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[Fly With Me]

[Past, Present, Future]




FS over
St Pattys Raffle!
now - Solstis does her test! sweatdrop
feb 6 - Trivia game for V-day special limited edition birds!
jan 26-feb 2 - guess the familar for a custom game ( MoonVixen won)
jan-13-??? - working.....
jan 13- Custom FS2
Jan 8 - Customs and Trades opened
Jan 7 - FlatSale today at 8pm EST
Jan 3 - First Custom FS
Jan 1 - Happy New Year!
Dec 30-31 - Updated whole front page
Dec 29 - Creation of thread

[Rules & Regulations]

Allow me to make myself perfectly clear in the most strightforward of mannor. This idea is mine, all art is mine. Each part of it the creatures and cert are hand drawn by me. Take any part of it and I will eat you alive ..... Because thoes who trespass me have the misfortue of being rained upon - I am known for being relentless when in a rage.

~~~ "I like the thought of flying" She said placing the tea cup on the table and looking out the partly stained glass window. " Unlike walking, flying under ones own power - the rush of air can over come you but, the view is amasing." Suddenly she turned to you, the yellow cloth that fell down her back also covered her eyes, and gestering to the window asks " would you like to go? To where dreams are wispered in gentle winds, created by the wings of magical birds?"

The windows fly open and a bird comes in sporting several long graceful tails. It came to rest on the girls outheld arm. " This is ~~~~~~~~~~~" she said . You struggle to hear but, nothing. She looks at you confused for a moment and then says " ah, yes I'm sorry but ... you can't hear this ones name can you? " You nod slowly in a speachless daze. You may call this one Shoukanjou.

You will not be able to hear the names until you have one of your own.That will not happen until you have your soul searched. For those who have dark hearts will be cast out - for all of eternity. . .
[General Information]

idea These birds are known as Pheonix of Paradise. The exisist in a diffrent and yet conneced plane of reality.
idea Hardly tame creatures but they are kind and mean no one any harm, as they are guardians.
idea It is your job to be their guardian. Both 'pet' and 'owner' are known as Guardian your sole existance is to watch over the egg you recive. and when it is an adult it will watch over you as well

idea There are 3 stages Egg, Baby and Adult - Customs will also have 3 stages RP is requiered for the Adult stage

~ egg : nothing special at this stage. Keep it warm and shower it with love.
~ baby: this baby is only about the size of a humming bird and requiers constant attention, and shower it with love.
~ adult: this is the for that will shown when it comes back (see summoning) now the bird is a full grown Guardian. it is actualy any size you wish at this point.

stages (75% os size)
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- Each bird has 2 names the first is it's given name; this name will be shown on the cert durring stages 1 and 2. Stage 3 on the other hand is when the 2nd name will show this is the True name.
you you will need to chose 2 names, the first may be anything in all actulality it should be the type of name that first comes to mind when you see the egg. The second name does not need to be chosen until the day of the summoning, you must have a name on that day, no later, or it will not come to you at all. (( please no simplistic names like john carrie and birdy ............. ))
(see also post 10)

Here is where sales will be. there are 2 types of Sales

1) Regular FS - these are sale where I have predetermined the colors of all stages

2) Custom Sales - some will be like FS others wil not but all will allow you to choose colors. of course this will cost a bit more.

3) Adult Sale

Sale rules
Sale starts when I say GO

use this form:

Bird number:
Owner Name:
~True Name:
Cost 2k


Egg number:
Owner Name:
Bird Given Name:
~True Name:

holding pen

none crying
[The summoning]

This is the only time when RP is requiered. you will be direct linking until the second stage. When it is time for your Bird to become an adult you must come back to recive it.

It is your duty to call to your bird, you must call out to it and ask it to come back to you. At the end of it's child stage it will mystriously vanish. Up until now you were calling it by it's given name. Durring the Summoning and from then on you will be calling it by it's True name.

Now I have enought class reading as it is - and I don't like to read so don't go off writing a book for me ._. you need at least 7 lines of you calling out to your bird and it comming to you.

