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Hello and welcome to Kitsune bi! A fox breedable shop of fox spirits. This is not an rp mandatory shop, but it is encuraged!

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Post 1: Welcome note
Post 2: Rules (Main, flatsale, auction, roleplay)
Post 3: F.A.Q
Post 4: Stages
Post 5: Availability
Post 6: Breeding
Post 7: Items
Post 8: Owners
Post 9: Pick up
Post 10: Staff
Post 11: The Lists
Post 12: Donations
Post 13: Affiliates
Post 14: About me
Post 15: Reserved

The Guild

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Dec 16/09- Old thread
01-04-08- New thread, back from Hiatus. Growings on page 2!
Feb 1: V-day event up! ]http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?page=1&t=12012425
Jan 17: Growings and re-certing! Check page 110/11 to pick up your new certs!
Dec 23: I opened the first batch of SS's, naming thread is Here
Nov 26th: Belated turkey day auction! Check Availability
Nov 25th: SS thread up! ]http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?page=1&t=11121332
Nov 22nd: Ist available orb up for raffle!
Nov 21st 2005: Shop Opened!
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* Do not steal, edit, or otherwise alter these images if you don't work for us . Doing so will result in an immediate (and permanent) blacklisting and a report to a moderator.

* NO COMPLAINING or whining or begging. Emotional tactics are a big no no.

* Feel free to RP in this thread but please keep it PG-13 . It's good for bumpage. I may be adding a rp thread at a later date.

* If you are blacklisted for harassment or ill-treatment of Sangotaijiya or the staff, whether in the shop or msn, aim, Pm etc or any other reason your pet is considered deceased. It can no longer be rped or breed unless you discuss with me about giving said pet/s to another user or adopt out to someone in the shop for free.

* DO NOT fight in this thread. If you do, the person who started it will be immediately Grey-listed. Then if it is continued Black-listed and they will relinquish any claim to all Kitsunes they may own, without refund. This is done at my discretion; If it's not a bad fight then nothing will happen.

* DO NOT harrass or hound other Kitsune owners whether it be in the thread or on aim, msn etc. If proof is provided and received with a complaint, you can be grey-listed or Black-listed/banned.

* Do not lie to Sangotaijiya, or to the staff.

* We don't mind people being away as we all have RL issues but we like to know. Please Let us know if your gone for a while.

*There are No refunds, sorry.

RP isn't mandatory, but in order for your pet to grow, you do need to atleast post every so often for your pet to grow. Posting emoticons and bump doesn't count

Rule ideas borrowed from the Yumahou shop. Thanks Mialee ^^

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~ Do not try to claim a Kitsune untill I have posted GO! in large red letters!

~ No telling others not to try for one! (jokingly is alright, but if i get a serious vibe, you will not be allowed to participate in that fs or possibly blacklisted)

~ No editing Posts! This will result in greylisting, and if it is a repeated offence, blacklisting. WE CAN TELL!

~ Post Clearly which Kitsune you are trying for! Not "I want the male one." saying "I want the blue and green male" is fine, but the number would be better.

~ One kitsune per post please! You are allowed to try for a friend, but you would have to post a 2nd time for that other Kitsune!

~ You can get a 2nd one for yourself ONLY if an hour has passed and there is one or more remaining

~ All naming info posted in the thread will be ignored, as will any requests for certs for info about those not following the next rule

~ Once I have confirmed the winners, post the info Here all forms posted in the thread will be ignored. This rule goes for events, raffles and freebies as well

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~ All thread rules apply!

~ Retracting posts will result in blacklisting! Do not bid money you do not have!

~ Donation items at Mid LD price are accpeted along with gold, no pets, sorry

~ I reserve the right to end an auction early, or with/without a winner if there is: not enough interest, something happens IRL, or I feel that the ending bid isnt enough for the effort I put into the piece

User Image

~ One winner will be rolled per 500 tickets unless stated otherwise

~ You have 48 hours to post your preference lists before it will be re-rolled. If you know you wont be here, either post it early or post it when you order tickets

User Image

~ !RolePlaying is incuraged, NOT a requirement!

~ No god-mod. If I see it you will be warned and put onto the greylist, if it is a repeated offence you will be blacklisted

~ No killing other peoples kitsunes! I will allow it if i am pmed by BOTH owners if it will be killed off for plot purposes. You will not recieve another one to replace the one killed off unless you buy another and it will not be revived.

~ feel free to make a journal for you kitsunes and rp there, but the same rules will apply. Send me the link to your journal and i'll add it to the owners list!

~ You can not use an ability that you did not buy the scroll for! You can still use other attacks though (claws, ect)
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What does the name Kitsune Bi mean?
Fox Flare, its Japanese

What are Kitsunes?
Fox Spirits

How can I get one?
Check the availability section

How much are they?
5k, price may go up due to the many stages and the time the colorists put into the coloring of the pets, as for auctions there will be a starting bid that will vary

Do you have to RP them?
I would like it if you did, but you don't have to.

