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~Alice (Allie)~

Alice was silent for a couple of moments after Des was done talking. She looked to the birds on the ground and thought about how different their blood was to her and how she liked different things. She moved her eyes away from the dead animals and looked back to him. She smiled slightly and nodded. "Okay, that sounds like it would be fun. Just don't get frustrated if I mess up. I get snappy if I fail to catch a prey if someone yells at me. Some vampires are the same way. We just hate losing prey, since we are supposed to be one of the better predators in the world." She let her smile grow and showed part of her fangs. She felt excited to learn new things, since Xavior thought she needed to only learn a few amount of things. "Is it hard to hunt? Xavior tells me that it requires a lot of patience and he's always nagging on me of how I don't have any." She bit her lower lip as she thought about one of her sire's older lectures that she used to get almost daily. "Then again he's always complaining about me."
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Des looked at allie and smiled back at her. he then sat beside her and gave her a warm hug "now, why would i get frustrated with you" he said smiling then poking his tounge out. he knew he wouldnt get frustrated with her, no matter what happened. he then looked a t the birds on the ground then looked around there surrounding area. he then listened and waited for allie to stop talking then smiled "well, in all honesty, it depened on how you approach your prey and the type of prey your hunting." he explained happily "for example, as you just saw, birds, you gotta be calm, silent and patient, and if possibly be able to make bird calls" he said with a smile looking at her "but for something like a bear maybe, stealth ad strength come in handy, best way, sneak up to the bear and kill it quickly, ill show you next time we run into a bear" he said happily still smiling at her
((its fine, i know what its like having homework that becomes time consuming , im starting to get a shitload of assignments and a powerpoint .-. ))
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~Alice (Allie)~

Alice shrugged and looked up towards the mountains, keeping mostly quiet. "I know a little bit in hunting bears." she said after a moment. She went back to being quiet and leaned against Des. Then she looked down a little and frowned. She ran her fingers through the grass and began to get lost in her thoughts. Xavior took me away and turned me despite my protests. Yet here I am alive a lot longer than any human with the possibilities to do so much more...but I do nothing. She shook her head and pushed away her thoughts. "My father taught me how to hunt small game such as rabbits and squirrels. Xavior taught me the deer and medium sized animals. I learned how to somewhat get a bear by watching my father one day when I followed him to a large hunt. He told me not to, but I hardly listened back then. I was stupid and decided to try and get a large animal on my own and ended up catching a bear's attention. My father had to kill him to save me. All I did was sit there and watch." She looked over to Des with a blank look. "Why do you think Xavior turned me?"
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