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If we had an enlightened CYO competition would you participate?

Yes. 0.6 60.0% [ 27 ]
No. 0.022222222222222 2.2% [ 1 ]
Depends on the lines (state a preference in thread if you vote for this) 0.044444444444444 4.4% [ 2 ]
Gold? 0.33333333333333 33.3% [ 15 ]
Total Votes:[ 45 ]
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Here is a list of what is going on now and what is coming up in the future.

Flatsale: Blue themed, now open

XComing Up
Enlightened Auction: Some day.

XProcessing (These have just ended and are being finalized.)
Advertising: We always give prizes to advertisers! See page 187 for details on a quick ad contest for a semi-custom.

Notice: If you have won a pet please fill out the form in the certing thread with a name to get it certed. If you have an older dragon that has been misplaced or went uncerted or ungrown please go to our reclaim and update thread. We are sorry for any inconveniences and will do our best to make things right and that you leave happy.
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Since people tend to forget what the base prices are for everything they will be listed here. They will be easy to find so no excuses.

Please note that for Minions their prices are based on rarity. The first price is how much an egg is and the secondary price is how much an adult is. Since adults don't need to grow they are discounted. Familiars have one price since they can not grow.

Common dragons: 8k / 6k
Uncommon dragons: 10k / 8k
Rare dragons: 12k / 10k
Familiars: 5k
Enlightened: 24k
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User Image This is our next upcoming sale. This will be a speed sale. The sale started on page 208. Please refer to there for the form.

When: Over
Start time: Over
Species/Price Guide: A (Serpent egg 6k), B (Carbunkle 5k), C (Dragling 5k), D (Dragling 5k), E (Female Angel 10k),

Sale type: Speed
What's that mean: The sale will open at a predetermined time. We will have a staff member on hand a half hour before the sale to answer questions and set it up. When we reach the sale time the forms will be posted. Post the form and win a pet. Once it is open it is first come first serve. If someone posted for the pet you wanted before you then you can post a new form. Please do not edit your posts.

Proxying & Duplicates: Proxying is ok but if you also want to get one for yourself you have to wait 10 minutes after the sale starts. If you proxy win for someone make sure they send their payment in time. After a half an hour has passed after the sale has opened anyone that wants to is allowed to buy another pet for themselves or a friend.

Gifting Rules: Gifting is fine however there are 2 rules on the issue. If you buy someone a gift you are the one paying for it (if the other person is paying for it that is a proxy and you need their consent first). Buying someone a gift counts as your main chance at the flatsale. Like when proxying you can either buy another gift for a different person or pet for yourself 10 minutes after the sale starts.

Payment Policy: Payment is expected in gold. If you have won a pet then the payment trade needs to started within 48 hours of the win. When sending a payment trade send it to our shop mule Axitaki. If you fail to pay within this time period your claim on the pet is voided and we will resell it.


A: ArrancarYoruichi
B: ashes to the wind
C: ArrancarYoruichi
D: Lural
E: Lural
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Another auction will come up some time soon.

Start time: Over
End time: Over
Snipe guard: 30 minutes

Starting bid: 10k
Minimum bid increase: 1k
Autobid: None

[color=orange][size=18]So many leaves...[/size][/color]
I want to bid ___

Current high bid: None

Bid history:
User Image User Image

This Valentines day raffle is going to be special like the fall one was. There will be lots of reds and pinks with a few other things thrown into the mix. As a thank you from the shop we are going to make sure all entrants get a pet. There is also a free ticket deal below so Anyone that wants some love can have it.

Starts: Now
Ends: Feb 15th at noon PST

Ticket Price: 100 gold
Limit: None

Prizes & Ticket List
To keep things tidy and make listings be updated even faster we keep track of ticket listings and prize details here in the guild. We also will keep the preview image to the right updated here for your convenience.

  • 1 prize per person. You must keep what you win (If you don't want a specific prize then don't list it in your pref list at the end)
  • When posting forms just post them in this thread.
  • Buying tickets as a gift is fine and encouraged.
  • No whining if someone buys more tickets than you.
  • Immediately after buying raffle tickets send a trade to Axitaki.
  • You can not reserve specific ranges of numbers (order of purchase dictates ticket numbers)
  • All ticket sales must be made before the time limit runs out. The trade must at least be started by the time of rolling or it doesn't count.
  • If you buy tickets and your trade is still pending on the last day and you cancel your trade after the results are rolled you will be greylisted.

If you are buying tickets for yourself or a friend then fill out this form and post it in the thread.
[color=red][size=18]How lovely~[/size][/color]
I'll buy ___ tickets for ___ please.

Freebie deal
In the spirit of Valentines day and the fact we have no grams it is also possible to gift tickets for free! That's basically 1 free gram per friend for a full and uniquely colored pet.

Everyone can claim 10 tickets for themselves by posting this in the thread (you can only do this once):
[size=18][color=red]I love love~[/color][/size]

Everyone can claim 5 tickets for a friend by posting this in the thread (you can only do this once for any given person. No limit on how many friends are gifted. Do not gift mules or alts):
[size=18][color=red]Did you know _______ is lovely and needs love too?[/color][/size]
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RP contests are writing contests that are completely free. Normally they will either be a prompt that needs to be responded to as if you were the character or a descriptive writing assignment that will be used to help out the shop.

None at the moment...
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Sorry, none are running at the moment.
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More coming soon.
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We will randomly have special sales or raffles for newbies only. Those who have 0-2 Minions or Familiars are considered newbies.

