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It's very spot on! Especially the hair and the boots. I think
for the fluffy coat she has, you could try these armlets?.
I don't know if they're puffy enough, but it looks more
similar to the image than the current sleeves you're using.

The cincher looks great, but I was thinking if this
would look better? Idk. haha.

I also think I see some skin on the arms (or is that pat of an item??)...
I think these stealth sleeves
would cover it up well. c:

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Handsome Gaian


the little white feather, on the ear, looks bit awkward,, it breaks the flow but not in the good way
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Witty Lunatic

              Really love the balance of colours with the hints of red
              The red on the staff off to the side is a bit overpowering though
              I'd also quite like to see the skull motif carried through a little more,
              but otherwise, really cool looking avatar!

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Tipsy Sex Symbol


Red and black always go well together, and I'm glad you kept to the scheme.
I'm not sure how I feel about those sunglasses in combination with the cat ears and tail (at least what I consider to be cat ears and a tail).
Not sure why I'm unsettled by this combination, but for me it doesn't work too well together. Plus 0.5 for animated ears though ^^ those made me extremely happy.
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Witty Lunatic

              A very popular style, love the use of the arm pose and the "glitch" for the nakedness.
              Hair is bothering me though, seems a bit too blue to be a good black/white combo.

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1/10 Complete and Utter CRAP.
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Friendly Phantom

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7/10 I wish I could see your avatar more. Also, It needs a more coherent theme.
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Invisible Rogue

4/10 I have no idea what kind of look you are going for. The hair is the most out of place item. Maybe change it to something that blends in better?
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8/10 the bookshelfs . idk i D;
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I like your outfit. I has dark colors which makes your white hair and brown hat stand out and I love the theme. kind of like a kickarse cowboy going on. 8/10 I say smile
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Handsome Gaian

7/10 the face looks too soft,, and blank sweatdrop
and the raised hand position looks awkward here
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I really like your overall appearance. The colors work well and the shades match, I feel like the hair is a touch too short for my taste but that's just personal preference. 9/10.
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Seems a bit...I don't know, honestly. I can't place what it is. I think the bottom is just a bit heavy and out of place. The shoes are a bit large too. But the matching is decent, and it's a cute arm pose and expression. (:
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Friendly Phantom

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8/10 Super cute idea, but the color scheme makes the eyes difficult to see. And the lowness of the skirt combined with the bra and no other top accessories makes your torso seem extra long.

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