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Centuries ago, a portal leading to the underworld has opened up. Several evil beings such as demons and even worse snuck in. Destruction took over and created chaos in the world. Other races such as angels and elves ran in to try to stop these evil beings hey thought of as monsters. A few demons switched sides and went to the side of good in attempt to change their ways. Not all demons felt comfortable with the ways of evil. While war raged on humans ran to hide. A number of brave humans took part in the war to try to help. They chose which side they wanted. They offered help in whatever way was possible.

The evil beings have taken over half the world, the western side. The western side is now known as Death Woods. The good side took over the eatern side of course. This was known as Healing Springs. War still rages on to this very day. Will there ever be peace or will the world get destroyed due to the destruction the war causes? But...wait there's more. Off to the middle of border lying between both sides is mountains and caves where the unknown hide. People brave enough to go more and likely end up dead. Dangers of all kinds hide in this area. Only bits and pieces of the border is mountainous. The other sections are forests.



Death Woods:
The Western side is mostly consisted of burnt down towns and dead woods. This is where those who are evil live. Their recent ruler, a cold and ruthless demon, has destroyed any presence of life. There's a few forests still in sight, but is covered in the aura of the purest evil. There are a few towns and villages.
Healing Springs:
The Eastern side is made up of towns and cities flourishing with society. The forests are rich with life. Here life is worshiped and nature is cared for. The rulers for the side of the good are a female elf and male angel who work together to kep the people safe. Many of their soldiers are taught by the rulers themselves.
The Border Consisting of the Mountains:
Here is where life and death roam together creating new kinds of dangers. Dragons and other creatures thought to be extinct take homes up in the caves around in the mountains. Very few are brave enough to enough come near. There are a few old roads built partly into the mountains.
~The Lovely Rules~

1) No godmodding what so ever. That's my job. ^^
2) No cybering. Must be at least Pg-17. If you have to then time skip.
3) Don't kill off other people's characters without mine and their permission. It's rude otherwise.
4) Send all character profiles to me in a pm titled The War. After your profile put a whee to let me know you have read the rules. It's not that hard.
5) Each post must have at least one paragraph. I can understand writer's block. It does happen.
6) Use correct grammar and punctuation. No text talk and no * * or - - for actions. Just write it out like you would for a school paper.
7) No automatic hits. Not every attack will hit and not every one can be dodged.
8 ) Please do not use cuss words after every other word. Cussing is fine otherwise though.
9) Violence and romance is strongly encouraged. It adds more drama to the rp and makes things a little more interesting. Don't be afraid to use your imagination. Creativity is a wonderful thing.
10) No fighting outside of the story line and use (( )) or [[ ]] for OOC. No one wants to be caught up in unwanted drama outside of the Rp.
11) Follow the storyline please. It'll make things go along more smoothly.
12) No invincible characters. Everyone has weaknesses. Immortals are allowed though.
13) Multiple characters are allowed.
14) Most important rule...is to have fun!
~Character Profile Layout~

Gaia name:
My Name is: (Character's name)
Nickname(s): (You may leave blank if you have none or you can put N/A)
I am: (Age)
Side: (Good, bad, Neutral)
Weapons: (Only up to four)
Powers: (Only up to eight)
Bio: (At least one paragraph.)
Pic of Character:
~The Accepted Evil Charaters~

Gaia name: DragonArcher93
My Name is: Lilith
Nickname(s): Lily
I am: 460
Personality: Dark, ruthless, cold, arrogant, hateful, short temper, outspoken, can be kind, but rarely
Race: Demon
Sexuality: Straight
Side: Evil to the core!
Weapons: Scythe, Demon Blade, hunting knife
Powers: Darkness, Fire, Possession, Summoning, Can Sing the Song of Death (kill people by singing in the ancient language), Can shift into a Wolf, Healing
Bio: Lilith is the only daughter of the evil ruler of Death Woods. She learned about her rare gift of the Song of Death when she was eighteen years old. When she kills she gains life, but when she heals she loses life. Her father sends her out to detroy major cities, but mainly keeps her by his side. She lost her mother to an angel. When she became hungry with vengance and could not hold back any longer by the time she was 200 she ran off and seeked out the same angel. She killed her in hate and made her death unbearably painful. Lilith's weakness is finding someone who amuses her. Then she refuses to kill them just for that fact.
Pic of Character: User Image
Demonic Wolf: User Image

Gaia name: Saleana the Demon Slayer
My Name is: Dmitri
(Was Killed. He will be missed...by few.)

Gaia name: Jason Emo Wolf
My Name is: Drake
Nickname(s): N/A
I am: 22
Personality: Quiet, calm, mostly empty, rude, respectful when needed, stubborn
Race: Half Demon, Half Human
Sexuality: Straight
Side: Evil
Weapons: Metal Spear, Sword, Silver Dagger
Powers: Darkness, fire, air, telekenesis, telepathy, sheilding, empathy, possession
Bio: Drake lost hs father when he was 6 from the war. His mother, a human became a bloodwhore to a vampire. Growing disgusted, Drake ran away when he was 12 to live out on his own. A female demon took him in and raised her as his own. He learned how to control his demonic side and eventually had nearly full control over himself. His mind is his most powerful weapon. He ended up with the woman's sword which was forged together with the elements fire and the darkest energies. The sword devours the souls of its victims. Drake went out onto his own when he was 20, but still keeps in contact with the woman.
Pic of Character: User Image

Gaia name:iiBloodyAngel
My Name is: Desmond Kaisaki
Nickname(s): Des
I am: 619
Personality: tormentive, evil, sarcastic, Dark, Arrogant, cold hearted and kind at times
Race: Demon
Sexuality: Straight
Side: Bad
Weapons: Dual katana, single katana, Bow and arrows and knife
Powers: control electricity,mimic other's voices, teleportation, transform into white fox,Telepathy/telekinetic,Summoning and illusions
Bio: Desmond has been with evil every since his parents we're murded by a groupd of angels, while he was made to watch. since then, he's had a hatred for angels, and now seeks to destroy all angels, which make Desmond a good asset to the world of evil. His main weakness, is watching those he cares about, killed or gravely hurt during the onslaught
Pic of Character:User Image
User Image

Gaia name: LunarKane
My Name is: The Honest
Nickname(s): Honest, The Dark Truth, Old Idea
I am: Beyond all but the Alpha and Omega and The Oldest Elders
Personality: Cares for nothing but finding The Liar. Thus is uncaring, blunt, and basically pointless to try and converse with him. Has no patience for those weaker than itself, authority weaker than itself, and royalty weaker than itself. However if The Liar is mentioned you will get his attention.
Race: Progenitor Concept / One Half of The Cataclysm
Sexuality: Believed Strait
Side: Bad
Weapons: Soul Guns x4 (Strife, Fury, War, Death)
Powers: Definitive Authority, Immortality, Soul Regeneration, Dark Field, Life Drain, Oppressive Aura
Bio: The Honest is an Idea, a concept given life. Thus it's power is unimaginable and rivals none other than the Originals, Ancient Eldest, and other Ideas. It was created when the Idea of Annihilation grew in the first being. When Hell was created the concept grew life. However the concept was to bring about The Cataclysm, or the end of all but those stronger than itself. Namely the Alpha, Omega, and The Ancient Elders. So it's reemergence into the world is fought against by all sides, as they can only seal it before it meets with it's other half, and starts The Cataclysm. It's other half is The Liar, the Idea of Salvation. The two can never meet, since the opposing Ideas would fight and grow stronger until all life in Heaven, Hell, and Earth is destroyed.
Pic of Character: The Honest (Add a shirt), Full Power Release
Other: Another story that is told with The Cataclysm is that Honest and Liar are lovers destined to fight until all is ended.

