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                                                                    Jeyne watched as Miani looked Vos over. The Guard brute had stirred into wakefulness and made a move to get up. But quickly the Healer fae gave him the medicine he needed and would keep him grounded until he made a full recovery. She opened her mouth to answer Miani’s question but Vos beat her to it. She listened to his explanation. He seemed to get most of the story down except he was missing one vital detail – and that was she had told him not go after the buck. Jeyne couldn’t help but be annoyed again. If wolves could only understand that healthy animals weren’t meant to go after, bucks especially. After telling his side of the hunting accident, Vos had turned unconscious for the second time. Jeyne thought of telling Miani everything else, but it wouldn’t matter much. Vos was already hurt and he knew it was his fault, there was no use in heaping more blame on the wounded wolf. She was glad he was alright at least.

                                                                    “It’s true,” she said, backing up the brute’s words, confirming him. “We were feeling overconfident and went for a buck. I know that was wrong and next time we’ll take more wolves along, actual Hunters.” She nodded, this was the truth. She knew their mistakes and didn’t need to be told how to rectify things. She glanced back at Vos as he thrashed in his sleep, growling and thinking the two faes were conspiring against him. Her ears flipped back and she looked to Miani. Maybe the Healer could give him some stronger drugs. “I’ll come back later,” she informed. Jeyne had done what she could to get Vos to help and now she could leave him in more experienced paws.

                                                                    She left the Healer’s den and padded around the Karam Niel densite, taking note of things. She followed the trail she had used to track Miani. She wanted to speak to the Alpha. As she neared to where that was she scented other wolves in the vicinity, some familiar and some unfamiliar but that wasn’t too unusual. Wolves were always trying to join the pack. So there always seemed to be a line when wanting to speak to the Alpha male. Respectfully she stayed out of hearing distance. She had a report and a request to make but she could wait.
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==== ======== ======== ======== ======== ======== ======== ======== ======== ====

Aphrodite smiled softly as Wilton curled up close to her and took comfort from his warmth and closeness. She released her breath on a content sight and let sleep take over. She dreamt of summer's sunshine and flowers, of running through meadows like a love-struck yearling as Wilton chased her. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew the dream was silly, but she loved it all the more for it. She dreamed of a pack that wasn't in war, one that didn't have the constant, dark threat that was Mujihi. She dreamed of a worry free alpha with his new mate, and finally, she dreamed of puppies.

When Aphrodite finally woke up the next morning, it was well past her usual time. Too comfortable to get up just yet, she decided to lay for a little while longer. She was warm with Wilton pressed against her and enjoyed the sensation. She hadn't had anyone to curl up next to since her mother passed away. Now that she finally did, she wanted to savor the moment. She did have duties to attend to, however, and would need to get up.

Yawning, she looked around to see other pack members still in slumber, including Wilton. She smiled affectionately before reaching forward and nudging him softly. "Wilton, hun, if you want to go on patrol with me you should wake up now." She rose gingerly, making sure Wilton wouldn't suddenly thump to the ground. When she was finally fully on all four paws she stretched, yawning as her body creaked and she shook off the sleep that still lingered. Giving Wilton an encouraging lick on the ear, she left him to rouse himself and headed to the kill pile. After polishing off a vole she picked out a tasty bit from the buck for Wilton and carried it back to the den, leaving it before him. "Good morning sunshine, I brought you breakfast." She smiled. Aphrodite was obviously a morning wolf. She had to be when her duties often started as the sun rose.

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          my darlings

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                                                                                  Marissa smiled happily as Ansel said he would take Fell to talk to Roan and wagged her tail joyfully. They would at least have a chance. As he ordered them to line up she obeyed quickly, giving her pup a scornful look before bumping his bottom along until they were in line. Once they were halfway pack she went ahead and picked him up, allowing the group to pick up pace. She'd have a stern talk with Rau when this was all over, but for the time being, she had other things to focus on. When Ansel left them to go find and retrieve Roan she settled next to Fell, setting Rau down at her paws and brushing pelts with her brother. She was anxious, butterflies invading her belly as she awaited Ansel's return with their alpha.

