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Do you read too much?

*reading* huh? 0.71687082405345 71.7% [ 2575 ]
Book? What's that? 0.038975501113586 3.9% [ 140 ]
pollwhore 0.24415367483296 24.4% [ 877 ]
Total Votes:[ 3592 ]
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Man I feel like I have known you guys all my life...with the reading books at the table and readign three in one day and stuff.

You know you have read too many books when in every real life situation you can think of a book you have read that applies to it.
In fact everything you do reminds you of a book you have read.
The only thing you talk about is books that you have read.
When you gain the ability to read and sing in a choir at the same time.
(The choir teacher got angry with me when I did that in 7th or 8th grade. gonk )
...when your mom grounds you from your books, and when your jobs puts up a sign just because of you saying ' im paying you to work..not read'
...you've read every book that interests you in your local library

...you've flirted with references to Camus

...you know nadsat, and or throw in words like "Chelloveck," "Devotchka," and "Horrorshow" into your normal conversations

....you only have 4x3 feet of living space, and manage to cram over four dozen large books into said space.

....you have tattoos that reference Watership Down.

...you have trouble understanding that fictional characters are not real people

...you've already /read/ all of the required books for your lit class

...you have an away messege that says, "This book is more interesting then you. Leave a messege I'll get back to you when I'm done."

...your mother doesn't by you books anymore for christmas or your birthday...she can't find ones you haven't read.
OH, wow!

I so relate to you all! I have done each of these things - well except the tattoo of Watership Down and being able to sing in the choir and read at the same time (are you adhd?? they are generally fabulous multi taskers is why I ask).

Books are like my friends, I cry with them, I laugh out loud with them, I get mad at the characters, people think I am weird because I always have my nose in a book. I totally carry no less than 3 books with me at all times (yes in my special book bag) and have a major stash in my car trunk if that runs out. Plus, I have many more in my locker at work!

My mom has a sweatshirt I covet I am sure you have all seen "so many books so little time." That is true, I have a huge library of all types of books and I wish there was more time in the day! I am so happy there are others out there like me...sniff, I am not alone!

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....when you exchange series of books with your lit teach for summer reading.

... when the rest of the family eats dinner in front of the TV you sit at the dinner table with a book.

... when you start rereading a book as soon as you've finished it.
... when you can out quote a English literature professor who has a doctorate degree.
...when you finish a book and try reading it backwards.

...when you read a book and can recite it or write it down word for goddamn bloody word.(barring Dr. Zuess of course).
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... you want to own a house for the sole purpose of having enough room to store your books.

(True story here, folks!)
...you freak out when you misplace your book...and it just turns out that a parent took it
...When you fantasize about having a whole section of your house be a library.


Why don't we collect. I have 6k.

... when you don't even want to get on gaia anymore.
....when your mom tells you to stop
.... when you have to get a new bookshelf made
... when you can quote books
... when your teacher says that you're a book worm
... when the worst possible punishment your parents can think up is taking away all your books.

... when you have no less than five rooms in your house completely devoted to storing books.

... when you can't remember the titles of all the books you read the day before, because there are so many.
... when the worst possible punishment your parents can think up is taking away all your books.

....But realize they can't because there are too many, as it would involve packing up the majority of the items in your bedroom.

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