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Eloquent Phantom

Tbe Very lovely. Though I prefer if she is on land instead of that pond, if I'm seeing this correctly on my phone, so that it depicts the harvest much clearly.


@Rater: More than numbers.
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Tiny Genius

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That white skin bothers me. >.< It pops out too much and makes me confused. I think you should either stick to a normal skin tone, or hide the skin more.

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gold headpiece is bothering me
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If I said.. "Nina Flowers", would that mean anything to you~?

I'm giving you a 10 / 10 because even if you're not into RuPaul's drag race, you have adorable style xD
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Interesting Explorer

The hair doesn't look like it doesn't fit.
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9/10! heart Love it 3nodding
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Bashful Gaian

9/10 emotion_bigheart Feel like your arms need something emotion_c8
9/10, cute and funny 4laugh

i dont think i have changed this avatar much since like 2008!
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8/10 Looks pretty good but the white of that scarfish thing looks kinda off to me ^^"
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Magical Sailor

8/10 very cute. dont find that kitten star necessary tho
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Whoa..... 10 // 10.
That's just incredible.

@rater; I hope you'll pardon the hair color. Though if not tis fine.
I simply like it for the style. ^ u ^
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Dapper Dabbler

@ Lamour Amelia

10/10! I like everything about your avi, especially the hair. Everything flows well and the hair adds a pop of colour.
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I like the juxtaposition of the classy lady with the laser and the space dog 10/10
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tbe9.4/10 not something i see from day to day and i love it~ heart >w<
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5/10 The face is...not good. The head needs more accessories. Cutie girl meets archery. At moment...doesn't mesh. Colors match though.

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