                                                                                  When he finally appeared with Roan, Marissa released the breath she hadn't known she was holding and immediately sucked in another one. Her nerves were beginning to get the better of her. She snapped out of it when Ansel bared his teeth at her brother. She stood to approach Roan and couldn't help the hair that stood up on her hackles as she shot Ansel a look. She had just gotten her brother back, she wasn't about to let someone suddenly take him away from her. She felt her skin prickle in a blush then. What was she doing? This was no where near her normal behavior, and Ansel was only doing his job. She let her head and tail lower for a moment in a silent apology, then let them pick right back up as she turned yet again to face Roan. "Roan, this is my brother, Fell. He may be a former member of Mujihi, but he is my only surviving family from my former pack. I had thought he was dead..." She paused, giving herself a moment to push aside the pain that came with remembering that event, then continued, "I ask that you let him join the pack, or at least let him remain near the territory as an outsider." She didn't need to point out the fact that he out of all the wolves should know the importance of family, he already knew that and it didn't need to be brought up. So she grew silent, unsure of how to argue for her brother. Raising her eyes, she locked eyes with Roan and prayed to Mother Moon that he would understand.


                                                                                  I'm Here: Karam Niel den Who's with me: Fell, Ansel, Sable, Uranus, Rau, Roan What I'm doing: Trying to convince Roan to take Fell in Counting the Words: 481

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Listening to him carefully her tail wagged when he said his day was good, the thought of that bring a wolfish grin to her lips. Rolling over onto her stomach she whined bored like, before getting back to his feet. When he brought up the mistake she flicked her tail at him and started away from him. "It was a stupid mistake and should of never happened." Her ears tucked back in anger as she glanced back towards Oberon, showing her own self anger. To Pamuya it was a huge deal that she failed at catching a rabbit, she wanted to be the second best hunter in the whole pack. And a simple slip up like that was anything but that, more so she injured herself some in the process. What a fool she felt like standing in front of Oberon, with her back facing him.

As she turned back to look at him she shook her head, before turning her back to him once more and heading off. Hatred and anger filled her mind now, more so with Oberon seeming so at ease with the mistake she made in front of him. Why didn't he push her hard, it wasn't like she wasn't weak and careless as many other wolves. Shaking her head she took a seat near the edge of their hang out and pouted some, just wanting to think for a bit. With a whine she lifted her sore paw up, wondering if she should see a healer soon. Looking over her shoulder for Oberon he lowered her head shortly after spotting him, deciding it wasn't worth saying anything. Getting back up to all fours she started off down the trail leading towards the main den site, that is when she called back to Oberon. "I am going to see the healer, your welcome to come."

Walking down the trail she made her way towards the main den site, thoughts of Oberon seeming to only grow as he anger did. Once she was out of the sight of the hang out area and near the main den site, her eyes scanned over everything looking for the signs of a healer. When she didn't notice one straight off, she headed for the healer's den and took her sweet time getting there. Walking tenderly she wondered now if Oberon would follow or leave her all alone with another wolf. The thought was quickly shaken from her mind as she came up on the den itself, noticing Kavick was sitting near the entrance. Letting out a low bark towards him, she made her way to sit in front of him. Once seated she held up her sore paw, walking that far on it causing some pain. As she waited for him to notice her, her eyes averted from his direct vision, afraid to have to explain her injuries. More so afraid to look like a fool because of what she did. And now she was wishing Oberon had joined her.


Location:Healer's DenCompany:Kavick & Oberon(?)Feelings:Foolish&StupidThoughts:Please don't ask what happened...Word Count:500 WordsOOC:N/A
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Luka watched the small pup {Relic} squirm about and growl. Her growl was small, and very non-threatening. He found it rather cute. The orange pelted wolf gave grin to the little fae and watched her jump back at his snort. She was skiddish, but then again she was a pup. After suggesting going out together for a bit, the pup spoke her name. She was called Relic. Luka liked that name, it sounded like it suited the little fae. He turned and walked at a slow pace, glancing down at the little pup when she ran beside him. He knew how to act around pups, after all he was his own adventurous pup at one point in time. He told himself if he had pups he would raise them in a fun way, and not be harsh. This pup was probably sentenced to the densite without her mother, but here she was breaking that sentence, and Luka liked that. A little rebel in a pup was good.