Can they talk?
Only in the adult stage are they capable of human speach, they can talk in theyr'e own language to eachother at any stage aside from orb.

What if I won't be able to get on Gaia for awhile?
Then notify me so that I know.

How many can I own?
As many as you want ^^

Do you take items?
Yes, I take all donation items at mid LD.

Can I guest color?
Sorry but I am not hireing for anything at this time so please dont ask.
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Red Crowned Crane, Japanese Sika Deer, Brown Mouse , Raccoon Dog(Tanuki), Tsushima Mamushifull
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Next Planned: TBA
Price: 5k (2k for familiars)

1. User Image
2. Sold
3. User Image
4. Sold
5. User Image

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None at this time

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None at the moment

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Customs are: Open

Custom info is located Here

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Every 100 pages, I will be doing a raffle. everyone who posts on that page will be in the raffle. Multiple posts will NOT improve your chances. Everyone that posted will get one ticket. The kitsune will be just like a flatsale kitsune. Randomly colored and will grow orb through adult
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Breeding is: Open!
Only adults and elders are allowed to breed!
Adults will produce 2 kits

Price: 10k(Adult) 20k(Elder)
Den 1: Open
Den 2: Open
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Ability Scrolls
User Image
Kitsune Tsuki (fox Lunacy) Demonic possession by a fox

User Image
Hoshi-no-tama (star ball)

User Image
Shape shifting

User Image
Kitsune bi (fox flare) a fire attack

Price: 500g each

Elder Potion
User Image
Price: 75k

Growth Potion
User Image
Price: 1k

Reverseal Potion
User Image
Price: 1k

Gender switching Potions
User ImageUser Image
The pink one taken by a male or the blue one taken by a female will temporarily change the kitsunes gender for breeding purposes! One dose will only stay that way for a breeding! The lineart will not be re-colored as permanent. It is thought though that for an adult to drink 3 gender switching potions in one sitting, 4 for elders(not including cosplays) that they may just stay that way...
Price: 5k
User Image

ID | Name | Owner | Gender | Link |
Red = Elder

A1-A | Ryudo | Arkeyla | Male | X
A1-B | Yura | Djnn_Derrik | Female | X
A3 | Branwen | KaliFang | Female | X
A4 | Nemo | Aiko Senako | Male | X
A5 | Blue | GrnGriff | Male | X
A6 | Sakana | Angel Yuna-chan | Female | X
A8 | Debizi | ChimeraNell | Male | X
A9 | Chai | Kitsune_Rei | Female | X
B1-A | Tourmaline | Mia Sharra | Female | X
B1-B | Safaia | Hokori4588 | Female | X
B2-A | Galactica | Arkeyla | Female | X
B2-B | Arkeyla | Chalari | Female | X
B3-A | Clinode | OkiNoHinode | Female | X
B3-B | KaliFang | Flidas | Female | X
B4-A | Reishi | Tsuki Sohma | Female | X
B4-B | Thalassa | KaliFang | Female | X
CK1 | Elic | Angel Yuna-chan | Male | X
CK2 | Spectral Torment | Grivier | Male | X
CK3 | Samantha | Teigra | Female | X
CK4 | Amberle | Arkeyla | Female | X
CK5 | Inoi | saedusk | Female | X
CK6 | Yasuhiko | Mau | Male | X
CK7 | Astrid | Gryphonwolf | Female | X
CK8 | Riji | Nokomis Midnight | Female | X
CK9 | Keyakku | Arkeyla | Male | X
FS1-A | Aiku | KaiRosewolf | Female | X
FS1-B | Tarash | Purrasha | Male | X
FS1-C | Deros | Huroggmeten | Male | X
FS1-D | Hisui | KaliFang | Female | X
FS2-A | Krysta | Nel_Zelpher | Female | X
FS2-B | Sakaeru | Angel Yuna-chan | Female | X
FS2-C | Lilith | Silent Artist | Female | X
FS2-D | Zane | Akiko Senako | Male | X
FS2-E | Keb | Selan Gale | Female | X
FS2-F | Nox | Paetrisah | Female | X
FS3-A | Tararaka | Coechee | Male | X
FS3-B | Tareth | Mia Sharra | Male | X
FS3-C | Kerri | KaliFang | Female | X
FS3-D | Qaulin | Jayoku | Female | X
FS4-A | Yuei | KaliFang | Male | X
FS4-B | Cajun | Mameoyashi | Female | X
FS4-C | Glow | GrnGriff | Female | X
FS4-D | Kazzy | Shadow_Windstars | Male | X
FS4-E | Sia | Armony Avalon | Female | X
FS4-F | Dorian | Naiwolf & Bloody_Buffy | Female | X
FS6-A | Kei | GrnGriff | Male | X
FS6-B | Touki | KaliFang | Male | X
FS6-C | Dagobere | Quiddle! | Male | X
FS6-D | Dorian Gray | Bloody_Buffy | Male | X
FS6-E | Kamala | MistressLiliana | Female | X
FS6-G | Sini | Akkiko Senako | Female | X
FS6-H | Zoey | Bloody_Buffy | Female | X
FS7-B | Sloan | Rabid Bunnie | Male | X
FS7-C | Kiba | Tiger_kisa699 | Male | X
PT1 | Kilana | Kamiki | Female | X
PT3 | Amros | Aroca | Male | X
PT4 | Lust | Endejester | Female | X | FMA Cosplay
PT5 | Yume | FashaServal | Male | X
R1-A | Fyren | Gataki | Male | X
R1-B | Taiji | Arkeyla | Female | X

