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Well I love Mako. People just have to deal with that. emotion_donotwant
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I think Mako recieves alot of hate because his Character is a lot like a bad written OC. Its my oppinion also. I mean look at him: He never has to pay for what he does wrong, he always gets sheltered and protected by the writers, and in the end even gets the girl of his dreams even though he has not proven to deserve her at all. Also he's always the one "saving" the situation even though we get never shown anything of his actual skill. The writers just tell us that he's a strong and talented Bender, but do they proof it, no they don't ever. I mean if you want to count these few battle scenes he had, okay, but I for my part didn't find them very impressive. Yeah... Mako reminds me of Edward Cullen from twilight somehow. I know I'm going to get bashed now, but that's my oppinion and haters gonna hate! (;

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I hate Mako because he is a slut. emotion_donotwant



B**** get outta here talk2hand
Well I love Mako. People just have to deal with that. emotion_donotwant


lol yup 3nodding
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I'm not a huge fan of Mako. I liked him (kinda, sorta) in the beginning, but after the Spirit of the Competition, it was all downhill. I could rant about him, but other people have done that (and I love them) and I'm afraid I'm going to be yelled at rolleyes

I agree with the reasons people listed: Yes, he acted like a douche in the Love Triangle arc, leading Asami on when he obviously likes LOVES Korra. He doesn't receive any retribution for his actions, scolded Bolin for trying to date a teammate when he himself just kissed the aforementioned teammate, and went crazy when Korra was kidnapped. That was probably when I started to dislike him. How he acted during the search was totally out of the blue! He didnt act that way for his own BROTHER when he was also kinapped! What the hell?! scream

So at the moment, I'm pissed at him. Still, that doesn't mean I want him to be written out ENTIRELY. Just have him be forever alone in the end! Maybe once he gets some actual development, I'll start to like him again. Maybe neutral
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People want him cut from the series? talk2hand People are just mad cause he was kinda a jerk to asami (and bolin) But remember, korra did kiss him not the other way around. I agree with you that it was kinda the way teenage love is. So I dont really mind it
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People can't accept the fact that a character is flawed. lol

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