He leaned his head down and to the side so he could talk to her. “About you saying you aren’t strong, cause you are just a pup. Don’t believe that one bit little one. Any sized wolf, young or old, can accomplish anything they put their hearts into. Maybe later I’ll tell you of a brave little pup.” He was trying to make her a bit interested but also bring her self-esteem up. He would later tell her of a story of himself, that he found boring but would excite her. He claimed to not have done anything courageous in his life, yet there was one particular moment in his life that not many pups would live through. He nudged her playfully and continued to walk along a small path. He kept himself focused and alert, yet playful at the same time. This pups life was in his paws now as they had left the safety of the dens. He watched her carefully, making sure she did not harm herself, in any way. He moved through trees and bushes to excite her. He’d point out random herbs to get her going aswell. Then he found an abandoned fox hole. He sniffed it and stuck his head inside to see if there was anything living inside. “Hey Relic. Wanna try to be very brave?” He gave her a wolfish grin. He knew that nothing could harm her in the hole, but he wouldn’t let her know that. He wanted her to play, to get dirty like pups should be doing. The Taichi warrior pointed his paw a the hole in the ground. “Since I’m to big, wanna crawl in there and check it out for me? If you can do this, I’ll take you to some pretty cool caves just a bit away.” He gave the pup a smile and looked from her to the small hole in the ground.

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            ↘↘ SHE WON'T TURN AROUND
            xxxxxxxxxxxxxthe shadows are long the shadows are long the shadows are long
            xxxxxxxxxxxxxthe shadows are long the shadows are long the shadows are long
            xxxxxxxxxxxxxthe shadows are long the shadows are long the shadows are long
            xxxxxxxxxxxxxAND SHE F E A R S IF SHE ( ( C R I E S ) ) THAT FIRST T E A R
            xxxxxxxxxx{{ the tears will not stop raining down... }}

            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxshe won't make a sound she won't make a sound she won't make a sound
            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxshe won't make a sound she won't make a sound she won't make a sound
            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxshe won't make a sound she won't make a sound she won't make a sound
            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxALONE IN THIS FIGHT WITH HERSELF
            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxthe fear w h i s p e r i n g xxxxx if she s t a n d s...she'll f a l l d o w n
            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSHE WANTS TO BE F O U N D
            xxxxxxxxTHE ONLY WAY OUT IS THROUGH ( ( E V E R Y T H I N G ) ) SHE'S RUNNING FROM
            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwants to give up
            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand lie down

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                                                      Larka glanced calmly between her brother and the Sigma. She really hoped she hadn't intruded on anything big between the two. If her brother had been int he middle of learning something, then Larka would feel very guilty for preventing them from finishing the lesson. However it made her smile when she saw how happy Edge was to see her. The two hadn't really talked since earlier and even then their words had been brief, both having things they wanted to do. Of course Larka hadn't done any real training today, unless playing with her Mujihi friend counted as training. Even thinking of the pure black, emerald eyed yearling brought a large smile to the white fae's face and she dropped her gaze down to her paws. A soft sigh escaped her maw as her tail curled around her paws. The yearling fell completely silent and still as she got lost in her thoughts. It was her brother's voice that brought her back down to reality. "Oh," was her only response at first to her brother's words. Larka had really hoped that her brother would have done really well and blown everyone away but there was always next time. And next time she knew her brother would be the greatest novie out there. He just needed more practice. Soon enough he'd be the best scout in Taichi! Larka was sure of it. She playfully nudged her brother in the shoulder and smiled at him. "Don't worry Eddy, I'm sure next time you'll be the best wolf out there!" she barked cheerfully and pulled at his ear. She pulled harder than she normally did but it wasn't enough to hurt the brute. "You were just rusty today. Didn't want to show off your amazing skills, right?" the yearling teased and once again nudged her brother with her shoulder.

                                                      She turned her gaze to smile at the Sigma Scout. She didn't really know the other fae well but all Larka really cared about was whether or not her brother was learning from the elite wolf. And from his words, Larka could tell he was. Besides, eh was being taught by the Sigma and she seemed to be a very nice wolf. "Thank you for training my brother, Sigma Sepphora. I'm sure he'll one day be the best, most loyal scout you'll have," she barked and nodded in her in respect to the elite. Her white ears flicked toward Edge once again before she slowly looked at her brother once again. "Bad mouthing me, huh? Well I guess I'll just remember that next time you're brought up in a conversation," she replied with a teasing smile.

