Sunrise Flapping Devil Wings, Bad Moon 5th gen, Dark Supreme Thunder, Ethereal Demonique, Prince Bundle, Quartermaster Keel's Hex, The Tyrannical Duke of Lalune, Stalker in the Fog
n e g i t o r o :, Bloody Long Horns of the Demon, Confident Legs, Guardian of Hell, Honest Amadea

2013 Lovely Donors
Koko-sama: 531,000g
Liquid Turquoise: More donations
Lord_LHUSID2: 50,000g
Eliana Isabella: 750,000g
xohrachel: Mythrill Halo, Magical Invitation, Stag Companion, Chronocessories
Oropherion: Holy Gauntlets, Sword Eater's Blade, Silver Sprite, Winner's Circle, Seracila Pendant, Traveling Veterinae, Warrior of the North
Yuki Lilly: 100,000g
DefauIt: 50,000g
II Princess Zelda II: 10,000g
Awkward Neko: 10,000g
The Sacred Darkness: 7,500g
CakieCookieLover: 15,000g
MayXaoMaoi: 777g, Gramster, Grunny Shirt, Elven Ears, 10th Anniversary Cat Face, Prisoner's Pants, Coconut Bra, Giant Red Eyeball, Wind Halo, Alice in Wonderland Queen's Wig, Unibrow, Mistletoe Headband, Mall Cop Segway
Lady Rosett: 15,001g
CakieCookieLover: 16,000g
Alyxeir: Pink Link
Roxie Jeanne: 10,000g
Nevermore2:1,630g, Striped Stockings, Lidless Demon Armor, Ultra Satan Slippers, Doom Party Glasses, Mutated Snowman, Woman in Black's Veil, 4th Amigo Lucki Pants, Green Silly Hat, Michael's Memory
PlainRici: 1,410g
Department of Mysteries: 3,000g
Jace Quin: Trinket Heart
FollowingInTheWolvesSteps: 5,000g
TheGooseWhisperer: 50,000g
- x electric heart: Little Lucie 2nd gen.
Princess-Orphelia: Maximilian the Snowdog (x2), Wally's Wardrobe, Bailey (x4), Reindeer Slippers (x5), Wintry Kisses (x2), Carol of Ol' Nick (x5), Carol of Ol' Ebenezer (x4), Churo the Donkey (x2), Cozy Holiday Tree (x3), Noel's Gift (x3), Let It Snow (x3), SDPlus #150 Santa, and a lot (I mean A LOT) of Xmas items!
Citacion: 15,000g
FrozenFate08: 50,000g
Love Renewed: Tons of items!

2012 Lovely Donors
Utopia Charity: 250,000g
theannacracker: 100,000g
Jeck Tale: Shadowlegend,
Infernal Spirit, Checkmate, Muramasa, The Nightmare 5th gen, Hidden Ace, Grizzy Hoodie, Fremere's Guard, Black Werewolf, Spooky Devil Poncho, Heartless One, TM (Time Piece), Timmy 2nd Gen, SDPlus #189 Alanar, Sol's Sunglasses, 2,000g.
Liquid Turquoise: 100,000g, Too much to list the donations. It's a lot!
Leonaenae: Too much to list so I made screenshots of these wonderful donations, Cryptic Path Bundle
SivaRose: Path of Luna, Chocolate Cherry Clafouti, Pistolera 4th gen., Anesidora's Woe 3rd gen.
I Red Panda I: 1,000,000g
edokitty: 25,000g
-Technicolored Unicorns-: 20,000g
pig_girl: 20,000g
Pixitella: 20,000g
iquestforyou: 10,000g
Yogurt Man: 25,000g
.tangerine.tears.: 20,000g
Princess-Orphelia: Too much to list, 100,000g, and lots and lots of Xmas items that I can't keep track.
Shanra the Dragon Bard: 400,000g
Lady Asshat: Steel Heeled Jack
Alexis Stowecroft: XMas items
SchitsenGiggles: Celestial Monarch
18xy25bg: March Birthstone Cape, Magical Girl, 50,000g
SchitsenGiggles: 2,000g, Gold Automaton Arm, Panda Mood Bubble, Dream Dollhouse

2011 Lovely Donors
Misaki the Cute: Cutie Cowgirl, The Rightful Heir
chibiotakurae: 5,000g
Ryu Miazaki: Christian Siriano's Cape, Four Horsemen, Majestic King
Domon Katayanagi: 25,000g
Lady Macaron: Marshmallow Puft Jacket
freakin ree ree: 100,000g
Galatea Skylark: X-Mas 2k10 set + a few other items.
candylicious watermelon: 100,000g + Great Old One

User Image
User Image
User ImageUser Image
Here are the banners to our charity. If you'd like to affiliate with us, feel free to pick from the following. The code boxes are in order of the images shown.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User ImageUser ImageUser Image




Please PM me if you would like to affiliate. Make sure the banners are [200x40] in dimension.

User Image

User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


User Image

User Image
User Image
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Fill out the form below and PM it to the thread's mule with the message title as "Wish Upon a Star".
You are allowed to list 3 items, but you will only receive 1 item from the GGP.
Each of your wish must be within the range of 100M - 1B.
If you have never been in the GGP before November 30th, please limit your items' price range to 100M - 500M.
Once you've submitted your wishlist, you may not change your mind afterward.
After submitting the form, you must stay and chat in the GGP or you will forfeit your wishes.
If the item has inflated beyond the limit, you will receive limit's average amount.
On the 24th of December, I will send out gifts.
The list will put up for public to see. Anyone can grant the wishes. If you grant the wishes from this list, please let the recipient know that. The recipient will then proceed to PM Knight of the GGP to notify us about the list change so that the GGP won't double-grant gifts.
In the case that all 3 wishes have been full filled by other generous benefactors, you will receive 100M in gold from the GGP instead.
Please include "Santa Gift Paradise" in the extra section of the form. No code, no acceptance.

[size=24][b]Am I a good boy/girl this year, Santa?[/b][/size]
[b]Wishlist (3 items):[/b]
[b]Have you post in the GGP before?[/b]

WISHES LIST (Donors' names are in parentheses)
3plex - Crimson Violinist, Astra: Mini Gold Flapping Angel Wing, Tourist Hat

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Special thanks to~

Leonaenae for making the thread's new layout! heart
Thank you mama Princess-Orphelia and Munrie for sponsoring our charity! emotion_kirakira
Ivoreigh Kronin for the theme music! whee

Stock Images from EvilHateYouAllStock@deviantart
Water Texture, Castle, Walkway, Leafy Texture.
Brushes Used: Clouds, Pixie Brushes
Fonts: anyk

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