Gaia name:
My Name is: Nero
Nickname(s): N/A
I am: 18
Personality: Probably the most smartass person you will ever meet.
Race: Immortal.
Sexuality: Straight
Side: Bad
Weapons: Red Queen Yamato Blue Rose
Powers: Devil's Arm. Can expand insane amounts, and extend. He sometimes walks around with it out in the open, but for the most part, he keeps it in a sling to avoid attention.
Bio: Nero, being the smartass that he is, always enjoyed getting in fights to get his opponents pissed off. Their reactions were always hilarious, and his opponents usually got frustrated. A fighter never thinks clear when he's mad. Nero got his most valuable weapon, his devil's arm, when he was 17 and out exploring with his brother. They ran into a demon with a unique arm, and they defeated him. But not without a cost. Nero had lost his arm to the demon. So his brother took the devil's unique arm and transplanted it onto Nero.
Pic of Character: User Image

Gaia name: iSyko
My Name is: Daine
Nickname(s): Dez
I am: 13
Personality: Psycho, crazy, demented
Race: Human
Sexuality: Straight
Side: Bad
Weapons: N/A
Powers: Daine is a master of shapeshifting, he can shapeshift into literally anything. Once he shapeshifts into another person, he can keep the power the person has, but cannot use it to its full advanatage until he masters it himself. He can also sense another persons power.
Bio: Daine's parents were evil mental people that tested projects on their only child, Daine. One day when he was 8 they were testing animal cells and DNA in his body and something went terribly wrong. Daine was in a coma for a few days, and when he awoke he wasnt his normal self. He broke out of the testing lab and slaughtered his parents and a few hundred other people in his city. He also noticed that the testing of the DNA allowed him to change his own DNA at command. A few years later he was so good at shapeshifting he was also able to shapeshift into anything he wants.
Pic of Character: User Image
Other: If he is shapeshifted into a person for too long, he will lose all the powers he has obtained and faint, thus revealing his normal appearance.
~The Accepted Good Characters~

Gaia name: Ivy the Demon Hunter
My Name is: Raine
Nickname(s): N/A
I am: 250, but looks 17
Personality: Raine is kind and generous. She's willing to sacrifice her life to save someone from the side of good. She doesn't trust neutral people much and hardly can stand those who are evil. She has a large heart, because she's so caring.
Race: Angel
Sexuality: Straight
Side: Good
Weapons: Katana and Bow & Arrows
Powers: Light, Healing, Create Storms, Shielding, Can talk to animals, Telepathy, Air
Bio: Raine is one of the youngest children of the Angel Ruler of the good side. Her mother died in battle, trying to protect her daughter. Raine learned under her father. Everyone admired their ruler and never knew about her. She took her father's advice and kept her family a secret. No one knows who who father or siblings are. They only knew that her mother, a brave warrior, was killed trying to protect her. Raine's siblings don't normally interact with her, due to her strange ability to create storms. They see this ability as destruction, but will help her if it's absolutely needed.
Pic of Character: User Image

Gaia name: Ivy the Demon Hunter
My Name is: Rosey
Nickname(s): Rose
I am: 36, but looks 16
Personality: Cheerful, Joyous, Kind, Caring, Shy at time, Brave, Flirty
Race: Angel, youngest Daughter to the Angel Ruler
Sexuality: Bisexual
Side: Good
Weapons: Light Staff, Spear, Bow & Arrows
Powers: Light, Healing, Telepathy, Air, Earth, Sheilding, Can give life through Light
Bio: Rosey is the half sister to Raine. Their mothers were different. Rosey is the youngest of the many siblings. Her favorite older sister is Raine and her faovrite older brother is Leo. These three get along better for having different strange abilities. Rosey's is the Tough of Life and Raine's is her ability to create storms. Though Rosey power is more angelic people still think of her as strange. She doesn't mind though. Their brother Leo can create illusions of a person's worst nightmare and fear. He is thought to be destructive like Raine's. Rosey's mother still lives and is the main teacher of defence. She's also the mother to Leo. Rosey has only fallen in love once to a female demon. She watched her lover die just three years later when she was 27. Now Rosey goes on little dates every now and then. Her wings have a golden tint due to her special ability.
Pic of Character: User Image
Other: Rosey doesn't like the war, but helps heal the people.

Gaia name: Ivy the Demon Hunter
My Name is: Leo
Nickname(s): N/A
I am: 340, but looks 20
Personality: Kind, Caring, Brave, Level Headed, Generous, Understanding, Overprotective
Race: Angel, son to the Angel Ruler
Sexuality: Straight
Side: Good
Weapons: Light Enchanted Sword, Bow & Arrows
Powers: Light, Healing, Telepathy, Air, Ilusions to One's fears, Water
Bio: Leo's mother, also to Rosey still lives and is the main teacher of defence. Leo lost his younger brother in battle so their father instructed him to guard his younger sisters Raine and Rosey. He is the third oldest and also the most understanding. Unlike the other siblings, he shows no fear to be around Raine. He loves his father but is against the whole coverage of who's family Raine and Rosey belongs to. Though he hates the idead, he goes along with it...most of the time. Leo had fallen in love with a demon when he was 26, but she was killed when he was 40. He fell in love again with another angel when he was 66. She became a fallen angel when he 100 and left him to be with the Evil Ruler. The evil lord killed her when he was 230. He's stayed away from love ever since.
Pic of Character: User Image
Other: Leo doesn't care what a person is, but how they are.

Gaia name: Jason Emo Wolf
My Name is: Nathanial
Nickname(s): Nate
I am: 860, but looks in mid-twenties
Personality: Strict, kind, generous, easily worried, stubborn, determined, good leader
Race: Angel, Ruler of the Good side
Sexuality: Straight
Side: Good
Weapons: Enchanted sword, bow and arrows, light staff
Powers: Light, healing, shielding, empathy, telepathy, air, water
Bio: Nathanial watched his parents die before him in battle. He was just 18 at the time. His two older sisters and his younger brother grew up building the Eastern side after numerous battles that broke through. They worked together to rebuild nature. Soon his older sisters died just a few years later from the evil lord. He saved his younger brother and found help to heal his brother. When he was 424 he became the ruler of the good side and had his first children, twin boys. These two angels became the main warriors to the other ruler who became his partner when he was 600.
Pic of Character: User Image

Gaia name: fashionrawks
My Name is: Reed Wilsons
Nickname(s): N/A
I am: 500 (but looks in the 20s)
Personality: Timid, kind, considerate, bubbly, wise
Race: Half angel, half elf
Sexuality: Bi
Side: Good
Weapons: Dagger, Bow and arrows
Powers: When in her elf form she controls nearby vines. When in her angel form she has the power to make people drowsy and hallusinate. She can communicate telepathically with her father in angel form and mother in elf form. They occasionally give her fighting advice.
Bio: Reed's father is an angel and mother is an elf; both on the side of good. They are both alive to this very day. Though an issue occured as a result. No matter if Reed is an angel or elf, she doesn't remember the other half. Meaning, when she's in her angel form, she acts as if she's never met her mother. In her elf form, she's never met her father. It's as if she's cursed to not know her other half. Her parents want to keep her this way until the war is over.
Pic of Character (Angel):User Image
Pic of Character (Elf): User Image

Other: Reed can shift into either half spontaneously and without realizing it. Though she keeps the same name and personality.