                                                      As soon as her brother began to reply to her comment about Holli, Larka remembered she had yet to tell her brother about what had gone down between her and her sister. Right now, her brother was in the dark about their little sister jumping sides. She opened her mouth to reply when she noticed that Edge was looking for the sister in question. The white yearling followed her brother's gaze until she too spotted Holli by the entrance of the cave with another wolf. She had been hoping that her sister would have been free so they could have all eaten together, but Larka also didn't want to disturb her sister if she was in the middle of a conversation. Maybe they could all hang out later instead. Larka really wanted to spend some time with her siblings again, they hadn't spent much time together since they had been young pups. Looking back at Edge, Larka could see that he clearly wanted an explanation. "While you were out training, Holli came over to me and we ended up um... talking. Well yelling is a better word to describe the conversation. I asked her to leave Khaz alone but she kept defending the little wimp," she told her brother, her voice turning cold at the mention of her ex-brother. She still hated Khaz and didn't want anything to do to him. He had attacked his own siblings and didn't appear to regret it at all. He was a loose cannon simply waiting to explode. "So we fought for a while until finally I got through to her and she saw reason. She agreed with me and now we can be a family again. Me, you, and Holli." Larka ended with a smile and tilted her to look at her brother. She wasn't sure what his reaction would be. She wasn't even sure if he wanted to reconnect with Holli. Even though Larka hoped he would want to reconnect with their sister, deep down Larka knew that, if he didn't want anything to do with Holli, she would loyally stand beside him. He was her brother and he had been there for her through it all. She would always stand by him first. But she still loved her sister and would love to see the three of them be a family again, but only if it was what Edge wanted as well.

                                                      OOC: Short post...

And one day what's L O S T will be F O U N D

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                                                          Miani was hoping that now that a healer was within the den that Vos would at least relax a bit. Let her deal with the injuries as he slept or something. At first, she figured this would have exactly what he did. It seemed as he tried to speak that it was taking a great deal of energy for her to do so. In all honesty - she was hoping that Jeyne instead would tell the story so that the poor injured wolf didn't have to speak about the events if it was too painful to do so. "Shhh. It's alright. Take your time speaking" she reassured the injured brute. From everything that Vos was saying though, it seemed like he shouldn't have been in the healer's den in the condition he was in. From what she could tell from his immediate injuries, he would live. The gouges were deep, but not deep enough where him getting them treated he would end up to be fine. Taking a look at the leg he was talking about that had gotten 'Shattered' it did look fairly bad. She had already given him something for the broken bones so at this point in time - the only thing she could do would be to have him lay still for however long it decided to heal. Which - was hard to ask of any wolf.

                                                          Watching as Vos struggled to stay awake, she shook her head slightly and gave him a gentle lick on his fore-head once he was out for the count. Miani turned to Jeyne as she confirmed everything that Vos had explained earlier. "I don't judge either of you. I don't participate on the hunts myself because I'm not a hunter. I just ask that you guys try to be careful" she nodded with a comforting smile and a smooth, sweet tone of voice to let her know that she wasn't angry or anything. "Thank you, Jeyne. For bringing me to her." Miani gave another nod before she heard Vos stirring a little from his sleep. She wasn't expecting the full on jolt that he then did as he woke up from his sleep. Startled, the healer jumped around to face the brute. He was much stronger than she if he were to try to over-power her. Then again, she knew his injures well now - so she could do something cruel and get gim gown quickly if she utilized them.