Nothing is going on at the moment. Take a look at the current events or start a quest in the guild.
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Specific information on The Enlightened are detailed below here.
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Survival is easy enough for an Enlightened... However growing takes effort and diligence. To reach the next level one must pass a number of tests.

Note: Growing for minion class pets is automatic.

Stage 1 Hatchling
Please note that hatchlings tend to have more cartoony art than their peers. To reach stage 2 their journal needs to be started and 2 seasonal prompts need to be finished (At least 100 words each).

Stage 2: Youngling
To reach stage 3 their journal must be completely finished and 2 seasonal prompts need to be finished (At least 100 words each)

Stage 3: Child

Stage 4: Youth

Stage 5: Young adult
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The types of enlightened vary widely. Each type category is a vague large category that an enlightened falls into. An individual can have 1 type while another has many of them. This does not make one better or worse than the other - it simply means one falls into more clique/stereotypes than the other.

Brute: Heavyset and build for combat. Brutes are aggressive but not necessarily stupid.
Mystic: Fluffy and in tune with nature to a closer degree than their peers. Mystics are prone to growing sparse feathers and antlers.
Earthbound: For whatever reason this individual either lacks wings, has wings that are not capable of lifting them, or the innate flying magic they should have is absent. They can not fly and are stuck on the ground.

XXXXSpecies/Body Type
Wyvern: Bird or batlike in motion wyvern are highly efficient dragons. All wyvern have 2 legs and 2 wings which they use to fly. It is uncommon but not unheard of for a wyvern type to have more than 1 set of wings. Wyvern types generally use their strong tails for steering during flight and as a weapon. They are genetically prone to growing weapons like stingers or horns at the end of their tails. Those who are missing one however should not be underestimated since they can still lash with is effectively like an iguana or crocodile. Feathered or bat like wings are equally as likely to occur. Horns of various types are genetically very common in this type.
Lung: Serpentine in nature lung resemble long oriental dragons. Lung generally have 2 or 4 legs but are not above slithering. A 2 legged lung generally does not use their legs for walking. A mature lung can fly using only magic but some rare individuals also have wings or body flames to help the process along. Barbels (thick whiskers) and manes are genetically very common in this type.
Amphi: Graceful serpents. Amphis take being serpentine to the next level compared to lungs. They do not have any legs but often will have wings. Feathered coats and wings are more common but scaled or bat wings are not unheard of. Crests of feathers or horns and manes are genetically very common.
Traditional: Robust and versatile. The build of a traditional type is similar to that of a lizard. It is not uncommon for them to be able to stay on their hind legs to use their front ones as hands but this type prefers walking and running on all fours. Scaled or bat wings are most common but feathered wings are not unheard of. There are occasionally some individuals that belong to this type that resemble winged 4 legged lungs. The critical difference between these 2 types is methods of flight. Lungs primarily fly using magic while traditionals fly only using the power of their wings. Back manes, frills, or spines and spaded tails are genetically very common.
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Stage 0 Derp
Derps are a special bonus stage that is generally unshaded. They are goofy and a reference for the markings and attributes they will have as enlightened. These are not activity required but will become that way if grown to stage 1. We thought it would be nice to provide at least one form for those who only want no strings attached sig candy.

Stage 1 Hatchling
Hatchlings emerge from their eggs prepared to survive on their own. They have sophisticated instincts but no sense. This is a time for learning.

Stage 2: Youngling
This is a time for exploring.
User Image User Image User Image

Stage 3: Fledgling
Fledglings are awkward cocky things. They are finishing their development and their magical powers are really starting to flourish. They often act like teenagers. This is when flight is first available if the enlightened is a type that can.

Stage 4: Wyrmling
At this stage in life if they don't have a good lair by now finding proper territory to hold onto is of vital importance. Culturally these are considered adults. However without an established lair they are still too young to breed.

Stage 5: Wyrm
At this stage an enlightened can finally breed and successfully have a clutch of eggs of their own.
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The seasonal prompt is the only requirement an Enlightened owner must do to maintain ownership of their dragon. Once every season a simple prompt will be posted. This can be answered with even a single sentence. Any Enlightened dragon that fails to make their prompt response in time failed to survive that season.

When answering a prompt please post your submission as a new post in your enlightened's journal. Remember that if you have more than 1 enlightened each and every one of them needs to get their prompt in.

Anyone who posts a seasonal prompt response for a familiar or minion class pet will be entered in a raffle for something neat as a reward for going above and beyond. These prizes will vary between prize bucket draws and possibly even customs.

Winter Prompt
The snow and ice have begun to take over the landscape. For some this is a time of great hardship while others this is the time to really live it up.

How does your enlightened respond to their first time seeing snow? Is walking or slithering through it difficult? Are they the kind to take colder temperatures poorly or is this possibly the best thing ever? Is this strange phenomenon a blessing or a curse to them?

Yon fine print: The shop reserves the right to rehome Enlightened in any way we see fit. If anyone looses at least 3 enlightened due to missing season prompts they are no longer allowed to gain new Enlightened.

Small announcement: Until further notice the winter prompt and spring prompt will be merged while enlightened stuff is being set up.
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Since we very actively tag everything in the photobucket our dropoffs page is actually the page to one of said tags. Everything in these 2 sections are listed in order uploaded. Thus the most recent things added show up first.

Here is the Listing of all certs finished so far. Here is the Listing of all uncerts so far.

Just a friendly reminder: Please don't be a punk and steal someone's uncert. Only the uncert's owner has permission to use said uncert. Anyone caught using an uncert unlawfully will be reported to wherever it is being used so just don't do it. The only exception is if you want to feature someone's uncert in a banner image used solely for advertising the shop. That's perfectly fine and encouraged.

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