Gaia name: LunarKane
My Name is: Laguna Aria
Nickname(s): Blue Boy
I am: 22
Personality: A downright pleasant individual. He's polite and uses manners constantly. He's extensively knowledgeable when he asks, and very serious when he fights. He believes in justice and good, but as he's learning not everything is as it seems.
Race: Drake Half
Sexuality: Strait
Side: Good
Weapons: Claws, Spines, Close quarters combat training
Powers: Full Transformation, Partial Transformation, Water Manipulation and Production, Scale Density Manipulation, Enhanced Strength and Senses, Heals with access to water
Bio: When Aria was born Laguna, a water drake, fused itself with him. A particular clan of Drakes have been doing this since the merging of the worlds. In doing so they extend their own lives, whilst gaining knowledge and experience from host to host. Aria became Laguna Aria, and became a Drake Half. This fusion grants the host with powers, strength, and eventually knowledge.
Laguna Aria was always an explorer and outright adventurous. So early on he knew he wanted to travel. Coming from a far southern village on the Healing Springs side, he's always wanted to fight with the angels. However his attention span to their training and tactics never really suited him. So he wanders around righting what he feels is wrong. Lately he's been meeting many individuals who are more shades of grey than black and white.
Pic of Character: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Other: His skin and hair are actually made up of soft scales that can harden at will. He doesn't need to eat normal food, and can live off entirely water. Water heals him about twice as fast as a human. Not very good around women.

Gaia name: Teh Beaf
My Name is: Otharion Brakensire
Nickname(s): Oth -"oath"-
I am: 28
Personality: Otharion is a loner, but good-hearted. He fights evil alone, feeling that bringing others with him would only limit him. He not much of a talker, and not very good at expressing his emotions. He breaks his usual self when in intense combat situations, in which he will begin to act with leadership.
Race: Human
Sexuality: Straight
Side: Good
Weapons: The Sanguine Thorn (one-handed sword imbued with holy magics)
Powers: Minor healing abilities - Able to cast Light magic with damaging effects - Able to consecrate the ground under him, sanctifying it.
Bio: Otharion was a member of an order of Paladins know as The Order of the Golden Falcon. The Order crafted light-forged weapons, used to smite those unholy. Otharion was the lowest rank in The Order for his disobedience and unwillingness to work with others. Once Demons entered the realm The Order moved quickly into action. Otharion and his squad ventured into the Border Mountains. The golden-armor clad men were traversing a very treacherous mountain path when they were ambushed by a being of unspeakable horror. The magics used by this creature stripped the very color from their armor, weapons, and bodies. Otharion was the only survivor of that incident, his armor now void of color, his skin pale as the moon. Otharion now fights as himself, representing no order.
Pic of Character: Otharion Brakensire

Other: N/A

Gaia name: Shadow Word
My Name is: White Lady Agitha the Vylkry
Nickname(s): The White Lady, Guardian of the living, Protector of mortals.
I am: Agitha was 32 when she was killed, but lost count over the centuries.
Personality: Kind and caring banshee. She wants to help others and protect them from the darker side of the realm
Race: Undead
Sexuality: N/A
Side: Good
Weapons: Nothing physical
Powers: Her compassion for the living allows her to manipulate the light and use it against dark forces.
Bio: Agitha was killed when she was thirty-two and was called upon by the cruel dark lady Arella, the mourner of the dead, to serve her. Over the years of serving, Agitha felt more and more pity for the living she was scaring. She slowly turned on the banshee queen and began protecting two souls who were listed on the dark lady’s list to torture and kill. That was the beginning for the guardian Agitha to protect the living.
Pic of Character: User Image
Other: Agitha’s presence is known by sudden warmth and comfort in the air.

Gaia name: Yukie Drop
My Name is: Gabriel
Nickname(s): Gabe
I am: From before earth an men came to be.
Personality:Gentle and compassionate. Gabriel holds great admiration for the achievements of mankind and in his heart, he believes that the sins of men can always be justified. Hatred has no room in his soul. The archangel is heaven's greatest speaker, he doesn't let his beliefs get in the way and always speaks the truth, also doing his best to help those who can't seem to comprehend it understand.
Race: Archangel
Sexuality: Straight
Side: Good
Weapons: Flaming sword and Sacred horn trumpet.
• Clairvoyance
• Teleportation
• Resuscitation
• Reading minds and telepathy.
• Regeneration.
• Healing.
• Can exorcise demons.
Bio: Gabriel was sent down right when the battle began. He fought valiantly for many years until an unexpected turn of events in which heaven lost track of him. No one could contact or find him, although they searched and tried everything to reach him. God lost his messenger. They left him for dead. And he might've been.

Somehow Gabriel awakens in the darkest, deepest path of the Death Woods. Weakened and with no memory as well as a broken wing but overall confused. The concentration of evil in the area slowly drains him of his power.
Pic of Character:User Image

Gaia name: Jon Quitted
My Name is: Brandon
Nickname(s): N/A
I am: 18
Personality: Insanely courageous, stupidly naive, His politeness gives him a charm. He held a high charisma. People respect him and he earned it.
Race: Human
Sexuality: Straight
Side: Good
Weapons: Smiter Sword and Shield inherited by Jora of Andal, the wall of the east.
-Wards- Brandon places barriers and wards to protect her comrades.
-Spirit Weapons- Brandon can summon Spirit weapons to aid her in battle.
-Light Rays- Brandon uses ranged attacks by emitting light rays from her swords to fend off evil.
-Smiting Prayers- Brandons reveres the Lord of Light to grant her harming light force to destroy her foes from afar.
-Crusader's Intervention- Brandon can teleport a short distance.
-Brilliance- Brandon can emit a blinding light to blind her foes and give courage to her allies.
-Symbols- Brandon can inflict harm to her enemies and enchant boons to her allies.
-Hope- Brandon can summon a horse.
Bio: Brandon's entire life is revolved around Jora, her savior. Eight years ago, Demons attacked his town. Brandon gathered up all the survivors he could and let them in his house to hide. It wasn't because he expected anything. It was because it was the right thing to do. Jora arrived and defeated the demons. Jora was impressed with Brandon and taught him the prayers of the Lord of Light. Jora weakened over the years, entrusting her powers to Brandon, the Crusader who will take up her mantle to defeat evil.
Pic of Character: Brandon

