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So I have a problem with Photobucket, is there something I need to change in the code to make it show up? When I put an Image, it only says "User Image" Instead ofseeing the actual image using the IMG tag bb code... what's going on, it's been going on for days. It might be Photobucket's fault but I just also want to know if there's any solution I could do through gaia. Thanks!

Is this image showing up?

User Image

Edit (PLEASE note that is only a temporary solution): thanks to tubercular skies for letting me know to add an "o" before i560 so the picture shows up fine. here is the code i used to insert the image:

I have messaged someone in facebook photobucket and they said:
Photobucket:Thanks for sending this over. There is a bug causing this problem. Our engineers are looking into it right now. I will update you as soon as I have more info.

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image is not showing!!!!!!! ive had the same problem, the way i used to add images no longer works, but pictures already added seem ok (eg sig pic) untill i try to re save then i need to change code
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I've also had a User Image problems too. Some images from Photobucket I can see, while others I can't (including images from Tinypic), and it's always the same ones, so they don't change if I were to refresh the page. Strangely, it only seems to apply to Firefox, everything seems to load fine on Chrome and IE. So I'm not sure if there's a problem with my Firefox, or it could be another error related to the Valentines event (because for me that was when the problem started).
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Same here - I noticed when my signature didnt show up in the valentines day event - I figured
maybe It was just for that forum or something but I checked my other RP posts and Its all
'User Image' outta nowhere!
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photobucket is acting hella weird i cant even get things on my account or when i search it at all i go to the main site to get new images posted on here nothin shows up and all my arts are gone too. weird right? makes me wonder whats wrong with photobuckets main site.
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Same here, my photobucket images aren't showing up, and I'm using firefox. I tried on IE and GC and both displayed the images correctly. And It is not for all of the pictures, only for certain ones. I've changed the link for the images, and once I submit the new post edited, the images show up, but as soon as I reload the page, there it is again, the "User Image".
It is really annoying.
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User Image

                                                              ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
                                                              why so srs?
                                                              Glad I'm not the only one that is having this problem.
                                                              Got sad when I couldn't see my sig or my post formats for RPing.
                                                              using firefox 18.0 btw. In case anyone is curious.

                                                              getcho crayon
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guh! I too am experiencing this problem....I should have looked here first before re-doing my entire random signature lol

I hope Gaia fixes this soon :'c

edit: oh ya, it's not just photobucket, I was using tinypic emo
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We should bump the hell out of this thread so the Mods can see it. . .
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According to some searches I've done, this problem dates back to this time last year at least.
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Having the same problem here too.
It's not photobucket. When I paste the direct
link to my image in the url box it shows up fine.
I'm pretty sure gaia is the one acting wonky.
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Maybe It is has to do something with the event..Kinda hard to some to see how It would be so
but I mean..alot of people have been saying that this problem
started right when the event came up.
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I'm also having this problem.
I can see that image but only on chrome. Firefox won't show it for me.
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D Zonatai

I'm also having this problem.
I can see that image but only on chrome. Firefox won't show it for me.

I can see my images in every browser I've tried except Firefox. Hmm.

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