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Which elemental tonic would you be most interested in?

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Water 0.15894039735099 15.9% [ 24 ]
Earth 0.092715231788079 9.3% [ 14 ]
Air 0.11258278145695 11.3% [ 17 ]
Ice 0.19867549668874 19.9% [ 30 ]
Electric 0.21192052980132 21.2% [ 32 ]
Other [Post!] 0.026490066225166 2.6% [ 4 ]
Dunno 0.059602649006623 6.0% [ 9 ]
Total Votes:[ 151 ]
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.:The Setting:.
Caxca is considered the most wealthy and technologically advanced city in a futuristic world. The most advanced of their gadgets include holographic communication and hovering transportation. Medicine is advancing in this city as well, increasing the people's quality of life... If you can afford it.

Despite these advancements, the world is suffering from a severe crisis. The weather patterns across the earth are rapidly becoming more and more unpredictable and hostile. Natural disasters are common and devastating. Once in a while an extremely violent storm rolls across the world. It demolishes nearly everything in its wake with black clouds, furious winds, and relentless lightening. These storms were dubbed "super storms", and the mention of them can send any community to its knees trembling in fear. You do not want to be caught outdoors when the sky turns black.

Thanks to Caxca's generous investments in safety precautions, its citizens remain relatively safe in a constantly disintegrating world.

.:The Genius:.
A particularly intelligent boy claims Caxca as his home. Ran-sul had always been smart, but he never had the initiative to put his talents to use until his beloved dog passed away. Ran-sul worked endlessly with whatever materials he could get his hands on to replicate his childhood companion. Finally, he was successful. He had invented a creature whose appearance you could manipulate to your will. Ran-sul was happy to create creatures like this for his friends and family... and soon, people were offering a lot of money for one of their own. He sells them individually, refusing to give his secrets away to bigger companies. Eventually his new creatures were dubbed the name Changelings... but others simply refer to them as monsters.

Ran-sul's best friend Elisa helps him with the distribution when he is busy making new Changelings. Elisa also sells the modifiers that alter the creatures appearance as it grows. They make a fantastic team, but they are only two people, so it is hard for them to keep up with the increasing demand of Changelings.

.:The Changelings:.

Changelings can have many purposes in people's lives. They can be companions, provide service, help police enforce the law, or aid criminals in their crimes. They come in a variety of personalities and each have a mind of their own. Some adult Changelings can be considered failures or rejects, and left to fend for themselves. These are referred to as wild changelings, but are not common. A lot of Changelings are very intelligent, and some can even effectively communicate with humans. Intelligence level of each one are to the discretion of the player.

Since this method of modifying life is such a fresh concept in this world, there are no laws yet regarding Changelings or their rights. They are generally viewed as objects or possessions in society, but it varies from person to person.

Click here for more details about the setting.
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User Image.:Tube:.
The creatures start out in liquid form in a tube. Ran-sul tries to depict what might come out by a quick doodle on the sticky note. He also identifies the gender with either a pink or blue note. Look at Cedric's tube... The note is blue, so we know that the creature will be male. The doodle... what is that? Eyelashes? Please forgive Ran, he is not an artist!

The gender, the main coloring of the changeling, as well as the feature depicted on the note are the only things that will never change no matter what mods you apply to it.

The tubes need constant warmth, and keeping them close to your body is the easiest way to accomplish that. Most people like to hang them around their neck and wear it close to their chest until it hatches. Just be careful not to break it prematurely! It will take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for the creature to finish incubating. When it is ready, it will squeeze its way out of the tube and you can finally meet your new companion.

Growth Requirements
.:. Complete Journal with human character
.:. Post in Growth Request Thread
.:. One week waiting period

The young changeling appears to be a small gelatinous being with a face. He doesn't make much noise, and is constantly eating whatever he can get his mouth on. He leaves a trail of goop wherever he goes, how disgusting and messy! Raising a baby is no picnic! No distinctive features are apparent yet, and this is the best stage to start applying modifications! Ichau wanted Cedric to have more of a canine appearance, so he gave him some canine shape mods. You can apply a wide variety of modifications at this store linked here.

From this point on, your little changeling will only grow manually. This way, you have an infinite timetable to apply all the mods you want! Or, you could just keep him cute and little forever. To request a growth, check out this thread here.