                                                          "Vos - calm down. Please. You're not well right now." she stated - as she noticed Jeyne leaving the den which was a little more uncomforting. She would have liked someone else there with her for this. Watching the startled brute, she lowered her head - let her ears fall back and tucked her tail before emanating a soft whine. "I assure you, love. We - I am not here working for anyone else but you. You're hurt. You should sit down and rest your leg" she said as she slowly made her way to the back of the den where the herbs were located - all the time facing Vos so she could see his every move. Nonchalantly, she picked up some fat bramble twigs and snapped them, letting the sap drip onto some Huckleberry and Goldenrod. If he were to actually eat this - it was a mix of muscle reliever and sleep aid - which hopefully would be able to keep him knocked out when he fell back asleep - which wold hopefully come once his adrenaline dropped some. Slowly - she walked back up to him and submissively laid the herbs in front of him. "You're in a lot of pain, right? Eat this - I promise it will help you to feel better." she spoke - really hopeful that he would actually settle down and eat it. If not. . well - her gut was ready to let out the loudest howl she had ever produced before. Miani wished for anything that there was another wolf here to help her with this - or at least the Shaman. It was clear that his head was fuzzy. "We can both stay calm in here right? Since it's just me and you." she continued to speak - still showing the submissive signals - continuing to analyze the situation as it moved forward.
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                                      Kipcha felt a stir of anticipation within her when the shaman gave her news that wherever they were taking her to be fixed up was just ahead. She jerked slightly when Zana let out a howl, whimpering from not knowing whom she could be calling to, but relaxed when this just made her pain revive itself. She slid off of Dozer’s back, flinching occasionally, and collapsed onto the soft patch in the den. She was glad that the moving was done. She was pleased that the wind was blocked by the den they were now in. And moreover she was appreciative of the comfortable earth to lay on. Somehow she was feeling lethargic all of a sudden. A nap sounded nice.

                                      The big fae was roused from her closing lids when she felt eyes on her. Sliding her vision just enough, Kipcha could see that Dozer was intently watching her. She resettled herself slightly but didn’t complain or snap… yet. That was too much energy, and honestly it was a stupid reason to get snippy. He could stare if he wanted. She must look a mess anyway. He spoke, and Kipcha turned her tired gaze to the shaman flitting about the den. The loner fae felt her face scrunch almost into a look of annoyance though she banished it before it could be seen by anyone. She didn’t understand this. What was Zana looking for? Wasn’t she going to fix Kipcha’s injuries with her magic yet? What was there to it? The fae needed to hurry up, didn’t she? Growing frustrated with not understanding and her own constant pain, Kipcha squeezed her eyes shut for a moment. Mother Moon she was so tired. She let her thoughts wander from her discomforts, trying to picture where her stupid sister was. It was all her fault. All of it. None of this would have happened if Kheppa had just stayed with Kipcha like she had wanted. At the very least, they could have been attacked together instead of just Kipcha. It wasn’t fair! Why wasn’t Kheppa punished? Had she entirely abandoned her own sister? Where had she gone?

                                      The fae was alarmed by the feeling of bitterness that she had been mistaking for heartsickness. Dispelling the frightening emotions, she flinched and sat up quickly, giving a gasp. But this made no sense, so she pretended that it was because of one of her injuries. She settled back down with a pained look on her face, too miserable about both reality and her own imagination to know what to do with herself.

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User ImageUser ImageSeca's ears perked up when Fierce asked what kind of disease. He looked over at him, and smirked slightly. "Its called Rabies. Wolves usually get it from animals bites, like from bats, but thats not always the case. Rabies makes a wolf go craaazy," Seca smirked, making his words sound scary and frightning, "IT messes with the wolfs mind, making him go insane. He becomes wild, and crazy, and very very mean. The wolfs slobber turns into a frothy disgusting mess, and it looks like snow coming from his jaws. Thats how you know it has rabies. If you ever see a wolf like that, stay far far away, or you'll became like him." Seca set his head down on the ground, and sighed when the pup wished his father would see him more often. Seca's father had died during a hunting trip, so he knew how the pup felt. "You're father is a very busy brute. He has to run this large pack, and thats not easy. My father died when I was young, so I know how you feel. My pups died when they were as old as you... Washed down a river within a great storm. I also lost my mate, too..." The wolf stopped, and looked away. Talking about such things mde him sad, and depressed. He felt the samll body of Firece curl up into his fur, and he wrapped his tail around him. Seca would gladly keep the pup warm until he woke. It reminded him of his pups, actually. It made him smile, to have thefeeling of such a small life depending on you, even it was for a short time. Seca looked out the den door, and at the main den. He wondered why the Alpha didn't send him out to look for Kailani... Well, someone had to be here for the pups in the den, but still. It was boring and dark in here... He curled his own body around the pup, almost encasing him in fluffy fur. Shortly, Seca fell asleep along with Fierce. His mind was filled with rushing water, filling his nsoe and ears, and making him blind. The water tossed him against rocks, and threw him against the bottom of the water, filling his mouth with sand. He finally rose to the surface, and was shoved up onto a rocky shore. Ittook him a second to understand what was going on. He was dreaming, but it all felt so real. He looked around, and what he saw nearly made him pass out. He saw 5 battered bodies washed up on the shore. 4 of them were small, and 1 was large like him. Upon closer inspection, he saw it was his... family.... Seca cried out with a howl, and this woke him from his nightmare. He instantly tried to get up, thinking water was rushing itno the den. He stopped when he remembered Fierce was curled up next to him. He checked the pup over, and sighed. He was fine, but Seca was still terrified.. He let his head hit the ground softly, as he stared into space.