Gaia name:
My Name is: Catherine
Nickname(s): Cat
I am: 20
Personality: She rough and tough. Don't get on her bad side.
Race: Human
Sexuality: Pansexual
Side: Good
Weapons: Broadsword and Spear
Powers: She can restore health and move at a quick speed.
Bio: 8 years ago, Demons destroyed her hometown. Catherine's parents died that day. She ran, and ran. She ran when her sister got devoured. She ran when her parents were torn apart. She ran when her brother sacrifice himself to slow down the demons. Catherine survived. Through cowardice, Catherine met Jora. A famed Leader, Knight, and Crusader. Jora taught her to assist Brandon and cover his weakness.
Pic of Character: Catherine
~And the Accepted Neutral~

Gaia name: DragonArcher93
My Name is: Alice
Nickname(s): Allie
I am: 600 years, but looks 24
Personality: Dark, cold, loyal, quiet, short tempered, mostly heartless, has a soft spot for children, will help if it's needed, can be kind
Race: Vampire
Sexuality: Bisexual
Side: Neutral, obviously.
Weapons: Longsword, fangs, and claw like nails
Powers: Enhanced senses, inhuman speed and strength, turn into a bat, Telepathy, Telekenesis, Charm
Bio: Alice was a little human girl who watched her family get slaughtered before her very eyes. This was by a vampire. He took her in as his slave and eventually grew fond of her. Despite watching her family's death, she showed no fear and had not cried in public. She was independent and had an elegance about her personality. He began to teach her the hisory of things. She became interested in swordsmanship and literature. When she was 24 the vampire turned her in order for her to live long to consume more knowlege. She grew more cold, empty, and isolated. She had a strong hate for the vampire as time went on, but also respected him. Now the hate has faded and turned into admiriation. Soon she learned the ways of classic music as she grew older. At first with her lack of control she was unsure of things. With the war raging on as it had been, she chose to keep in hiding. She loves to kill, but refuses to kill any child or young teenager. She also finds the war pointless.
Pic of Character: User Image
Other: Alice hardly shows she cares, unless someone is paying close attention.

Gaia name: DragonArcher93
My Name is: Xavior
Nickname(s): X
I am: 722 years, but looks 26
Personality: Cold, loyal, outspoken, wise, short tempered, has a soft spot for Alice and few others, may be arrogant but sometimes will help the good
Race: Vampire
Sexuality: Straight
Side: Neutral, but leaning towards evil.
Weapons: Twin swords, fangs, and claw like nails
Powers: Enhanced senses, inhuman speed and strength, turn into a bat, Telepathy, Mind Control, Charm, Illusions
Bio: Alice was a little human girl Xavior took her in as his slave. He slaughtered her family in a hunger rage. He hadn't feasted in days and his mind snapped and eventually grew fond of her. Despite watching her family's death, she showed no fear, which surprised him. He taught her the hisory of things. When she was 24 he turned her. She had so much potential. She seemed...more unique than other humans. Before meeting Alice, Xavior lost his mother when she gave birth to him. His father was abusive and threw him out on his own to be killed in a small battle going on when he was 27. He met a dying vampire who wanted to continue her bloodline. She was cold and heartless but also caring. He had tried to help her and she ended up biting him just moments later. After the change she fell to dust. He grew enraged with hunger and killed his entire hometown.
Pic of Character:
User Image

Gaia name: DragonArcher93
My Name is: Ren
Nickname(s): N/A
I am: (Age) Unknown
Personality: Dark, Viscious, Respectful, Overprotective, Stubborn, Short Tempered, Wise, Tricky
Race: Dragon
Sexuality: Unknown
Side: Neutral...for now
Weapons: In human form a sword made of the elements
Powers: Healing, Fire, Air, Telepathy, Trance, Charm, Enhanced abilities, Extremly flexible
Bio: Ren grew up killing and slaughtering people for centuries once she was 18. Demons had killed her family and the side of the good refused to help. She calmed down and began to help anyone who may have wandered on up to the mountains. She has had several lovers and had only one kid who is rarely around unless he's out to help. Other than that he works on the side of the good as a messanger.
Pic of Character: User Image
Human: User Image

Gaia name: Jason Emo Wolf
My Name is: Ryuu
Nickname(s): N/A
I am: 17 years
Personality: Kind, stubborn, sarcastic, acts tough, loyal to friends, outgoing
Race: Kitsune
Sexuality: Straight
Side: Neutral
Weapons: Katana
Powers: Fire, healing, mind control, enhanced senses, shielding, can go misty for a few moments at a time, teleportation
Bio: Ryyu lost his father and mother in the war when he was 12. His older brother lost his life when he was 18 and Ryuu was 15. Ryuu has been alone since and refuses to take part in the war unless it's his friends who's in danger. He became a spy for the good side when he was 16. It was a good way for food and money. He was the sneakiest person the good lord could find. He sneaks into the mountains on the border and gives some of his food to the dragons in return for a safe return to the good side after he get done with his business in the evil side.
Pic of Character: User Image
Nine-Tailed Kitsune: User Image
Human: User Image
Other: Ryuu hides the number of tails he has in order for people to think of him as weaker than he is. He has inbetween form with one tail

Gaia name: Saleana the Demon Slayer
My Name is: Shana
Nickname(s): N/A
I am: Unknown, but in human form looks in early 20s
Personality: Wise, quiet, understanding, short tempered, sometimes powerhungry
Race: Dragon, mate to oldest male dragon
Sexuality: Straight
Side: Neutral
Weapons: Large sword while in human sword.
Powers: Elements, telepathy, shadow manipulation, enhanced senses, enhanced speed and strength, can control animals, shielding
Bio: Shana lost her parents when she was just a young hatchling. A demon took her in and raised her. He taught her how to change into a human. They fell in love when she was 20. They were together for 50 years until he was killed by a female demon. When Shana was 600 she had killed a large portion of the demon army and hid up in the mountains. She has a home in a large cave. She helps out the good side but sometimes offers help to the evil
Pic of Character: User Image
Human: User Image
Other: (Approven by Dragon to change up my character a little to be able to use her.)

Gaia name: Winiewski
My Name is: Crest
Nickname(s): Call me by a nickname and I will kill your loved ones.
I am: I look 19 or 20 but my real age is a mystery and he planes to keep it that way.
Personality: Acts friendly and well mannered to hide his true self from the world a Egotistical conniving Goerofanatic.
Race: Z Human (For those who do not know what that is its like a combo of a vampier and a zombie they look human only are smarter and stronger and feed on the flesh of living things. they sadly can not run and fear fire.
Sexuality: Straight but flirtatious with all
Side: He says Neutral but really acts more evil
Weapons: A carving knife for carving up his kills and a hatchet for some fun gore
Powers: Can not be killed by any normal means what so ever in fact the only way to end him is with fire or the full destruction of his brain. Can replace wound or damaged limes with body parts from others.
Bio: In life when he was a human he was nothing more then a city thug and mugger but after a few years of being dead and suffering in hell for his sins he became some much more. At the start of the war he escaped hell and now has planes to kill and take over the side of good or evil so that he can whip the other side out. But first he needs to manipulate some powerful beings so he has the power to tack over.
Pic of Character: Crest
Other: He may act like some ones friend but the thought of killing them never leaves his mind.

