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Gender: Male

Location: Canada , Alberta , Westlock

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Gaian Age: Too damn long!

Name : Dalton William Carlson

Age : Twenty-Two emotion_yatta

Current Addiction: Roleplaying , GTA V (Xbox One) , Rainbow Six: Siege (Xbox One), Pokemon Moon ( 3DS ) , Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja storm 4 (Xbox one) , Starcraft (PC) , Minecraft

Birthday : May 3 / 1994

Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time - UTC -7

Living in : Canada, Alberta, Westlock. A small town near the center of Alberta an hour away from Edmonton - bunch of stalkers!! See you soon! wink Haha

Height : 6"6 - I don't wanna grow no more!

Hm, What about me, Let's see, I'm a really sarcastic guy and I'm a bit...Jerky (No! Not the stuff you eat and I'm a male, Bite me, No ones perfect, ) , But it's very rare that I mean the things that I say., I'm a fun person to be around and I'm random at times. Could be talking about something before the conversation switches tracks xD I'm a huge gamer and for a while now I've been switching between playing Xbox One and Pc games.( Have a few Nintendo handheld consoles) Though if I had the cash, I would probably have the others as well. Fun fact, I'm the youngest and tallest out of my entire family ( Strange how that works ) Guess I got lucky. Whenever I meet a person for the first time I'm a bit awkward with them. One because I tend to say and do a lot of stuff that could cross a line and second well. I don't know you, But that's normal.

Ah! I'm an avid cosplayer and conventionier ( Is that a word? ) I've been going to a convention in Edmonton called Animethon for 8 years an it's probably the best place for me to get my nerd on and cosplay all weekend!. It has a ton of things to do. Voice actor panels,Concerts,Gaming rooms,Anime viewing rooms,Vendors hall and Artist alley, Won't lie, My room is decked out with art posters that i bought from there. Worth it though!

My likes can range from anything, Honestly though im not going to like everything on the planet, But im only human so it's natural. That's what asking is for! Anyway! That's a bit about me, For all of you who read this, Thank you for taking the time to finish it razz

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I've changed my username countless times over the years.
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