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Zephyr's ears flattened to his skull as The Gamma Male growled. His hackles started to raise but he made them flatten quickly. "Thank you." He said his ears going back to there normal position. "When was failure ever acceptable?" He asked relaxing a little as Bane turned around to walk away. The young brute took a step forward only to get his muzzle almost bitten. His heart skipped a beat. In reflex his hackles went up and his lips raised. "Fine, you want my opinion?" He asked keeping his position. He snarled and took a few steps back. "Honestly, I think your pelt looks horrible, and that black is not your color." He snarled as Bane turned again. The young wolf's eyes slit and he backed away.

Zephyr stood a little ways back as he waited for Bane to try and pull the snappy trick thingy again. "Understood, Captain Bane." He said with a huff. He trotted slowly behind his mentor. As they reached The Alpha Male, The Iota, and The Outsider he watched his Mentor dip his head. He sighed at The Gamma's glare. Zee dipped his head quickly before raising it highish. He glanced over at The Outsider and he nodded, as a way of saying hello.

Zephyr smiled as The Iota and Alpha left. "Congratulations." He said to the newly accepted female. As she asked who he was he opened his maw but Bane beat him to it. He sighed. "Bane, please, I am not a pup, let me introduce myself." He said trying to keep his cool. He turned slightly and nodded to the fae. "I'm Zephyr, I am soon going to be two years old. Would I have the pleasure to know your name, miss?" He asked his tail wagging slightly.

Zephyr chuckled. "Am I ready? I have been ready since I asked you!" He barked with a small growl at the end. He turned around and padded forward a few steps. "Where to, Captain Bane?" He asked with a sly smile.

it is drenched in βℓσσđ

Out.Of.Caribou.Okay, so, Zephyr sorta sounds like a teenage girl lol XD
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Walking quietly through the main den area looking over ever wolf closely, while taking there scents in. He wasn't searching for one, merely making sure they were all of his scent. For he was to guard this place with his life, even if it meant finding a traitor. For now the smells were fine at least until he caught the scent of a loner, which brought his hackles to bristle up some. Though they were quick to go down when he noticed she was with Bane and a older yearling. With a shifting of his weight he went past them, only to almost run into another wolf. A quick dodge and he passed them and focused more on his surroundings once more. His eyes scanned over the other occupants of the den area showing no care for any of them. He would probably always be alone in that sense, with out a mate.

Continuing on towards the edge of the den site area he paused to look up at the full moon it comforting to him with just the mere sight of it. With an almost sighing like motion he lowered his head and walked over towards a rock that lifted him off the ground a few feet. Taking his place he laid down for a bit and watched out over everything a soft purring like growl of content passing from his throat. Shifting his weight he watched and waited for something of interest to happen. Though soon he would need to get out and watch the outer area away from the den. Grumbling to himself about the thought of work he decided to get a move on and forced himself up to his feet. Slowly, ever so slowly, he got down from the rock and started to leave the main den area. His eyes watching everything closely as he did, at least until they fell upon the beta female.