Gaia name: XKiromX18
My Name is: Rinto
Nickname(s): The Hard Magma Dragon
I am: Unknown
Personality: Wise, Respectful, Honorable, Calming
Race: Dragon
Sexuality: Straight
Side: Neutral
Weapons: In dragon form, his entire body is a weapon. In human form, he can conjure up a sword made of his scales.
Powers: Regenerative Healing, Fire Breathing, Fire throwing (Flames come off wing when they flap), Armor Skin (His skin/scales is the earth itself. Normal weapons cannot penetrate his skin).
Human Powers: His dragon powers are the same in human form, but just weaker. Fire throwing in human form is just throwing fireballs.
Bio: Rinto is one of the more rare and unique dragons in the world. He is the spawn of a fire dragon with an earth dragon. In order for his egg to be hatched, it must suffer great intensities of heat. Rinto was born in a volcano and thus became a Magma Dragon. From there, he lived inside his volcano for centuries as he waits for his purpose in life.
Pic of Character: User Image
Other: User Image

Gaia name: LunarKane
My Name is: Waylen Vermilion
Nickname(s): Waldo
I am: 115 (Technically 15), looks about 20
Personality: Helpful, Humorous, Intuitive and Opportunistic. When fighting he's Stoic, but not above riling up the enemy.
Race: Tsukumogami (Object Spirit)
Sexuality: Strait he's pretty sure
Side: Lawful Neutral
Weapons: Blessed Silver Fist Bracers, Demon Forged Chain Scythe, Blast Ring x2
Powers: Immortality, Near Invulnerability (Explained in bio), Rapid Regeneration, Enhanced Strength and Speed, Spiritual Senses, Object Memory Recognition
Bio: Waylen is Tsukumogami, or Object Spirit. He's an object that gained sentience during it's 100th year of existence by being cared for or used constantly. Technically he's only 15, but has the appearance of a 20 something year old. The object he comes from is a pair of cufflinks passed down threw the generations of the Vermilion family men. Being part of lower high society the Vermilion family knew what it took to succeed but rarely let their fortune rule them. When Waylen was 'born', he took on the appearance of the current user of the cufflinks, the eldest and last son of the Vermilion family. Shortly after Waylen's 'birth', the son died, and Waylen took his spot, until the home and family were destroyed in a battle between the powers that be. He vowed to return the kindness the family showed him threw the over 100 years of his existence. He shows no real allegiance, but does fight as a mercenary with a conscious, taking jobs from either side.

His professional mercenary name is Waldo, and he can be found either in his home, or at the Twilight Restaurant working as a Bartender / Assistant Manager. Both in the town of Victory's Edge. He takes job's from clients who order the Bloody Mary with a hint of Lime. He has certain morals, and if he finds the client is hiding something while in their employ he'll drop the job. But usually it has to be something rather serious.

As an Object Spirit his corporeal body isn't truly real, so it never ages, heals almost instantly, and seems invulnerable to any fatal damage. This is because his true body is the cufflinks he originated from. He keeps them on him, and lets no one know what he is, so as to keep himself safe. If the cufflinks are destroyed his life is forfeit so he guards them well. If his 'body' is damaged greatly though he will be forced to return to the cufflinks for a short period of time to reassemble it.
Pic of Character: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Other: He owns a small house on the Healing Springs side of the Middle Mountains. He works at the Twilight Restaurant in the same town called Victory's Edge. He's a hand to hand, close range fighter.

Gaia name: DragonArcher93
My Name is: Akira
Nickname(s): N/A
I am: 18
Personality: Quiet, short tempered, curious, protective, sneaky, a bit unstable
Race: Kitsune
Sexuality: Bi
Side: Neutral, duh!
Weapons: Katana, daggers
Powers: Fire, water, healing, blood control, telepathy, empathy
Bio: Akira lost her family when she was 12 to a group of angels and demons battling each other. She slowly loses her sanity through her empathy abilites. She stays away from the war, but will steal in order to get food. Her family was one of the most honored among the kitsunes, but she's the only one left of the bloodline. She was beaten when she was 16 leading to her trust issues.
Pic of Character: User Image
Kitsune: User Image

Gaia name: Saleana the Demon Slayer
My Name is: Mari
Nickname(s): N/A
I am: Unknown, but looks 18
Personality: Playful, flirty, unpredictable, can be very mean, loves to fight, outgoing
Race: Demon
Sexuality: Bi
Side: Neutral
Weapons: Longbow, sword, throwing knives
Powers: Possession, summoning, healing, elements, tear out a soul, telekenesis, telepathy, illusions
Bio: Mari lost her parents when she was 12. She took up the guardian of the demon council when she was 700. Decades later she moved up to be the guardian of the Dmitri when he was just a child. She moved on to being one of the elders of the demons a few centuries. Due to her playful and unpredictable attitude they kicked her out a century later. Now she is one of the last few remaining ancient demons. It's been decades since this had happened. She flirts with her victims getting them to think she wants to give them attention and fun, just to rip out their souls in the end. With others she'll flirt and play, but won't harm them...too much unless she grows a liking to them.
Pic of Character: User Image
Other: Her sword feeds off of the power and blood of her victims.

Gaia name: XKiromX18
My Name is: Alexander
Nickname(s): N/A
I am: Unknown, looks about 20
Personality: Cold, unfriendly, threatening, not amused easily, feels at ease when with "friends"
Race: Demon
Sexuality: Straight
Side: Neutral
Weapons: His bare hands
Powers: Left Red Eye (Burns his victims, activates when his eye glows)
Right Green Eye (Poisons his victims, activates when his eye glows),
Immense strength (strength greater than some of the most powerful demons alive),
Regenerative healing,
Animal instinct (becomes feral),
Shroud of Darkness (Becomes one with the shadows when the black side of his hair overtakes the white side of his hair),
Speed of Light (Becomes extremely fast and agile as the white side of his hair overtakes the black side of his hair)
Bio: Alexander is one of the oldest demons that have existed in time, referred as an ancient demon. He belonged to the demon council that existed centuries ago. He was in charge of leading battles whenever war happened and has caused many deaths. Because of his excessive kills, he was kicked off the council out of fear, along with the guardian of the council. He then lived his life trying to develop his skills even further, and has now decided to return to the world of the living to see how things are.
Pic of Character: User Image
Other: Considers himself the owner of Mari

Gaia name: Winiewski
My Name is: Doctor
Nickname(s): Doc or sur
I am: Real age is unknown though looks about thirty some thing.
Personality: Calm collect and clever.
Race: His race is a mystery.
Sexuality: Male
Side: He view's the concept of Good and Bad as actions alone not sides so he sees him self as Neutral.
Weapons: A custom made Mach pistol and a syringe gun filed with what ever substance he has cooked up at the time.
Powers: Though he don't really have powers his skills might as well be seen as power's and they are. his mind is beyond that of normal understanding. He also has a tangency plan for almost every rational situation. He can also make copes of him self though they always have some small flaw.
Bio: not much is known about him where he is from or what he is all that is known that for some reason when ever a horrible or great event happens he is standing off in the distance watching.
Pic of Character: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Other: He never removes his mask so to talk he has to turn the air filter.

