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Which elemental tonic would you be most interested in?

Fire 0.13907284768212 13.9% [ 21 ]
Water 0.15894039735099 15.9% [ 24 ]
Earth 0.092715231788079 9.3% [ 14 ]
Air 0.11258278145695 11.3% [ 17 ]
Ice 0.19867549668874 19.9% [ 30 ]
Electric 0.21192052980132 21.2% [ 32 ]
Other [Post!] 0.026490066225166 2.6% [ 4 ]
Dunno 0.059602649006623 6.0% [ 9 ]
Total Votes:[ 151 ]
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~December 17th - December 30th

• Please be courteous to all other participants.
• Please be familiar with the rules on the front page.
• All trades are sent to Ran-sul.
• You can only win a maximum of one pet from this event.
• Please remember that none of these pets have special abilities with the exception of the Frost Dragon on auction.
• All events are scheduled at MST.

1. CYO Grams
2. Jack Frost Auction
3. Angel RP Contest
4. Raffle
5. Free Raffle
6. Advertising Contest
7. Secret Santa
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December 8th - 29th

Color your own polar bear-penguin grams for your friends! If the recipient posts their gram in this thread, it will be entered into a raffle to become a real pet!

Download the PSD here via the link on the upper right hand corner.
❅OR use this PNG version.
❅Edits are acceptable (and encouraged) as long as they don't imply special abilities.
❅You may make one for yourself for every five you make for others.
❅Please only enter one plush per post.
❅Feel free to ask for help if you need it, and happy coloring! :D
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December 16th - 29th

This is Caxca's resident ice elemental. With cyrokinesis obtained by consuming an elemental tonic it can create, manipulate, and destroy ice. It has a dangerously frosty breath and an immunity to sheer cold.

❅The starting bid is 10k.
❅The minimum increase is 5k.
❅The winner will choose its gender and size.
❅Icicles and silver armor will be added to its art as the bid goes up. [Naked] [Icicles] [Armor]
❅Custom edits will be available if the bid reaches 5 mil.
❅The auction will end on the 29th at midnight with a snipe guard of 10 minutes.

I bid ___ on Jack Frost!

[size=18][color=steelblue]I bid ___ on Jack Frost![/color][/size]

Current High Bid:
I bid 3.1mil on Jack Frost!

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User Image

This changeling has DNA from a very unique set of animals; half of which aren't even available in your average mod shop! It is a Mink-Deer-Dolphin-Eagle whose feathers and fur shimmer so brightly it almost appears as if it's glowing. It also has the ability to fly, thanks to its powerful wings. Impress the judges with your creative writing skills for a chance to win this lovely beast.

[Click here to enter the RP Contest!]
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[code][color=steelblue][Username] sent me![/color]

[Winner gets to choose a prize from the Prize Pool!]

• Put this banner in your sig! Every time you refer someone you get a point.
• You can use your own banner if you please.
• No cheating by asking people to post on your behalf.
• Upon winning, please PM Ran-sul with the prize you selected so it can be deleted from the Prize Pool.

Ticket List:
1. Quiftan (Puck) does this even count? lol
2. Alanna the Pirate Queen (Alex Eternal)
3. Fea Line [[.Silvr-Moon.]]
4. Alanna the Pirate Queen [saphria201]
5. Fea Line [The Concept of Love]
6. Fea Line [Mei Silja]
7. Alanna the Pirate Queen [The Dawn of Twilight]
8. Tristam Lockhart [Kira of Flames]
9. Alanna the Pirate Queen [cursedandwandering]
10. Fea Line [Wolfs Heart]

Secret Santa

Is there someone you have in mind this holiday season who really deserves a pet? Fill out this form and send it to Ran-sul for a chance to win them a free pet. You can send as many forms as you like. Remember, this is supposed to be a secret! Don't tell anyone about it at least until the holidays are over.

Recipient: Anyone but yourself. :P
Why does this person deserve a pet?:
Stage: Tube, blob, bud or adult.
Description: Describe the pet they might want. Make it as vague or precise as you wish. Please note that cosplays, wings, and elementals are off limits for now.

[b]Why does this person deserve a pet?:[/b]

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