Making his way to Evana's side he took the time to give a report to her, since Aron was no where in sight and neither was Faylen. Looking over towards the fae, he stood tall but submissive still not wanting to fight with her ever. "The pack seems well, and so far no signs of attacks from the other pack. It seems Mujihi is growing stronger as well, this will be a grand year for us. Do you not agree Miss Beta?" Watching Evana he waited for her answer, a soft wolfish grin on his maw now. Showing he was in a decent mood for once, perhaps because he was avoiding the work that had to be done. Shifting he watched the area ahead of them, waiting for her answer before he would continue to decide what to do next. With a whine to himself he decided to complain to the Beta for the time being, once more to avoid his duties as a guard. "Evana, must I go out on guard to night. It is such a wonderful night with this beautiful moon." Shifting once more he watched Evana, hoping he could get off of the working and be able to spend time around the den for a while.

Location: Main Den Site // With: Evana // Feeling: Lazy // Thoughts: I don't want to work today... // Word Count: 530 Words // OOC: Meet Hramn and thank Stephy for the awesome Layout!
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                                                    As the alpha of Taichi waited for the new outsider to return to her she saw the old healer Basil coming toward her with Bharati in tow. Her ears rounded back a little confused but they perked back up as she neared and nodded when the fae spoke and listened to the healer, so the healer was willing to take on the fae as a novie. She blinked and looked at the dark female, wanting to heard from the novie what she wanted. Once Bharati was finished speaking Kaireena looked at the old healer once more and nodded, “Alright. Healer Basil, if you are willing to take her then she is all yours, make sure she sticks with the pack and keeps to your strict training. I know in your paws nothing shall go wrong.” She said to the healer before turning to the novie, “And Bharati, I will lift your stained status and you will become a novie under Healer Basil but if I hear one thing bad against you from her you will be removed. I forgive you for your mistake and know you will not disappoint me.” She said with a smile on her maw. Kaireena knew that the now healer novie was going to do her and the healer proud.

                                                    Coming back to her was Aditi and Kaireena thought it may be a good idea for the female to go with the healer and novie to get a checkup. “Healer Basil could you and your novie wait a moment? I need to speak with an outsider who may need your help. If you wish to get started I understand and will send her to the healer’s den once I am finished, I do believe your new gamma is waiting to be healed as well.” She said as her mind started turning, too many things were going on in her head that she seemed to be getting a little wacky but Kaireena could pull it back together and deal with it she was the lone alpha and she would need to get back in the game or else the pack would simply fail and die out and she would not allow that ever. When the light golden fae returned to Kaireena she smiled warmly at her and looked at her, “Yes I need to know a few things before I can accept you into Taichi as a pack member. Please tell me the truth. Why did you leave your old pack? What where you in your pack?” She wanted to know exactly what happened to her to have a pack kick out a pregnant fae on her tail with nothing, Kaireena didn’t like that sound of that but she needed to know for her pack. She wasn’t going to accept just any wolf that needed help although it is why Taichi is known to do. She wouldn’t be foolish as Luna was. The pack’s safely was Kaireena’s number one concern. She faced the outsider and waited for her to speak.

                                                    outOFcharacter; Re-Post.<3
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New affiliate guys check it out! Made by one of our own, so you know it's gonna be awesome c:
Also I changed the day it's now morning, also the weather is windy and cloudy (think it's about time for a good storm)

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In this medieval fantasy country, anything goes. The two major kingdoms are on the brink of war as their viewpoints are very different on how their people should live their lives. To the West, the Brougham kingdom wishes to rid the country, Fharringuard of all users of magic. They were a family built on the forges of battle. Their weapons were the most sacred things to them as it was the only thing on the field that they could trust. Ever since settling down, the heads of this kingdom swore to never let magic enter, for it was what enslaved them and their ancestors many, many years ago. To the north of the country though, not everyone shared these ill harbored feelings about the use of magic. Another kingdom was built for the Raoullin family, as their goals were lighter and more sincere. They wanted a peace keeping kingdom that would keep safe anyone and all who entered. Their rules were fair and very rarely were serious actions ever taken to enforce the common laws of the land.

This is where our story starts - right before the chaos ensues. Which side will you take? The lawful and upstanding moral hero? Or the underground mercenary looking to make quick coin wherever they can? The keyboard is in front of you . . set the fire and watch it burn
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Relic quickened her pace to a trot to keep up with Luka, eager to listen to what the older brute had to say. "Really?" She asked, eager to hear about this story of the puppy. "When is later?" She asked looking up at him with a wolf smile and her tongue lolling to the side as her tail wagged quickly. Relly was excited now and the energy she'd been trying to keep hidden was suddenly let out. She was like a hyper active little toddler or preteen in her case, since she'd be a yearling soon enough. Oh how Relic couldn't wait until she was! She'd imagined all the good things, like being to go where she wanted with out being watched or having to stay by the densite, and had yet to realize that when she became a yearling she'd have to take on the seriousness of it too. Like deciding her position in the pack. Like all young kids, she just couldn't wait to get older.

