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n o i r i s t Report | 10/09/2013 11:31 am
n o i r i s t
Hey, I'm friends with Accio Alice and was just leaving a comment on her profile when I noticed yours and your name, hehe. It made me think of this video, if you haven't seen it already you might get a kick out of it: Tita Auntie
And hi! I'm half Filipino myself. smile
Accio Alice Report | 07/29/2013 8:39 pm
Accio Alice
Oh, and I'm drawing something to add in the profile, so it's not quite done yet. When you see a notice that I updated my profile, come see and tell me what you think!
Accio Alice Report | 07/29/2013 8:37 pm
Accio Alice
What can I say? FE: Awakening is a dang good game. c:
Ah, right. I've been upset this past few days because I've been missing someone badly, and the other life issues I'm having isn't really helping.
Thank you for your concern, Sou. That alone lifts up my spirit. And I also noticed your profile music as well, hehe.
Accio Alice Report | 10/31/2012 8:27 pm
Accio Alice
Yes, the new season of Hetalia will be released on my birthday! It's like the best birthday present ever! Eeee! I was in shock when I learnt the news, thanks toTumblr and Facebook, and I immediately went to the teaser site and saw the date. And so, I made this and I fangirled all over Facebook and Gaia. /thumbs up. I can already tell that my birthday next year will be the best one that I will ever have.
mukizu-unhurt Report | 08/20/2012 5:25 pm
4laugh Otaku love
mukizu-unhurt Report | 08/20/2012 5:23 pm
Lol. Completely! xd
I'm actually rereading the series right now! I just got a nook and decided it will be my first read. 3nodding
I absolutely love Kaoru heart heart heart
Accio Alice Report | 08/12/2012 4:20 pm
Accio Alice
Of course. I will be waiting for you at the back porch. #failsuave
Aw, thank you. You look quite dashing yourself.
Accio Alice Report | 08/04/2012 6:31 am
Accio Alice
/gasp. If I wasn't summoned, then you're a squid! D:
I'm here, I'm here, ha ha.
/throws bacon at your arms.
Komori Rin Report | 08/01/2012 7:39 am
Komori Rin
hallo xd

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