Gaia name: noshouting
My Name is: Miles D’Argento
Nickname(s): N/A
I am: 19

Personality: Miles can be summed up in a few words, specifically four; impulsive, talkative, arrogant, and shameless. He is kind of person who surprises you during the most unexpected of moments in the most unexpected of ways. You can never get him or what he’s thinking or even what he’ll do next at first glance. Hell! It’s even hard to predict the guy even when you get to know him.
He treats well the people who treat him well. But in turn, to those who don’t, well don’t expect anything good in return because very little holds Miles back once he gets it on.
He doesn’t like being bossed around, but he also doesn’t like bossing around anyone. Thus he either works with an equal who is independent, or he works alone. That’s his sort of moral code. Plus, he doesn’t like seeing people who don’t deserve it get hurt.

Race: Demon
Side: Neutral

Cerberus – The Cerberus is a fully-automatic, break loading revolver with three barrels and three chambers made by Miles himself. One of its many features is that it needs no bullets to fire. It reloads using Miles’ Hell Fire enabling him to fire fiery or iced bullets of pure power. It fires three bullets at a time.
Vendetta – Vendetta is a broad sword that is around two meters in length and a foot in width, and is made out of indestructible demonic material. When not in use, it is disguised as a ring Miles’ wears on his left middle finger. It is reasonably heavy when used and slows Miles down an understandable amount. But despite its problems with its weight, it makes up for with power. Using Vendetta boosts Miles’ natural physical power by three-fold and it does the same with his Hell Fire.
Despite being one of Miles’ more powerful assets, it is also one of his weaknesses. The Vendetta was created by extracting a small portion of Miles’ soul and embedding it into the blade, creating perfect harmony between them. This also resulted in the blade becoming a living weapon, occasionally it psychically communicates with Miles as if a person. The bad thing about it is that if for any reason Miles gets cut with his own blade, the wound would take three times as long to heal than usual and would be unaffected by his accelerated healing nor his Hell Fire’s healing.

Hell Fire – With Hell Fire, Miles can control the fire’s temperature, may it be fire that’s over a thousand degrees, or fire that’s a thousand degrees below zero. With this, he can burn or freeze his enemies. Miles is able to utilize his Hell Fire in almost unlimited ways.
Phase-Jump – Phase-jumping incorporates the ability to run, move, and think in almost unimaginable speeds, and the ability that seems a lot like teleportation. With this, Miles has the psionic ability to disappear at will from any point and reappear in another instantly, without leaving behind fancy flashes of light or sounds as he does. He could even take others with him, if he wishes. Although, phasing-jumping has a range limit of around a mile, give or take.
Although, he can just choose to run at unbelievable speeds. Miles has been known to be able to move at speeds matching the speed of sound, perhaps even faster.
Extraordinary Physical and Mental Condition – Miles has natural above average physical strength, agility, reflexes, marksmanship, stamina, durability, dexterity, balance, and physiology.
He also has above average intelligence and intellect to the point that he uses 70% of his cerebral cortex, instead of the usual 5%. He requires this in order to process his surroundings at faster rates, even at high speeds.
Also, due to his rigorous high-speed running, his cardiovascular and respiratory systems almost never fail making him immune to fatigue. The liquid in his body also evaporates at a slower rate.
His bones are more durable than usual due to the excessive strain placed on them by the shocks of his feet touching the ground at speeds. Also due to this, his joints and tendons are more efficient and lubricated than normal, and are also more durable having the tensile strength of spring steel.
Accelerated Healing – Miles has a healing process that enables him to regenerate damaged and destroyed tissue with a far greater efficiency than the ordinary. At times, it regenerates almost instantly with minor wounds. But it’ll take a few more seconds for deep cuts and through-and-throughs. Interior wounds like, concussions and internal bleeding, take a minute or two. He can also heal burns, gunshot wounds, and regenerate certain parts of his body, like broken bones or a missing finger.
His natural healing also enables immunity to the effects of poisons and most drugs, like anesthesia or knock-out gas. He also has immunity to the effects of alcohol, leaving him unable to get drunk or get a hangover.
Other than this, his healing abilities also grant his immune system the ability to fend of diseases and infection.
But his healing doesn't give him immunity to pain, hunger, fatigue, or thirst. Nor does it grant him immortality in the sense that he is unable to die. Miles has a few theories on how to kill himself, although has never tried them. He suspects that decapitating his head will leave his brain unable to connect to other parts of the body and will be unable to control the healing ability.
Another theory is that carving out his heart before given a chance to regenerate will leave the body unable to circulate blood, given that his heart doesn't regenerate when carved out.
He also suspects that once stabbed with Vendetta in a vital part of his body, he will automatically die just like anyone.

Miles has a very complicated family history. But to start it off, it’s best to start from the beginning. Miles’ mother died upon giving birth to him. His father took him and raised him, teaching him everything he knows, how to fight, how to use his abilities, how to act, and other things like that.
At age 12, Miles woke up to see his father packing his bags as if getting ready for a trip. He asked him when he’d be back, but his father said he didn’t know.
Miles was left under the wing and protection of a close friend of his father, after his father left. He continued his training with her. She raised her to be a kind person, a loyal leader, but also a skilled warrior.
At age 16, Miles decided it was time to tackle the unending dangers of the world alone. Despite knowing war was at foot, he feared nothing for he believed his father will always be looking over him. And it was Miles' only goal to give his father's name pride.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Maybe it's a dream; maybe nothing else is real.