Luka led her through the bushes where she dodged the limbs and other plant life you'd expect in a forest. She caught sight of a dragon fly as the orange brute was explaining about herbs and half listened to him. Though she really like listening to the wolf, she was suddenly more interested in the colorful insect flying around. At least until he asked if she wanted to be brave, Relic jumped at the opportunity. The thought of seeing some cool caves also helped encourage her as she stalked up next to the whole, expecting the worst. She wriggled into it and must have touched a left over meal of some sort that had rotted long ago from it's owner because she squealed and came right back out barking and growling at the hole. "What WAS that?! Luka there's a monster in there!" She cried out, gasping for the breath that she'd lost. By this point the sun was rising and she had a nagging feeling in the pit of her stomach. "Hey Luka, I think we should be heading back now. My mother will be mad if she comes back and I'm no where to be seen." She said with a full on pout on her face. But when she turned to leave with him, her 'enemy' showed up again. Being her, she raced after it before Luka could say anything. "I'mma finally get you~!" She howled and raced after her own shadow, at least that's what it seemed to be.

While she was racing through the forest to who knows where she stumbled over her own paws and slid into the dirt. She squeaked out a whimper and stood up, stunned by her little stunt and shook the dirt from her fur. It was after this that she saw a hole, similar to the one that she was just at with Luka. Curious as always, Relic crept up to it. She felt that she could redeem herself and jump into this one too. But she never got a chance, the ground collapsed underneath her just as she was right up on the hole. She fell through onto a another body, making her growl and even whimper slightly as she landed wrong on one of her front legs. She had hit the side of the creature (Lillian) inside with this limb that she landed wrong on. It was just a quick twinge of pain and gone again, no serious damage done. Just mostly shocked that it had happened.

((A little rough at some points, but I finally got her to Lillian~! ))
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Lillian had finally fell asleep when she heard Kaireena's howl. Her ears flicked but she refused to get up. "I'll take the punishment later." She mumbled falling back to sleep. And surely if it was an important meeting she would get punished. The thought of getting punished haunted her dreams. Her mother even swept in a few times and attacked her. All throughout the night she whined and moved her legs quickly as if she was running.

An icy cold wind whipped through her 'cave'. Her short fur made her shiver. Khaz came leaping at her in her dreams and she yelped. "Khaz!" She howled waking herself up. Her eyes bolted open and she whined. There were obvious claw marks across the walls of her hole. She had been digging into the dirt when she tried to run in her dreams. Little pieces of dirt fell from the ceiling. She had loosened the dirt.

Lilli scrambled up to a sitting position. She lowered her ears and lifted her paw. She held it in the air for a few moments before placing it down as far as she could reach. She slowly pushed her hind legs against the dusty floor. Her haunches raised and she crouched down. Her tail tucked itself neatly under her torso. She looked like she was submitting to the dirt. She crawled forward slowly, making sure not to disturb any clumps of loose dirt. A rather large clump fell on her back. The female yelped and crawled faster.

Just as her nose poked out of the hole the whole entire 'cave' collapsed. A small body fell into the large yearling. It's little feet dug into her shoulder. The female whined and wriggled around. "GET OFF!" She howled as her maw found her way out into the open air. Her head found it's way all the way out. ''Ow...'' She whimpered as the pain in her shoulder increased. The female wiggled forward and turned her head behind her and grabbed the small animal's scruff. She wiggled her way, painfully, out.

As she finally got out she dropped the body. Lillian looked down to find out it was a pup. "First of all, are you okay?" She asked pausing for a moment before continuing in an angry voice, "Second of all, what are you doing out here alone?!?" She huffed and turned her head to exam her shoulder. It wasn't worse then usual but it stung more. "I'm Lillian, I don't believe I have met you yet." She said turning back to the pup.

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