Formerly known as "lazuli_wolf"

I left gaia a while back ago, but now I'm starting to come back. Mostly because I miss roleplaying and writing in general. It's taken me a while to come back, I was growing as a person, learning things that were coming to light only now and beginning to make a life with my boyfriend. Things have settle with me now, I've got a better and more stable job and more oppertunities in life. I've been finding a new reason to be creative, as before I was only doing it to escape my toxic household. But when all was right in my world, I lost my ability to do anything and I started getting anxiety when I sat down to do anything, resenting the idea of even drawing.

But now, I feel like a new person. While I'm actually pretty the much the same, I've grown as an adult and I'm starting to come back to the hobby I loved. The break was much needed and now I'm ready to try and tackle it once more.