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Princess-Orphelia is my Gaia mama. Athella is my Gaia twin. Ceeshnia is my Gaia best friend. heart You hurt them, I bite your head off.


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Here's some facts that you may not be interest in....

Real name shall not be disclose. Twenty-something years of life and still counting. Current location is the USA. I was born with Cantonese, raised with Vietnamese, and living with English. Sometimes during high-school, I took French and Japanese classes. My daily online routine consist of lurking on Gaia while playing a mobile game with one hand and controlling the mouse with the other; grinding Maplestory while watching Running Man; or playing League while listening to instrumental music which made me too sleepy to continue playing... emotion_facepalm

NOTES (should read):
- I do not like to repeat my words. In special circumstances, I will, but I do not like it. Therefore, there will be sarcasm.
- If I have not talked to you before or just briefly, I will probably decline your friend request.
- If you PM me asking for donation, you will likely end up on my ignore list. I have a proper charity setup for a reason... Post in it! *rawr*
- If I like you, risk being snuggle to near death or getting hit in the face with gifts.