there is, however, a set time for this to happen (which is over a weekend ) you will have 3 days to post your calling. the dates will be posted in advance so if you will not be around you need to let me know.

Your bird may or may not come back if you miss the summoning. if you miss it you will have to wait for the summoning of the next group. it is punishment for abandoning it on such an important day...
[Owners list]

Owner :: Given Name :: True Name :: Familiar

exclaim Solstis :: Shoukanjou :: - :: N/A

exclaim Lady Aria Starstone:: Arlia :: Heartsong :: ???

exclaim nattychan :: Xhastu :: Astralsis :: ???

idea Lady Aria Starstone:: Oriana :: DawnFire :: ???

exclaim Tamtun:: ]Redbird :: Regenbogen :: ???

exclaim Moonvixen :: Ashe :: FireGlow :: ???

exclaim tandemonium :: N/A :: Lucky :: ???

idea Kara Winters :: N/A :: Asia :: : confused ??

idea XcolbaltX :: N/A :: Aderyn:: ???

idea Lady Aria Starstone :: N/A :: Windfire:: ???

Kara Winters:: - :: Asia :: -

XcobaltX :: - :: Aderyn :: -

Lady Aria Starstone :: - :: Windfire :: -

Thralwen :: - :: Eranth :: -

Chimera_ryu :: - :: Niji :: -

Machagirl :: - :: Lectris :: -

tandemonium :: - :: Jubilee :: -

OWNER :: - :: NAME :: -
OWNER :: - :: NAME :: -
OWNER :: - :: NAME :: -

Vday pets!
exclaim Lady Aria Starstone :: Mria

exclaim Syrcaid :: Paradise


{Cert size does change as the pet grows So keep an eye on it if it is in your sig}
This is where you will find the current eggs, hatchlings or adults


Yes it can be lonly when a companion is away so there are familiars
They will be sold alone once I create a special cert for them.
blue ones have links to images

[Offerings] (Customs)

4 colors total, the first 3 are randomely placed on wings

form -form
Owner Name:
Bird Given Name:
~True Name:
Core color: ( head & 2 outside tail)
Supporting color: ( 2 inner tail)
Minor color: ( center most tail )
Base color: (bodycenter part of wings)
black&white dots: (yes or no) ( these are the dots that are on the back and tail feathers in the adult stage the ones on the body match the supporting and minor colors)

this is more like a place for bribery sweatdrop
These are for full stages but since I will be having Custom FS from time to time this is for those who can't wait.

Cost: Starting price 12k

Um, I suppose that Pet trades also come under this as well Custom For Custom ( no lineart edits )

[Pet trades]
Custom for Custom from a shopowner or colorest
*no line edits from mine

[other trades]
I really like babies from breadings from other shops so if you have an egg from a recent paring you'd like to trade I have eggs that arewating for homes. ( meaning these are not customs )

[link 2 eggs] [link] [link]

of corse I have a prefrence list this is for pet trades and egg trades

[no purple pets!]
Feli - any
Stardust - Dustling or serpent
anything I left out ( make an offer)
[no purple pets!]

Other ways to get a Custom bird that do not requier gold ninja
I like art Draw me a dragon
As long as you allow me to color and display is ( of course it will have your name on on it as well, for Line art. )

Now I don't want to have to say this but just incase
Please no BS scribbles >_< you know if you can't draw lets try to make an even trade.

They will never show up for sale in any shop; ever
I just happen to love dragons and to color good lineart
it doesn't even have to be inked ( for those who do non-computer works)

well this is another mystory ... one day a bird will go off and the next time you see them they will have eggs O_. we don't really know how it happends.

2nd gen. birds will have only a few of the partents colors there are normaly 2 eggs and there isn't any cost for the suddne breeding - of course that means that there is a catch! hrm... I wonder what that is.

there is a forced breeding that is possable but that requiers punishment onyour part for makeing them do it ._. ( or something like that )

link to us! please.

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W00+ Affiliations!

The Toy Factory

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[Shop Owner Info]

Name: Solstis
Age: Unknown
Species: Cat - Dragon ( differs from image shown above)

Extra: I drew this bird one day at 3 am. it actuly took about an hour. While I was trying to draw a Bird of Paradise it looked a lot looked a Pheonix and so I named it a Pheonix of Paradise. while the lineart is nice- the cleaned sketch is something that I love. It's amasing the odd things that can happen at 3am. It may not seem special to you but it is to me, it is a massive accmplishment for me, it is a symbol of my next stage of drawing.

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