R2-A | Kaetin | Huroggmeten | Female | X
R2-B | Kiyo | Ices Inscent-sama | Male | X
R2-C | Flux | Wolfie Duke | Female | X
R2-D | Gil | GrnGriff | Male | X
R3 | Beauregard | Dbz2004 | Male | X
R4 | Kive | GrnGriff | Male | X
R5 | Hidori | Kitsune_rei | X
S5 | Name | Kamiki | Male | X
S6 | Sonya | GrnGriff | Female | X

SS List

SS5-1 | Indivar | E.T.D.O. | Male | X
SS5-2 | Arya | Akiko Senako | Female | X
SS5-3 | Belladonna | OkiNoHinode | Female | X
SS5-4 | Cain | Artemis and Apollo | Male | X
SS5-5 | Auron | Nel_Zelpher | Male | X
SS5-6 | Fir | Sosiqui | Male | X
SS5-7 | Kalani | Jupiter_Sabre | Female | X
SS5-8 | Haru | Ookami | Male | X
SS5-9 | Kardanto | Jupiter_Sabre | Male | X
SS5-10 | Kashikoi | Kalifang | Male | X
SS5-11 | Kojin | KaliFang | Male | X
SS5-12 | Kuroi | Emoechee | Male | X
SS5-13 | LaiLai | Kamiki | Female | X
SS5-14 | Limona | Mith-Calen | Female | X
SS5-15 | Loki | Akiko Senako | Female | X
SS5-16 | Rouge | Sosiqui | Female | X
SS5-17 | Sahra | Kalietha | Female | X
SS5-18 | Veliflamme | Sosiqui | Female | X
SS5-19 | Shemora | Jupiter_Sabre | Female | X
SS5-20 | Tsubasa | Wolf Specter | Male | X
SS5-21 | Vyxen | Gataki | Female | X
SS5-22 | Vincent | SilverPelt | Male | X
User Image
SangoTaijiya- Shop owner, colorist, ect
Malice Dreams- Lineartist, Shop helper, Guest colorist
Angel Yuna-chan- Rp Manager
User Image
User Image
Malice Dreams- For giving me the lineart as a x-mas present! You rock!

User Image
Izzy Makani- For mouthing off and disrespecting the rules, staff and people in the thread.
tbiris- For coming into my thread to ask for another shops link to buy a pet there. Didnt care how rude they were being by doing this, and left without a word of appology.
Thamin- For editing they're post durring a flatsale
Zhiege- Sending trade and info for a custom, not completing trade. A week later when it was still not completed they refused to finish trade until the custom was done. When told it didn't work that way, that trade needed to be completed first, canceled trade and custom.

User Image
Boshu- Bid in an auction, therefore agreeing to the rules, one being trade must be recieved within 24 hours. Never heard from them after that
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User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User ImageUser Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image
User ImageUser ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image
User ImageUser Image
User Image
Name- Sango
Age- 25
Hobbies- Drawing, coloring, gaia, virtualpups, animals
Position held- Owner

Stores own- Kitsune Bi, Forbidden forest, munchkins, Thyzols reborn, April showers, Cheveyo

Stores I work for- Subterranians, Sentinals of the four winds

Stores I can remember that I did lineart for- Go-Ruden Ryu, Monster Ranchers

Pets I Like- Animal pets, anime cosplay(sango, kirara, miroku, other inuyasha characters)

User Image
Pet trades are: OPEN!
Pet trade info located Here
User Image

Like this shop? Please rate/comment about us at the Minishop and resource center! Just fill out and post the below form in the thread linked above!

[color=green][b]I LIKE THIS SHOP![/b]
SHOP TITLE: Kitsune Bi
LINK: gaiaonline.com/forum/t.57070515
WHY I LIKE THIS SHOP: [Explain your experience. No length limit.] [/color]

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