Gaia name: Vampvixen Kimaira
My Name is: Nemuru Eien
Nickname(s): Nemui, Willow Wisp
I am: Immortal
Personality: Nemuru is a carefree airhead who goes with the flow most of the time. She’s friendly with both youkai and humans. She sleeps a lot, which makes sense because she was sealed in a tree for a whole millenium. She seems to eat a lot as well, not because she’s hungry, but because she enjoys the tastes of food and the act of eating. She enjoys freaking people out by saying things like “There is going to be a tsunami~ Pack your bags~”. She is truly “dead and loving it”.
Race: Evil Spirit, part-Celestial
Sexuality: Asexual ((her bottom half is a ghost, so what’s the point?))
Side: Neutral, somewhere in between.
Weapons: Will-o-Wisps/Ghosts, Curse Tags, Dark Energy, and Holy energy
Powers: She can manipulate souls of the living and dead around her. She can use darkness and holy light as projectiles. She can “eat” life energy, causing the living to become fatigued and sickly. She can place curses on people, though most of the time they are humorous, such as making someone have non-stop flatulence or making everything they touch turn into a toad that follows them until the curse is lifted. Her body is poison to evil beasts and youkai. She can change the fate of others, but not hers ((think of Ghost Trick)).
Bio: Nemuru was originally a descendant of a Celestial and Shinto shrine maiden who was entirely pure and innocent. She trained from dawn until dusk to achieve immortality or at least become a Hermit. Her family is dead, her being the only descendant alive. She was quite young when she achieved Celestial-hood, well, almost. She was killed before she could reveal the secrets to becoming immortal. As tradition, a dead person must wait at Sanzu River or The River of the Dead for a shinigami to ferry them across, but before that could occur, a group of youkai found her body and used it to seal a youkai forest which ate people alive if they got lost, thus making Nemuru an Evil Spirit. She became vengeful and went in search of the youkai who hid her body, causing HER to get sealed in the largest tree in the forest by the Gods to teach her a lesson. A thousand years later, she was unsealed from the tree by two humans and by then had forgotten about most of her past except her name. She now roams aimlessly.
Pic of Character: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Other: Any demons who come near her will start feeling sick, due to the nature of Celestials. She only needs to feed on mist, though if she’s peckish she’ll eat fruits, breads, nuts, birds and the occasional soul. She’s weak to certain plants, such as lily-of-the-valleys and suzuran, as well as anything poisonous. She is easily manipulated ((read: stupid and gullible)).

But it wouldn't mean a thing if I told you how I feel.
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heart heart ~~~Open~~~ heart heart

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~Alice (Allie)~

Alice ran through the woods on the Western side. She ran from the hound dogs the evil leader had sent after her. As she held her bleeding side, her eyes held fear for the first time in her life. She caught sight of her sire and sped up. "Sire! There's too many! Head back!" she yelled. Her voice was dark, eerie, and smooth as velvet. She jumped over a dead log and slid through the trees. The moonlight shined brightly tonight. She slowed down when she reached Xavior. She looked up at him in fear. Her blood red eyes darkened. "I can't heal. A knife's blade is stuck in my side."

She looked back and saw the pack of hounds catching up. "Oh hells..." She grabbed his wrist and ran ahead. She knew he would yell at her for yanking him along as she did. She continued to hold her side with her other hand, feeling her blood slip through her delicate fingers. She tripped over a tree root and rolled down a hill, bringing her sire down with her. "S-sorry!" She crashed into a tree, losing a hold of his wrist and screeched. She sat up and glared at the pack of mutts. She got up and ran after the hounds. She hissed as her fangs extended and tackled the closest one that was headed after her sire.

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Xavior had heard Alice call out to him. He tensed and narrowed his gold eyes at the hound dogs. "Alice..." he muttered. He jumped when she grabbed a hold of his wrist and began to run. "Alice! Don't you ever pull me again!" he snapped. He grunted as she fell, bringing him down with her. He tried to keep a hold of her. As she crashed into a tree, he slid and grabbed a hold of a branch. He watched her tackle a hound. He frowned and brushed off his clothes.

He ran a hand through his sandy blonde hair and walked over a few roots. He watched her tear into the dog and sighed. The acidic blood burned her hands, arms, and throat. Even though the blood burned her, she continued to heal at a rapid rate. He gently pulled her away and lifted her up into his arms. She hissed and realized it was him. "Sire?" He walked away towards a path and slid into a small cave in the dead woods without a sound. He sat down on the ground and held her on his lap as he gently dug his nails into her bleeding wound. He pulled out the shard and threw it deep into the cave. Her side healed up and she groaned. He smiled and brushed back her hair. "Silly, girl."
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Ryuu swung his katana down and cut off a demon's head. He had been caught and, he was not happy about it. He looked up at the evil lord and stood up straight. "I was just strolling on through, sir. There's no need to attack me. Look...I just have one tail. I'm hardly worth anything. An easy kill. Why waste your warrior's energy?" He gave a charming smile, flashing his canines. He flinched when the ruler snapped. Two demons armed with brutal looking swords stepped into sight. Ryuu bowed his head, sighing. "You sir...Oh how rude...Attacking a bystander." He shrugged and stepped back, closer to the cliff he was on.

"You are tresspassing and a spy, Ryuu." The kitsune broke out in laughter. "Me, a spy? Why such pleasure of you to think so lowly of me." He took another step back. "Well...this was a nice chat, but...as you can see, I must be going." He jumped back and fell down the cliif. He twisted his body through the air and laid his ears back. He grabbed a hold of a root and dug his heels into the dirt. A pack of Hell Hounds down below barked and snarled. He slid his katana on the sheath on his back and flipped backwards. He landed on a Hell Hound and petted its head. "Oh, who's a good, doggie." The animal tilted its head and whined in confusion. "Run to the mountains." he said in latin. The Hell Hound broke off into a fast run. It sped through the pack and into the woods.

Mood: Calm/ Sneaky
Location: Death Woods
Company: A hell hound
Thoughts: Ooo, what fun.

User Image
Nathanial, also known as Nate

Nathanial flew down onto a building. He landed gracefully, folding his wings back. He held his head up high and held his staff in his left hand. In his right was his bow. "People, people...calm!" People in the destroyed town had quieted down and looked up at their ruler. "It's the great lord!" one called out. He waved away the comment and tapped his staff against the roof. "I understand the battle here was terrifying and that we had lost hundreds of people." he said aloud.

He fell silent as the crowd of people began to murmur amongst themselves. "Quiet!" They grew quiet. "Now, we have to come together and fix up the damge. The buildings need repaired, the wounded need to be attended to, and the bodies of our loved ones need a proper burial. Now I know it'll be tough, but together we can manage. I, myself will help along with the other Ruler." He gave a small smile and spread out his wings. "Besides we recieved a victory today. Those bloody beings cannot win if we stick together!" Everyone cheered and clapped. "Silence now. That's enough. Now, let's rebuild the city and make it better." They nodded and went about the area, cleaning up.
Mood: Calm
Location: Town in Healing Springs
Company: Townspeople
Thoughts: A lot of work needs to be done.
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~Lilith (Lily)~

Lilith walked through the woods of the Eastern side of the world. She quietly hummed and allowed her claws to run along the bark of each tree she passed by. She heard panting and scowled. "Halt!" she demanded in the ancient tongue. The hell hound she had heard stopped behind her. She slowly turned and a grin formed as she look up to see a boy on top of the hound's back. She giggled and tilted her head a side. Her sharp teeth gleamed in the moonlight. She looked at the boy's ears and single tail. She walked up to the hound and ran her fingers through the black fur of the beast.

"Hello." she spoke softly, though her voice was chilling and dark. She snapped her fingers and a scythe appeared in her hand. She jumped up and landed on the hound's neck. She grabbed the boy's ear and frowned. She opened his mouth to see canines. Then she pulled her hand away sighing. "You're a kitsune...but with only...one tail? That seems highly suspiscious..." She rolled her red eyes and crossed her legs, sitting down on the hell hound's upper back, facing the boy. "Who are you?" she asked simply in a bored tone. She twirled her scythe around with her right hand and yawned in boredom.
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Ryuu jumped when he spotted a young woman. He growled under his breath when the Hell Hound had stopped. He watched a scythe appear into her hand and tilted his head. "How...?" He shook his head. When she grabbed his ear and opened his mouth, he held back a snarl. "Well, aren't you a rude one..."
He rubbed his ear and glared lightly at her. "Suspiscous? Hah, go ahead and think that, demon." He crossed his arms and looked at her boldly. "No...the question is who the ******** are you..." He dropped his arms and looked at her red eyes, then her white hair and slightly pointed ears. He groaned and sighed.

