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1. I , foxy_the_lovable_smidget am mistress of the rp so my word is law.
2. This is semi-lit and up so please no * or text talk
3.follow gaia TOS (no cybering!)
4. No Godmodding especially puppeting unless the person playing them said to for some reason it drives me crazy otherwise
5. Dont kill off anybody's charrie unless they say you can and I have confirmed that.
6. Post at least once every two weeks at the very least or your charrie goes bye bye.
7.Pairings are decided already but if you want to be mischievous and not be exactly loyal be my guest
8.I like pretty pictures on posts and however else you wish to decorate it up
9. All of the characters are friends but only the black wings know who is an assassin and only the saints know who is a detective. Its no fun otherwise
10. Reserves hold for 48 hours title "I have a secret' inside tell me who you wish to be
11. Profiles shall be titled your group. (Black Wing Assassin or Saint)
12: After you have have had your profile accepted you must post within three days or you go bye bye.
13: You don't have super powers! We're agents and assassins not X-men
14. You may however have special skills as you are supposed to be the best of the best but it has to be an actual skill meaning no talking to animals or anything crazy like that
15. I may make changes to the rules if needed
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ღ Pairings ღ

updated! pairings are able to change as the story goes on and when that happens I will change it up a little to show the real couple and the bolded ones are current parings shown in the rp and underlined ones are those that i threw together to make the new pairing and therefore do not have to be together if nothing is there that means currently its implied
starts with a cap its a name no caps its a codename











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Location: Los Angeles
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Connor Talon

Connor smirked some as he rounded the corner with the lowlie gang on his tail. There were five but he had alread taken care of two of them and since there was a bit of time to kill, pardon the pun, he thought it would be fun to play with the last three a bit. It wouldn't be for too long though just long enough to let them think they really take him down and get away. Come on he was a blackwing did they really think it was that simple?

Smirk still in place he led them toward the dark alley where he knew his best friend Dean would be waiting then stopped at the end where he carelessy twirled what looked to be his last throwing knife absentmindedly. "Huh three left. I dont know what i'm going to do seeing as I'm only prepared for one more." He replied. He really didn't know how people like them got on his hitlist but he wasn't going to question it.
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Holly took out the keys to her mustang and unlocked the door. She ran her hand over the sleek leather and breathed in the new car scent. Then she sighed. Driving a manual was not in her repertoire. She left from her apartment for her ride like she did everyday. Like she would do everyday until she learned to drive a stick, seeing as her father wouldn't buy her a different car. She harrumphed as she slammed the door shut with her hip and rain as fast as she could in high heels and tight skinny jeans. She leaned against the pillar and looked up at the sky. Hopefully she'd be safe in the car before it started to down pour.
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She was chasing something, or someone to be exact. They were fast but with her gymnastic manuevers she was quickly catching up. It was the assassin, Rain. Her mission was simply to apprehend him by any means necessary. After many hours chasing she had finally had cornered until he had gotten a hold of her gun and turned the tables on her. "Say goodnight Angel." she heard in a very familair voice before everything went black.

Leila woke with a start. "What a weird dream." she thought outloud as she looked up at her computer screen from her desk. Perhaps she had been focusing too much on this case. It was really messing her head. At thought she resigned herself to taking a step away from it all tomorrow and maybe getting ahold of everyone to see if they wanted to go to the beach or something. Who knows how long it had been since she hung out with them. True half of their group was in her tema but even then she had yet to do much with them outside of work

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥Angel ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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                                                      Eon Rain James

                                                      Eon was in his little warehouse that he called home. It was the closest thing to a house he had. It was messy all over since he had a little brawl inside here. For some reason, some other people who knew the assassin's way figured out this was where he crashes and decided to follow him. Poor suckers. That just give them a free ticket to the other world.

                                                      Eon was cleaning his knifes since they were all bloody. Yuck, nothing he hates more than an bloody knife. He saw it shine with the midnight moonlight that entered from the glass roof. He snickered. The others were probably after people on their list while he waited for them. Yes, he doesn't go after them if there was no need. They were after them so why forced himself too much?


                                                      Let's fly
                                                      Up, up here we go, go
                                                      Where we stop nobody knows

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☠ Ace ☠

A S k e l t o n In my C l o s e t

                                                    Gannon walked into his assassin house,It had been fortified to be almost impossible to break into.The windows had been covered with think sheets of metal and the door had been reinforced with a steel door that hid behind the original wooden frame.His clothes were drenched in blood,Not his but some of the men he had been after,Things had gotten a little messy and close quarters combat was required.Leaving shoe printed of blood to the bathroom his walked into the shower closing the glass door behind him.Turning on the water he washed himself and his clothes off bloody water covering the floor before flowing down the drain."Stupid ******** cursed as he slipped off his clothes washing off his body and making sure the overwhelming stench had been washed away covering his clothes in soap scrubbing them clean quickly.

                                                    With his shower down and his clothes in the wash Gannon switched his clothes to his normal everyday outfit.It was midnight and then meant he still had plenty of time till morning to get home and be back in his own bed.If there was even time for sleeping.Taking a step into his weapons room Gannon set to work on cleaning each part of his desert eagle and once that was done he set to work on the rest.Taking a pause for a moment he pulled his phone from his pocket and once he finished the message it was sent.

                                                    To: The Black Wings
                                                    From: Leader
                                                    Msg: Hope most of you are still awake,If not sorry for the disturbance to your beauty sleep. A planned bank heist needs to go down in the next few days,It's been a while and we need to build up on our cash supplies.It will help for future set up's,I have news of a future mission where we will need the best equipment.

                                                    Ha,I wish a S k e l t o n was there it's more like the G r i m R e a p e r

                                                    Normal Outfit

                                                    Dodge Charger

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Lydia Rose Morgan

Lydia smiled relcolecting on the job she had just finished while making her way to her hideout after disposing of everything to possibly lead to her being identified as the killer. Not that anyone woud suspect Lydi of such anyways but they were trying hard to discover the identies of the blackwings so she had to still be somewhat careful. Of course that didn't meran she didn't have a bit of fun with her target. It wasn't lilith's stle to make it clean though so it was to be expected.

As she arrived she noticed her phone going off at which she just stared at the name debating whether or not she felt like responding. Of course she wouldn't be responding with anything helpful and acey was fun to mess with so she soon began working on a reply. Lets see how could she annoy mister boss man today..

To:Spacey Acey

Aye aye captain dumbass! You can be honest with me though you just blew through the finances trying to fix that freak show face of yours didn't you Acey?

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