Growth Requirements
.:. Post in the Growth Request thread
.:. Two week waiting period

.:Budding Blob:.
Often referred to as "bud" for short, these guys are named after their slowly budding appendages. Now the changeling is a little less gelatinous. They are still extremely needy and vulnerable, and they are starting to make sounds. It'll be apparent by now if the changeling will be able to speak or not. Cedric has sprouted limbs and he's starting to grow fur. All of the features Ichau was aiming to give him are slowly budding. At this stage, his cells are still malleable. Modifications can still be applied, but they might not be quite as effective. Ichau gave him a very rare elemental tonic which gave Cedric his electrical abilities, but they won't manifest until he's an adult.

Growth Requirements
.:. Post in the Growth Request thread
.:. Feed a Glowing Nutrition Bar. These are only earned through thread activity, whether it be RP or chatting.
.:. Three week waiting period

Finally, all of the modifications have taken full effect. It looks like the spines Ran tried to depict on his note have taken shape as quills on Cedric's back. The elemental tonic turned those spines into deadly sources of electricity. Cedric is clearly a canine as well, thanks to the shape mods Ichau fed him when he was a blob. His form is now permanent, and modifications will no longer have any effect on him.

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In the world of Changelings, pregnancy is rare, but it does happen. Only fertile females can get pregnant, but for Changelings who find it impossible to breed (such as same-sex couples) adoption and surrogacy are valid options to create a family.

A Changeling's offspring cannot be altered with mods or tonics and they do not start out as blobs. As a result, they are often referred to as Spawnling.

Spawnling may start out as eggs or newborns and they take much longer to grow than their Changeling counterparts. It may take 2-3 months for them to mature enough to reach the next stage of life, but it varies wildly depending on the individual.

For more information about breedings, please visit this thread.
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.:OOC Rules:.
.:. Follow Gaia's Terms of Service
.:. Follow the Daisy Code
.:. Be kind to your fellow thread-goers. Be mature and respectful; we're all adults here, so let's act like it!
.:. Cheating will not be tolerated.
.:. Please upload your images to your own server. Don't direct-link.
.:. Art thievery of any kind will not be tolerated.
.:. Please direct any questions/concerns to the shop mule. Do not PM a staff member or post in the thread.
.:. Pets will be relinquished if they are not claimed/paid for within 48 hours of winning them.
.:. Co-ownership is not allowed.
.:. You are not allowed to resell the pets you win here.
.:. Do not beg.
.:. Do not discourage anyone from participating in events.
.:. Spamming and trolling will not be tolerated.

First offense will result in a warning.
Second offense will result in a greylisting. You will not be able to participate in any events for a given amount of time.
Third offense will result in another warning and an extended greylist sentence.
Fourth offense will result in a blacklisting. You will be banned from the thread entirely, and your pets/profiles will be deleted.
Some offenses are more severe than others, and may result in a more severe punishment.

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.:How do I get started?:.
Create a human character and start working on a profile for him/her. Profiles are located here. Once the profile is complete, a staff member will check it just to make sure nothing conflicts with the setting of the shop. Once you're approved, you're ready to start RPing and questing for a blob! Visit the Starter Guide for more details.

.:Can I have more than one human character?:.
Yes! There are no limits to the number of human characters you can have. Just make sure to make a separate profile for each one.

.:Can my human character have more than one changeling?:.
Yes! There are no limits to the number of changelings one character can have. I imagine they'd have their hands full if they had to care for any more than three, though!

.:Does my changeling have to have a human?:.
Tubes require human attention in order to grow. Blobs are also dependent on the care of a human, and buds are still very vulnerable. They wouldn't survive on their own. Adult changelings can either flee from their human or be abandoned by them.

.:Do I have to use mods on my changeling?:.
Nope, it's totally optional. But if you don't use any mods, you're putting your changeling's fate in the hands of the colorist... Are you sure you want to risk that? >]

.:Are these pets RP required?:.
No, they're not, and your pets will never be taken from you under any circumstances. However, active roleplayers will be generously rewarded.

.:Can my changeling have special abilities?:.
The only abilities changelings are permitted to have without the need of special permission are telepathy and flight. The changeling must have wings to be able to fly. Elemental abilities are only obtained via Elemental Tonics. If you are interested in some other ability, please PM the mule with your inquiry.

.:Can I get a custom?:.
Customs are not available at this time. It kind of defeats the whole gimmick of the shop, doesn't it?

.:Can I get a cosplay?:.
Cosplays are only available via special events.

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Owner and artist

.:Fea Line:.
Certist and colorist

Event Manager

Official Butt-kicker and Colorist
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.:Main Font:.
Digital Ninja

.:Sub Font:.
Rounded Blocks
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If you want to affiliate, please PM the mule! We only accept 200x40px banners.

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We are not responsible for any deaths or property damage caused by or pertaining to the Changelings you grow.

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