"The royal b*****d's daughter, eh? How lovely..." He shrugged. "What? Ran away from daddy? He keeping you on too tight of a leash lately, darling. Or are you just growing bored of this sickening dead place..." He grinned and picked his ears forward. "Or is it the most famous...Off to set destruction to the poor innocent people of a town." He knew that last statement may result in his death. He reached behind him and touched his katana in case. He narrowed his silver violet eyes at her and bared his teeth. Come on and start something cold hearted b***h. Give me a reason to kill you... he thought coldly

Mood: Annoyed
Location: Death Woods
Company: A hell hound and the evil lord's daughter
Thoughts: ********, now there's unwanted company with me.
User Image
~Lilith (Lily)~

Lilith frowned and held the blade of her scythe against the boy's throat. "Rude? Him a b*****d? Me, a b***h?" She growled and raised her scythe to strike him, but his eyes stopped her. "Well Hell has frozen over..." Her weapon vanished from sight. "You're a nine-tails!" She giggled and stood up. The hell hound under her sat down, causing her to fall off. The boy fell beside her. "Stupid mutt!" She snarled and dug her claws into the dirt. She glanced at the boy and sighed. She folded his ears down and held them. She sang in the ancient language and closed her eyes. The hound yelped and fell over as its flesh fell away into ash.

Soon nothing was left but a pile of ash and bones. She let the boy's ears go and laid back, panting as the rush of death's energy flowed into her. She clenched her hands into fists and sighed happily. "For your information, kid...My father is...Well..." She sat up and looked at him with amusement. "Why do you even want to know?" She picked up the hell hound's skull and looked at the bone structure. Why does...this simple kitsune child amuse me so much...? He acts like he's all big and bad, but he's just a kid... she thought curiously to herself. Her eyes glazed over and a few demons dug themselves out of the ground. They circled around the two, facing away and acted as guards. "Do you have a home?"
User Image

Ryuu growled when she had folded his ears down. He was not some mutt. He was about to pull away until he watched her eyes close and felt the deep negative energy of death. He looked at the woman in fear. All it would take to kill him is her voice. From the looks of it, she recieved joy from the feel of death. He jerked away when she let his ears go. He yelped in surprise when demons formed a circle around them. He looked back at her and laid his ears back. "Well...I was being sarcastic..." He tried to swallow the lunp that had formed in his throat. "Try it sometime...It adds humor." He laughed nervously.

He glanced at each of the demons and felt his muscles tense as he saw the amusement in her eyes. "Oh hell, quit scaring me!" He poked the demon closest to him and tilted his head. "Why are you so amused? And...my home is everywhere. My personal life is none of your concern, demon..." He rolled his eyes when she studied the skull. He took it out of her hands and tossed it into the pile. "That Hell Hound was my favorite...You're mean." He felt his tail twitch. "Me...? With nine tails? How nice of you to think that." He gave a grin and his ears went forward. "Now...may I please go?"

Mood: Annoyed/ Scared
Location: Death Woods
Company: A now dead hell hound and the evil lord's daughter
Thoughts: Well...I liked the hound...but she had to kill him. Now I'm stuck with her and her small army...
User Image

Raine stepped back as a demon ran at her. She took a step to the side and drew an arrow. She set it onto her bow and pulled the bowstring back as she took aim. The demon snapped around and snarled in anger. She let the string go and the arrow shot forward through the air. It landed into the being's throat. The demon fell onto his side, gasping and struggling to breathe. She stepped forward and removed her arrow. She watched the last of the life drain from his eyes as they clouded over in death. She knelt down and closed the demon's eyes. She muttered a quick prayer and stood back up. A feline looking demon jumped overhead and landed gracefully on her four paws. Her tail twitched and slowly swayed behind her. Raine stepped back and spread her wings. She flapped them, taking flight. She flew up and hovered in the air. She drew back the bowstring, using the same arrow that had killed the other demon.
She let the arrow go as it sped through the air towards the feline. She drew another arrow and shot it at the demon's side. She landed on her feet and unsheathed her katana. She stepped forward and slid the blade of her weapon throuh the feline demon's head. She pulled her katana free and knelt down. She closed the dying demon's eyes and muttered a prayer as she did for the other demon. She cleaned the blade of her weapon with a cloth she had in the small bag around her waist. She sheathed the sword and walked away. She left the bodies for the wild animals of the forest in Healing Springs to take care of. She heard a rustle in the bushes to her right and saw her older brother stand up. He gave her a small smile and nodded in approval. She bowed her head. "Did father make the speech?" Her brother walked over and placed his hand on her arm. His blonde hair glistened in the moonlight. "That he did. The town is clearing the mess away as we speak."
"That's good to hear." she replied quietly. He nodded and gave her shoulder a squeeze before dropping his hand. "Those two kills were very nicely done, sister. Quick and clean." She looked down and stared at the ground as her ice blue eyes concentrated on the grass instead of her brother's face. "Just as father taught us, right?" "Yeah...Raine, I know you hate hiding who your family line is, but...it's for your safety. Rose is doing the same. It's only the youngest of the children who have to for now. Give it time and wait until you're older." She felt a sigh escape her lips. "I know. I understand. Thank you for watching over me, Leo." He nodded and cast a smile her way. "Come on, let's go find Rose." She took his hand and they walked off deeper into the forest in search of Rose, the youngest of their siblings.
User Image
~Lilith (Lily)~

Lilith looked at the boy and smiled when she saw his fear. Soon however it turned into annoyance. She frowned. "Why hide what you are? A nine tailed kitsune is the most powerful along the kitsune race." She watched him poke one of the demons. The demon turned his head and grinned, showing sharp and deadly teeth. His red eyes went black. "Hey, down. He's to live, dear." The demon looked down and turned away. She crawled over to him and wrapped her arms around the demon. He smiled and his devil like tail twitched. She ran her fingers along one of his horns. He tilted his head towards her and closed his eyes. "Keep him safe only." He nodded and watched her back away.

She looked at the kitsune. "You amuse me, because you act tough though you show yourself as weaker than what you are. It's an interesting concept." She shrugged and stood up. She sat down on a log nearby. "First off, tone down on being so rude. I'm Lilith, daughter to the Dark Ruler of Death Woods. And you are?" She looked at him closely as if she was studying him. Her dark eyes darkened a little. She glanced at the male demon she had to calm down so he wouldn't kill the kid. She smiled when he nodded at her. She heard pounding against the ground and two hell hounds ran over. She snapped her fingers and they sat down near the circle of demons. One of the hounds barked and dropped a scroll into her extended hand.

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